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Harry, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC
Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2018-12-05 8:10pm
Last Chapter
2020-01-15 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-01-15 8:49am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Drop Off

Harrassed mother Jacqui Charlton meets harrassed mother Ginny Weasley.

3,772 1
2 The Pick Up

The killer the press are calling "The Werewolf" is making headlines. But there are more mundane matters to deal with. At the end of the school day, someone must be arriving to collect young James Potter, but where is his mother, Ginny?

3,602 0
3 Misty Morning

Jacqui and Ginny discuss kids and knitting, until Mary - queen of the schoolgate mothers - interferes. 

3,576 0
4 Sunny Afternoon

A phone call from her husband forces Jacqui to make an unannounced visit to Drakeshaugh. What will she find at the Potters' new home?

3,478 1
5 Tea and Biscuits

After her encounter with two black-clad strangers who work for Harry, Jacqui meets Ginny's mother, and two of James' cousins. 

3,804 0
6 School Gates

After Jacqui's explanation, Ginny has a polite discussion with Mary. Meanwhile, the schoolgate mums try to figure out what Harry's job is.

4,270 0
7 Wet Afternoon

The Potter and Charton families go swimming. Mike learns a lesson, and Jacqui reveals a talent for teaching. 

4,171 1
8 Work and Play

Jacqui is horrified to discover that she's a lot like her mother. The Potters visit Lintzgarth, and Jacqui discovers more about the Potters, and their London home. 

5,564 0
9 Interlude: Thirty

Before journeying south to meet Hermione's parents, the older Potters and Weasleys discuss current events, while the youngsters carry out a major engineering project.

4,019 0
10 Conversations and Invitations

A week of schoolgate meetings result in Jacqui wondering why Ginny believes that her husband is famous, and receiving an invitation. After a fraught Friday and Saturday swim without the Potters, the Sunday takes Jacqui to Drakeshaugh.

4,352 0
11 A Confusion of Weasleys

Jacqui meets a whole lot of Weasleys as Ginny's parents, sisters-in-law, their husbands, and children are all visiting Drakeshaugh. 

5,208 0
12 Baking Buns and a Barmy Blonde

To make up for her intrusion, Jacqui does some baking. Later, she meets one of Ginny's oddest friends.

5,225 0
13 A Breakdown, a Bike, and a Barmy Blonde Again.

Jacqui goes shopping, has a mishap, is rescued by Harry, and meets Luna again. What will Mary make of it?

5,344 2
14 Interlude: Three Families

The Weasleys go swimming with the Potters and Charltons

5,318 0
15 Arrivals

The guests begin to arrive at Drakeshaugh. Harry and Ginny's housewarming party is about to begin.

4,961 1
16 Nosh and Natter

The guests arrive; some early, some late. Jacqui meets some of Harry's old school friends, and Henry embarasses his mother

5,731 0
17 Fireworks

All good parties must come to an end.

5,747 1
18 First Quarter

The party over, normality returns.

5,508 0
19 Waxing Gibbous

For Jacqui, it's just another week. For Harry, it's a countdown to murder.

4,062 0
20 Interlude: Bad Moon on the Rise

Head Auror Potter is under pressure. Only days remain until the next full moon. He needs a break in the case.

7,596 0
21 Tragedy

A discovery in Sheffield has repercussions for Harry's case. Its affects reach as far as Drakeshaugh.

5,267 0
22 Hunter's Moon Waxing

The television news is full of the latest murders. Is Harry failing? All Jacqui can do is be a friend to Ginny.

5,180 0
23 Stranger at Drakeshaugh

It's the weekend, but the investigation is keeping Harry away from home. Despite this the remaininf Potters go swimming with the Charltons. Then it's back to Drakeshaugh for a meal.

5,189 1
24 Uninvited Visitors

The mysterious stranger isn't the only unexpected guest at Drakeshaugh.

5,825 0
25 Interlude: Muggle Interface Team

Detective Inspector Wood has been working with the Auror Office for a long time, since before she was married. Head Auror Potter has a lot of questions. Does she have the answers?

7,231 0
26 Waning Gibbous

Jacqui and Mike discuss birthdays and vampires. Henry and Annie visit their grandparents. Ginny accepts an invitation to Lintzgarth. 

5,787 0
27 Lintzgarth

Jacqui has invited Ginny to her home.  A phone call and a hasty decision means that she has to prepared for additional visitors.

5,756 0
28 Five

James is five. Discussions at Lintzgarth, schoolgate conversations, and events during a childen's game leave Jacqui with a lot to think about.

6,037 0
29 Code Black

School gate gossip, a trip to the swimming pool, discussions about children's birthdays. Everything is normal, until "Code Black". 

6,578 0
30 Close to Home

Harry's "Code Black" alarm, and his hasty departure, has Jacqui worried. What's really going on? Is someone dead? What should she do?

4,937 0
31 Blackberry Week

In the aftermath of the alarm, Ginny and Jacqui make plans.

4,922 0
32 Interlude: Last Rites?

An Auror has died in the line of duty. Harry has a lot to deal with, including her funeral.

6,931 0
33 Half-term Activities

The kids are on a one week break from school, Harry has a killer to catch, and the Potters have a funeral to attend. Jacqui sees a lot of Ginny.

6,170 0
34 Out With a Bang

Another Saturday, another trip to the pool, and another busy day for the Charltons, their friends the Potters, and Harry's brother-in-law Ron, and his family. An ordinary day ends with a bang,

5,402 0
35 Interlude: Paperwork

As the case draws towards a close, the Aurors keep working. There are statements to be taken from suspects, and witnesses.

7,343 0
36 Seeing Ghosts

Sunday morning, the morning after the night before. Hungover and confused, Jacqui hears different versions of the previous night's events, some more believable than others.

5,371 0
37 Biker Girls

The killer is caught, life goes on. No matter what else happens, the school run goes on. Jacqui has a bike ride to look forward to, but Harry's boss has decided to visit Drakeshaugh.

7,163 0
38 Interlude: The Minister

The Head Auror and the Minister for Magic hold an informal meeting. The Minister has questions.

5,254 1
39 Epilogue: More Fireworks

Harry's case is closed and Jacqui's life begins to return to normal. A lot has changed, normal isn't what it was.

5,508 8


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