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Voldemort, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General
Contains profanity, Mild violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2018-03-29 8:57am
Last Chapter
2018-04-06 11:01pm
Last Updated
2018-04-06 11:02pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 11th Century-Locket, Diadem, Cup


 After the last of the cherry tort was magicked away, Rowena reached into her bag and stacked three presents on the table. Three neatly wrapped packages drew the others away from their conversations and they turned their attention to the austere looking woman.


1,091 1
2 11th Century-Locket, Cup

“Your house will be so weak by then, Helga that my snake will bite right through your cup.”

1,625 1
3 15th Century-Diadem and Ring


 His hand searched among the dead leaves and bird droppings before it brushed something hard. It was thin but strong. Not quite able to grasp it, the ring on his finger made a metallic clink when it hit the object-definitely metal on metal. He stretched out his fingers and felt a smooth oval part--the sapphire stone! This was it. They had found Ravenclaw’s lost diadem.  


1,227 1
4 1860s Diary and Ring


If one approached close enough, he might see the mad gleam in the man’s eyes and hear him muttering to himself over and over again. “I am a bookbinder. I bind books. For each book has a message. Find my message and join me in my search. I am a bookbinder. I bind books. . . .”

As he pushed the sleeves up yet again, one might notice his only jewelry-a ring. Simple with a dark stone in the middle. One might have questioned the scratches upon the stone but he knew better.

696 1
5 Early 1900s The Ring and the Locket

He unwrapped it very carefully as if he was wary to actually touch the artifact out of fear or respect, one couldn't be sure. He peeled away the last of the white fabric to reveal the very object they all wanted-Salazar Slytherin’s locket.
Some knew it from previous viewings; others only recognized it from its description in history books but all understood its significance. The party stood quiet for a moment, giving the locket the minute of silence that its previous owner never earned

3,108 1
6 Mid-December 1926: Locket and Diary

Merope reached into her bag and pulled out two items. Miraculously neither one was wet. The first looked to be a piece of large jewelry for Ethel could see the bit of a chain poking out from the brown cloth. The other was a book. It was simple with a rough black cover, like a blotter or a journal of some sort. Ethel stared at the book for a moment and then raised her eyes up to the pinched face. “I remember you,” Ethel gasped. “You bought this diary here, didn’t you?” 

2,532 2
7 July 1942: The Ring and the Snake


Slowly the snake slithered up the boy’s arm as he talked softly to it. She was a python and very friendly to ones who spoke her tongue.  

1,366 1
8 1966 SIx Objects United

 Here they were, his crowning achievement and his deepest secret. Five objects artfully laid out on a black, velvet cloth. He carefully picked up each one and cradled it. For each artifact was, quite literally, a piece of him.

1,235 1


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