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McGonagall, Hagrid, Hugo, Lily (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2017-10-11 1:38pm
Last Chapter
2018-04-04 10:25am
Last Updated
2018-04-04 10:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Fond Memories

 Elizabeth rides the train to Hogwarts with her friends, but this time without Albus and Rose.  As she prepares for the coming term she wonders what new things she will experience and whether she can finally have a term without danger.

3,612 1
2 As We Begin a New Year

 A new year as always brings new students, but one of those new students presents a surprise for Elizabeth.

4,141 0
3 An Owl Home

 Changes are made in the status of students and Elizabeth's curiosity grows.

4,654 0
4 Joy and a Painful Truth

 Elizabeth informs her mother about her change in status and other things, but the return correspendence leads to disappointment and anger when another is informed about the development.

4,536 0
5 Recognition and Reunion

 Elizabeth sees things from the past.

3,279 0
6 On Trial

Elizabeth sees more images from her past, another person wonders how Elizabeth's disappearance will affect her and a surprise appearance is not well received/

3,828 0
7 Of Apparitions and Ice

 Elizabeth returns and finds a school in chaos.

3,441 0
8 Disappointments and a Gift

Elizabeth and the other students try to figure out who is responsible for the ice in the Great Hall while another tries to determine the best way to deal with Elizabeth.

3,422 0
9 Owls and Swallowtail Ground Hornets

Elizabeth receives a gift, has an important information giving conversation with someone and demonstrates her will in class.

3,980 0
10 A Wild Ride

The students help Professor Longbottom solve a problem and a near disaster occurs during flying practice.

4,397 0
11 Mixed Signals of Intent

Several students cast doubtful images of what they intend, some intentionally while others by complete mistake.

4,880 0
12 Poly-juice Problems

Elizabeth learns something about her past, life in the castle has gone chaotic and Professor Tindwell is asked for help.

4,848 0
13 Looking for Luna

Elizabeth is determined to find out who is not what they appear to be and seeks help from a former student of Hogwarts only to find that she is not the only one seeking help.

4,518 0
14 Luna

 A former student comes back to render aid to Elizabeth

5,533 0
15 Preparations

While Elizabeth prepares for her plan the forces of darkness strike against the Weasley clan.

4,853 0
16 The Ride Home

The ride home on the Hogwarts Express at holiday time is normally joyous, but will it be this time? 

4,694 0
17 Diagon Alley Danger

A holiday visit to Diagon Alley turns dangerous.

4,482 0
18 The Sleep of Death

 Christmas isn't always so merry.

4,464 0
19 Hopes and Fears

While Elizabeth recovers from the attack, Harry prepares for what may be a resurgence of the Dark Forces.

4,070 0
20 Rejection

 Elizabeth looks for answers after an unexpected resistance.

3,810 0
21 Grave Encounter

Elizabeth goes back to the village where her father's parents reside, but finds something much different than what she sought. 

4,681 0
22 A Terrible Request

Elizabeth looks to the future and asks Albus for the impossible whiel the followers of the Dark Lord prepare for what is to come.

3,880 0
23 A Choice to be Made

Break is over and confrontation looms. 

5,083 0
24 Preparations for the Unthinkable

Elizabeth and others prepare to confront the forces of the Dark Lord in defense of Hogwarts and its students. 

3,796 0
25 Truth

Elizabeth and her allies clash with the followers of the Dark Lord. 

5,139 0
26 I Know

Elizabeth comes to terms with her past.

3,540 0
27 Elizabeth's Promise

Elizabeth continues her preparations to face the Dark Lord quite aware that her attempts to save the school and it's students may cost her much. 

3,578 0
28 Creeping Losses

Still reeling from their losses at Hogwarts, the forces of the Dark Lord now face a determined assault from Elizabeth. 

3,581 0
29 A Dreadful Error

While many search for her, Elizabeth's purported guilt is broadcast and she strikes once again at the Dark Lord.  But this time the strike will take place at Azkaban, a place where she may very well spend the rest of her life.

4,251 0
30 Changing Lives

Hogwarts and those who live within it prepare to undergo massive changes in their lives as the Ministry of Magic takes over. 

3,748 0
31 For What is to Come

Elizabeth may have been jailed but she continues to plan for the final battle with the Dark Lord. 

3,650 0
32 Friends, Family and Death

Elizabeth faces the consequences of her actions and faces an unwelcome and tragic development. 

3,960 0
33 Endings and Beginnings

The truth has come to light and Elizabeth has been vindicated.  Now, as the threat lingers, promises are kept and vows made. 

4,270 0
34 Finals

Elizabeth and her friends prepare to take their final exam for the term while they also discuss their coming last year and life beyond that.

4,226 0
35 A Summer of Changes

Elizabeth and others prepare for the summer and the changes that shall come with it. 

2,477 0


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