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Dumbledore, Slughorn, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Horror/Dark, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2018-01-19 2:14pm
Last Chapter
2020-03-06 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-03-06 8:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Thinking Ahead

Tom Riddle prepares to return to Hogwarts and has not only a visitor, but experiences possible resistance to his departure for school.

3,579 1
2 Trouble in Diagon Alley

Tom slips away from the orphanage to shop for the new term and runs into situations pleasant as well as unpleasant. 

3,980 1
3 Family Questions

Tom makeshis way to Hogwarts, not without difficulty, and begins to question his beginnings. 

3,986 1
4 First Day Preparations

The Slytherin second years prepare for some fun, while Tom questions something that he has seen in a dream.

3,633 1
5 Searches in the Darkness

Tom and his friends send unknowing first years in search of an elusive quarry, but was it such a good idea? 

4,404 1
6 Planned Revenge

Tom and his chums face retribution for the prank pulled on the first years.  After Tom claims sole responsibility for the action, one of the first years suffers a harrowing attack from an unseen assailant.

3,648 1
7 Questioned Futures

Tom questions what lies within his future while the future of another becomes very dim.  The attraction that he has for Molly is threatened and he wonders about yet another mystery. 

3,794 1
8 Awareness of Danger

While the professors puzzle of the misfortune of Thaddeus Williams, Tom learns some important information, a Prefect falls and Carol goes on the offensive. 

3,589 1
9 Story Being Written

Carol does her best to warn Molly about Tom but will she be successful or will something else happen? 

3,775 1
10 Facts Revealed

Tom's plan to push Carol out of Molly's circle of friends goes into effect. 

3,804 1
11 Parting of Ways

The argument between Molly and Carol has the effect that Tom desires, but the two girls will not be the only people affected by the happenings. 

3,763 1
12 Shattered Pots and Plans

Carol tries to rebuild her relationsship with Molly, the students enjoy some fun in class, Tom continues his search and an accident in class gets a student into a great deal of trouble. 

3,689 1
13 Unspoken Understandings

As two friends reaffirm friendship and understanding, anger grows in another mind. 

3,625 1
14 In the Open

Tom's plot against Carol comes to light and punishment for the conspirators is swift.  But how will Tom react? 

3,531 1
15 Clean Up

After being pounded by a terrible storm, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the residents of the area begin to try to pick up the pieces.

3,536 1
16 Discoveries and Plots

Tom makes amazing discoveries as he explores his surroundings and hears a voice from the past as he plots for the future.

3,599 1
17 Kept Secrets

Tom returns to the orphanage for Holiday Break and discovers something that will change his life, possibly forever.

4,091 1
18 Mystery at Wool's Orphanage

Everyone at the orphanage, including Tom, is mystifed by a strange accident.  Martha explains things to Tom and Mrs. Cole sets her plans in motion.

3,812 1
19 Betrayal and Laughter

A visitor to the orphanage brings Tom to the realization that Mrs. Cole is intending to be rid of him.  A winter storm provides an answer and the matron becomes extremely ill.

4,052 1
20 Not as It Appears

Tom and Mrs. Cole are in conflict again and Sarah's anger at the situation grows.

3,769 1
21 Sarah

Tom returns to Hogwarts with his chums and a new surprise for Molly and Carol.  But is he truly ready for this new arrival?

4,005 1
22 A Secret Revealed

The secret that Tom and Sarah have been keeping is brought to light.

3,747 1
23 Stern Warnings

After Sarah reveals her true nature to all, Dippet issues a warning, Molly prepares to inform her father at the Ministry of Magic and Tom finds a way to return to the one place where he feels that he will learn what he wants to know.

3,921 1
24 Answers in the Darkness

In the silence of the Isolation Tower, Tom comes upon a possibility that is not welcome and Sarah faces very real problems

3,596 0
25 Troubling Messages

Many receive messages that trouble them, while another considers what might be happening around her.

3,670 0
26 Making Plans

Plans are in the making all over Hogwarts, the terms is nearing its end and all are thinking about what the future will hold.

2,480 0
27 Loss and a Shadow of Hope

What Tom fears the most is happening although he does not know it. One is gone, another is threatened and belittled and one thinks about offering help.

3,718 0
28 Battle between Friends

Sarah is gone and Carol could not be happier. But the loss of one friend brings Tom the possibility of aid from an unexpected source as well as a threat from an apparent enemy and one that he had not counted on.

3,567 0
29 In Search of the Truth

Joseph Porter travels to Hogwarts in response to owls from Molly and her friend, Carol.  What will he learn when he gets there?

3,719 0
30 Solutions

Joseph Porter meets with Tom and Carol.  One of the pair leaves Hogwarts for the remainder of the term while the other makes plans for the future.

4,076 0


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