Harry, Hermione
Humor, Action/Adventure
Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-10-09 17:56:13
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2017-10-12 17:50:06
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2017-10-12 17:50:06
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Kales Returns

"This is just in this dream, though, right?"

Harry is shown the tunnel where the attack came from. Kales returns and helps Harry protect himself from Voldemort's intrusions. Hermione reviews Perenelle's list of spells she wants Harry to learn. Harry and Hermione volunteer to help out as teaching assistants. Includes introduction/prologue.

6336 0
2 Giving Slytherin House Points

"Madam, this is a battlefield! Kindly remove yourself and your charges from the field so we can continue."

Hermione wants Harry to ask Snape for extra Potions lessons. Kales shows Harry how he can travel undetected around the castle, but warns that there are dangers that await him. Harry shares a painful memory with Snape. Perenelle's History of Magic lessons begin and Harry takes his first class as a Teaching Assistant. Whilst exploring with Kales, Harry makes a shocking discovery.

6264 0
3 The First Aid Club

"Neville, why are you taking this so well? You should be furious with me!"

The First Aid Club tends to Harry's broken arm once he persuades them to leave his trousers alone. At dinner, Nevelle tells Ginny and Hermione about a new skill Harry has learnt. Before he departs, Kales shows Harry some of the creatures sent by Voldemort to attack them in the dream world.

6833 1
4 Summoning the Sword

"That’s the same drivel the Headmaster was talking about."

Harry attempts to take the Gryffindor Sword from the Dream World despite never having ventured there in daylight. He sees some of the creatures advancing on an unaware Hermione and he manages to summon a Sword of Light that repels them. Harry wakes to find there is an attack going on in the real world.

5840 0


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