Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Drama, Romance, LGBTQA
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-09-30 23:46:19
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2018-04-01 14:42:25
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1 i. Parents

Sirius couldn’t remember the last time his parents had given him a hug.

Walburga tapped Sirius on the back with the palm of her hand. “Stand up straight,” she commanded. Sirius bit back a retort and grudgingly drew his shoulders back. He allowed his mum to tug at his new school robes, still stiff out of the box, until the wrinkles fell away.

1975 1
2 ii. Names

The two boys whipped out their wands and held them close, focusing deeply on the deck of cards. Tiny wisps of smoke were already starting to curl out from underneath the bottom of the stack. It wasn’t long before a small explosion sent the cards flying everywhere, and James let out a triumphant yell.

 “Rematch,” Sirius demanded at once.

3178 4
3 iii. Friends

James didn’t say anything. His mouth was slightly agape. After a few seconds of silence, the redhead rolled her eyes, turned on her heel, and headed toward the girls’ dormitory stairs. James watched her leave with a vacant expression before turning to Remus.

“Who was that?” he asked, his voice soft.

2879 1
4 iv. Howl

Sirius craned his neck and peered through the smattering of owl feathers now drifting lazily to the ground like snowflakes. This morning, just like every morning for the past three weeks, nothing had arrived for him. 

James noticed him looking around. “Expecting something to come in the post?” he asked. 

Sirius stared glumly at his goblet of juice. “Yeah."

3763 3
5 v. Quidditch

Remus squinted to see where he was headed. Standing alone at the edge of the bleachers, watching as Sirius approached on his broom, was a tall girl in Slytherin robes with striking blonde hair. Her head was so bright that it reflected the sunlight like a blinding beacon.

3501 0


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