Harry, McGonagall, Albus, Hugo, Lily (II), Rose, OC
Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2018-04-04 11:15:57
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2018-04-19 15:46:43
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2018-04-19 15:46:43
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Shocking News

At the start of her seventh year, Elizabeth prepares for the new term after receiving news that both overjoys her and angers her at the same time. 

3805 0
2 A Final Beginning

Elizabeth and her friends arrive at Hogwarts to start their seventh and final term at the school. 

3534 0
3 First Day Surprises

The first day of the term brings conflict as well as a bit of terror.

3798 0
4 Death and a New Start

While teaching class Elizabeth has to deal with death while also working to build the confidence of another.

3905 0
5 Rats in a Maze

Elizabeth continues to prove to be a challenge for the followers of the Dark Lord while at the same time vowing protection to another student.  But is she wrong in doing so?

3685 0
6 A Terrible Loss

The followers of the Dark Lord strike inflicting a loss on Elizabeth and her friends.  But it also gives the girls a rallying point and a resolve to deal justice to those responsible. 

4336 0
7 Conflict and Confusion

The death of her friend has Elizabeth reeling, but just how badly off balance is she? 

4038 0
8 Dark Presence

Professor Leeds makes an announcement that is unwelcome by some students while others prepare for what is coming during the term. 

3665 0
9 Shattered Glass

Marcus Beales-Armstrong is given an unwelcome gift by Elizabeth, who has learned a valuable lesson in her attempts to become a professor. 

3883 0
10 Dragons and Departures

Death visits another and the dark followers move ahead with another plan in an attempt to salvage their cause. 

3438 0
11 Threats in Silence

Many students enjoy learning in the environment that Elizabeth provides, but one within the castle still intends harm to her. 

3484 0
12 Progress and a Near Disaster

Moving closer to the end of their final term at Hogwarts, Elizabeth and her friends escape near tragedy while also proving their mettle. 

3955 0
13 Changes and Pursuit

The final holiday break for the group leads to changes, although some things never will. 

3530 0
14 No Going Back

Elizabeth faces changes while her pursuer makes plans. 

4121 0
15 Changing the Game

Elizabeth visits the home that she will share with Albus and has more than a little company, some not so welcome.

3415 0
16 Christmas Challenges

Christmas is supposed to be merry, but Elizabeth finds herself defending a friend and wondering what has changed.  the Dark Lord issues a directive which will have consequences for all. 

3430 0
17 Dreaming and Scheming

Elizabeth has strange dreams, the one against her makes plans and her friends think about the future and what it holds. 

3421 0
18 Fear and Joy

Elizabeth's illness continues. much to the concern of her friends.  What exactly is making her ill? 

3478 0
19 News Spreads

Albus endures his training and then learns that his future has been changed.  Elizabeth and he then change the future of all. 

3331 0
20 Thoughts of the Future

Elizabeth, Albus and another think of what is ahead for all of them 

3499 0
21 Unwelcome Contact

Elizabeth finally learns who she is facing and reveals more to her friends. 

3426 0
22 Sibling Rivalry

The battle comes to a crescendo and lives end while others prepare to begin. 

3628 0
23 Looking to the Future

The Elizabeth series ends as the final battle begins and the post school life of Elizabeth begins. 

5376 0


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