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Harry, Dumbledore, Slughorn, McGonagall, Lupin, Moody, Molly, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Sirius/OC
Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2019-02-14 3:28am
Last Chapter
2020-03-30 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-03-30 2:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Wrong Bedroom

Elodie wakes up in another country, another continent, and another *universe* than the one she'd fallen asleep in.

5,876 2
2 Self Doubt

Elodie goes to the library to look for books to help her learn all the magic she can. She also has a chat with someone who makes her feel less like a fake.

7,605 0
3 Ups and Downs

Elodie's correspondence with Horace Slughorn helps her with her worries about the Wolfsbane, but she still worries about what she may or may not change.

7,588 0
4 First Impressions

First impressions aren't, like, the *very most important*, right?




(Elodie meets Remus Lupin)

6,167 0
5 Curse and Effect

Faced with the choice of forcing Remus to endure another full moon without Wolfsbane or casting a risky charm to accelerate her potion, Elodie chooses the latter.

6,576 0
6 Choices' Consequence

Elodie finds out that her choice to cast the speed-up charm has cost her very dearly.

7,668 0
7 Assumptions

Elodie attempts to turn her back on her friendship with Lupin, wracked with guilt over how much she's ended up lying to him. Luckily, Remus is wiser than she is.

8,150 0
8 Caretaking

I just HAD to post this, even if I'd just posted a chapter recently. Because this chapter? Is one of my very, very favorites.


Readers, I present to you (eventually, it's a long chapter), Sirius Black.

8,734 0
9 Joy Baked In

How did Sirius Black manage to give Harry Potter a 'superb' birthday cake in Goblet of Fire? Well, dear reader, Elodie baked it for him.

5,968 0
10 Delight and Disappointment

I always feel like there should be more random magical creature encounters, so here's one with a massive cliché that happens to be one of my favorites. Also, Sirius is sick of sleeping in caves.

7,936 0
11 Adulting

Elodie does the impossible and forces Remus to accept a compliment. Then, the two of them go and tour the house they might share with Sirius.

5,654 0
12 Hard and Soft Truths

Elodie has some serious conversations, and heads to Diagon Alley with Remus to get furnishings for their new home. Who knew three three months ago that she would be deciding whether or not to buy curtains for Sirius Black?

8,173 0
13 A Surreal Sunday

Getting to meet Molly and Arthur Weasley, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny makes for a very surreal Sunday evening.

6,079 0
14 Remus and Moony

Remus describes what it's like to be a werewolf, and Elodie decides that what she wants most in the world is a hug.

6,801 0
15 Home Sweet Home

Time to move in! Remus is displeased with Elodie's plans for where everyone sleeps, Elodie tells Sirius what Moony has been up to, and Sirius MAY have forgotten to tell anyone he is in charge of a hippogriff.

8,270 0
16 Destination: Diagon

Elodie wakes up for the first time in her new house to a surprise that leads her to Diagon Alley for some supplies. Once there, she runs into someone who says something concerning, but not before she gets what feels like a lifetime's supply of chocolate wands...

7,937 0
17 Making Plans

Elodie explains what happened in Diagon Alley, and the three housemates decide what to do with that information. Then, she and Sirius discuss contingency plans.

The very end bit of this chapter is, so far, my favorite Remus & Sirius friendship scene ever!

6,084 0
18 Household Strife

Remus is not adjusting well to house sharing, especially not when he feels mothered by Elodie. The result is a tense few weeks, culminating in a fight right before the full moon.


Moony, uh... makes it better?


(this chapter, you guys. OH MY GOD)

9,903 0
19 A Painful Distraction

Distracted by the previous day's events, Elodie splinches herself when Apparating home from Slughorn's house. Her housemates spring to action to take care of her.

Mild descriptions of blood in this chapter.

6,627 0
20 Recuperation

An overheard conversation, a living in history moment, and a tentative question. Understatement, much?

7,986 0
21 Pageantry

Remus gets a job, Elodie gets a hug, and Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive at Hogwarts.

7,668 0
22 Reserō Ōstium

Elodie sleeps upstairs when she comes home past the full moon's rise. The housemates read Remus's first published article, but then tensions rise as Sirius's cabin fever flares up.

14,938 0
23 Coping Strategies

Faced with the revelation that Harry Potter's name was chosen as a participant of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Elodie, Sirius, and Remus each cope with the news separately, and then together. With Firewhiskey. Later, Elodie speaks with Molly about her plan to find out how things have changed at Hogwarts over the years, with an eye on keeping Harry safe.

8,593 0
24 Perspective Shift

After being rescued by a housemate, Elodie and Remus talk about what to do about Harry participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.


A kiss for Valentine's Day (almost)!

6,609 0
25 Weasley Sons

Bill, Charlie, and Percy Weasley send Elodie letters answering her questions about Hogwarts, and Elodie gets some looks for perusing a book about magical marriages shortly thereafter.


Then, Elodie and Remus attend the First Task, and Elodie gets to speak with Charlie in person.

8,311 0
26 Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry

Elodie says goodbye to Charlie, heads home, and decides to get serious about saving Alastor Moody. She enlists Sirius's help with part of her future plans, and then he guesses the truth about a recipe she's deciding whether or not to try.

6,697 0
27 Attunement

Sirius 'helps' Elodie with her attunement, then Elodie has a chat with Moony, as it's the night of the full moon.

6,126 0
28 The Puzzle Itself

It's time to bake Gâteaufidél! This should go very smoothly, with no hiccups or unexpected results at all.


{Welp, here it comes, bahahaha. When I started this story, did I expect it to take me nearly 200,000 words to get to this point? No I did not. It's been fun getting here though. And we're NOWHERE near finished.}

7,218 0
29 In Confidence

Remus really is that clueless, and Sirius and Elodie have a long talk.

7,074 0
30 Turned Upside Down

Elodie goes for a walk before her planned talk with Remus about how she feels. When she comes back, Sirius intercepts her with a talk of his own.


NOTE: I had to delete two chapters because this one was omitted somehow. I am sorry. Clarity and Good Idea, Bad Idea will be replaced in the correct order.

11,654 0
31 Clarity

Elodie deals with the negatives and positives from the events of the day, and ends up focusing on the positives. She gets a chance to see Remus's newest column and finds the discovery bittersweet.

7,255 0
32 Good Idea, Bad Idea

Elodie gives Sirius a really good idea for a Christmas present for Harry, but her idea of a present for Sirius gets rejected as too risky by Remus.

6,240 0
33 Early Gifts

Molly and Arthur drop by to exchange gifts early, and Elodie heads off a Sirius meltdown after he's reminded who Slytherin's Head of House is at Hogwarts.

6,682 0
34 Gifts of the Heart

Christmas 1994 dawns clear and bright and brings presents from each housemate to the other, none more poignant than Sirius's gift to Remus.

7,280 0
35 Intervention

Christmas continues with more gifts. Then, Remus has a heartfelt talk with Elodie that doesn't dissuade him from an intervention plan put into motion when a drunk Sirius got chatty on Christmas Eve.

7,095 0
36 Cost-Benefit Analysis

With both of them trapped in Sirius's room, Elodie makes the most of it by showing Sirius her memory of a bookstore with copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on sale. This leads to a tense moment of confession for Elodie about events yet to happen.

6,471 0
37 The Unbearable Act of Loving

Elodie finally gets the chance to view Albus's visit with her dying mother.


This chapter is dedicated to everyone who has ever lost a loved one.

6,244 0
38 Sunset on a Hippogriff

Second Chance Christmas at Phoenix House brings some pre-visit anxiety and during visit anxiety for Elodie, thanks to the implications of the visit showing up in the books.

6,036 0
39 Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place

A few weeks into January, Harry Potter makes his move to discover what Professor Moody is drinking from his flask. First Remus, then Elodie head to Hogwarts in the aftermath.

6,694 0
40 Stand Up and Stand Down

Elodie comes face to face with Barty Crouch, Jr. in a frightening confrontation. Later, Albus is forced to concede to the Minister of Magic despite strong misgivings.

6,917 0
41 Safe and Sound

Remus and Elodie tell Sirius what happened at Hogwarts. After sharing a bed for the night, Sirius and Elodie share the bed for the morning.

7,221 0
42 Knut For Your Thoughts

Elodie has a long conversation with the real Alastor Moody, and is dismayed by the possibility of meeting a rival so early.

6,248 0
43 Ricochet

Remus stonewalls Elodie on the January full moon, and the resulting argument leads to some shocking revelations for the whole household.

7,077 0
44 Nothing Set In Stone

Albus calls an emergency Order of the Phoenix meeting at Phoenix House, and Elodie finds that her worries about Tonks might have been too hasty. Are the changes that are being wrought a comfort or a concern for her, now that they're already put in motion?

6,810 0
45 Take Heart

Elodie and the rest of the slimmed-down Order of the Phoenix take up their positions to keep anyone from interfering with the Second Task, but everything gets turned upside down for Elodie after an unexpected confrontation.

6,831 0
46 Reconstruction

Elodie comes home to a slightly different Phoenix House, some changes bittersweet, others touching. A letter from Albus has her concerned about her attacker and what his motivations could have been.

6,581 3
47 Exceeds Expectations

Elodie discovers that Mad-Eye really is absolutely crazy, and thanks to an odd sort of peer pressure, she finds herself trying to shock him.


NOTE: For a few months, it appears that this chapter was blank. I apologize for this, I hadn't been able to be online for a while and did not know. It is fixed now.

6,674 0
48 In Dire Need of a Training Montage

Mad-Eye Moody's teaching style leaves a lot to be desired, sometimes, but Elodie rises to the challenge. She has a sobering realization related to her avoiding reading the end to the book series, but she remains confident that the choices she's made so far will help their cause.

12,571 0
49 Wolf in Sheep\'s Clothing

Elodie bakes more Gâteaufidél to bribe Remus to let her talk to Moony. Before she has the chance, she figures out that she's been excluded from Order meetings for the Greater Good, and is rightfully pissed off about it.

7,022 0
50 The Third Task: PART I

Elodie thinks she was stressed out in the leadup to the Third Task, but that was nothing to how stressful it is to be a spectator to the Third Task and think you spy a fake Alastor Moody.

11,370 0
51 The Third Task: PART II

Elodie and Sirius spend the evening after the Third Task trying not to shoot the messenger as various people pop by via Floo to tell them news of Hogwarts, Harry, and the aftermath.

8,897 0
52 Harry Potter

NOTE: If you are picking this story back up, 'Exceeds Expectations' is the chapter that the story stayed on for a few months.

The fallout from the Third Task continues, and our trio settles into a comfortable summer... until the events at the beginning of August bring a cataclysmic change.


Elodie finds out that everything really does hinge on Harry Potter's safety.


'To Be Continued...'


7,874 2


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