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Fred II, James (II), Louis, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2018-02-17 6:41pm
Last Chapter
2019-10-29 12:00am
Last Updated
2019-10-29 2:42am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 one

"Hi!" I beam excitedly, throwing my backpack. It hits dad in the stomach behind me.

Alicia pushes through all three of her kids to get to me. "Hi!" She cries.


4,148 3
2 two

"What have I said about drinking here?"

"There's company, use a glass?"

"Put it in a glass so Alicia doesn't see,"

2,993 6
3 three

 "It's American slang." I invent wildly. "It's like anther word for marry, like you know, how she gets married all the time. She funs a lot of guys, she marries a lot of them,"

"I'm going to fun as many girls as your Mom!"

"I'm going to fun Owen Spence!"

"Oh Merlin, Dad's going to kill me,"

3,388 5
4 four

"This entire school is insane,"

Meg frowns. "You told me you used to play a sport where the ball exploded!"

3,118 2
5 five

 "I can't believe you just compared the hottest guy in our year to your dad,"

"They're pretty comparable. I'd do either one of them,"

3,514 4
6 six

"We are not getting kicked out of the only Saturday brunch place in town because Dave can't make a decision,"

"Hey!" He protests. "It's also because Al looks like he's about to blow any second,"

2,331 5
7 seven

"What were you thinking?"

"What? No! I am in the right here! I'm bad at relationships and I panic at commitment!"

2,161 6
8 eight

 "Is it really that bad?"

"I am refraining from calling him a Pettigrew out of respect for James' family, but he betrayed me and everything I stand for since 10am this morning!"

I can hear her laugh."You are you my idol,"

3,354 2
9 nine

"Wait, how'd you know I was going to talk to him?"


Freddy laughs out loud. "I have never seen anyone less excited about a date,"


"That's not fair! I was very excited to get a free meal!"

2,306 0
10 ten

"I don't think I can be friends with you anymore,"


"Fine, I'll find someone less dramatic,"


She huffs. "And now I don't want to be friends with you!"

3,247 1
11 eleven

"What are you doing?" Louis asks.


"I can't remember if I put "Carson's friends crash from school" on my Bingo board and I know Dad did!" I cry.

4,496 0
12 twelve

"Wow, you are super intense today,"


"I haven't started on you yet,"


"But you look great," He hastens to add. "Your ponytail's extra bouncy today; did you switch shampoos?"

3,326 0
13 thirteen

He rolls his eyes, but he's fighting a smile. "So stubborn!"


"Stubbornness is like an inherently Gryffindor trait! Look at everyone you're related to!"

3,641 2
14 fourteen

"That is literally the worst idea you've had all night, including when we stopped at the diner and you wanted to get fish tacos,"


"Fish tacos are delicious!" Meg cries.


"You don't get fish tacos from a diner!" Lizzie cries back.

3,307 0
15 fifteen

"It's not like any of them are serious," I say. "But I mean, if I can get a free meal, it's worth a date,"


"You don't pay for meals anyway, who are you kidding! Who is this boy you're seeing?"

2,817 1
16 sixteen

"Alright, I'm ready for food,"


"That's nice," I say mildly. "But I'm in a t-shirt and I'd like to get dressed first since it's 11am and-"

2,815 0
17 seventeen

"I'm Teddy,"


"Oh! Lou's brother-in-law,"


"He's not my brother-in-law!" Lou huffs. "No, wait!"

2,085 1
18 eighteen

"You've been in bed for three days now. At first we just thought you were really hungover, but now we're pretty concerned,"


"So you lost Cloak, Stone, Wand to come talk to me?"


"Actually, I won it, but then Colton stuck gum in Erin's hair and I figured you were the easier one to deal with."

2,617 0
19 nineteen

"What?" I ask breathlessly. He's so close now. I could reach out and his arm, his chest, his cheek would be right there.


"Take a risk," It's practically a whisper because that's all it needs to be, he's that close to me.  "On something meaningful,"

2,015 0
20 twenty

"Yeah, it's not like it's permanent like a marriage-oh wait! Nope, you're good on that too,"


"All I'm hearing is that I can pretty much do whatever I want and there are no consequences,"


"Now you're getting it!" James beams.

2,421 0
21 twenty one

"Could have at least introduced us to your boyfriend before you go making out with him in the hallway?"


"Boyfriend is such a strong word,"



3,019 0
22 twenty two

"We agreed we wouldn't get in the middle of this,"


"You know too?"


"No! You agreed, and I gave a non-committal hum!"

2,905 0
23 twenty three

"You're alive!"


"You smell terrible!"


"I didn't shower after practice,"


"She didn't let any of us shower after practice," James adds dryly.

3,051 0


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