Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Voldemort, OC
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-09-30 15:08:11
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1 Ch. 1: Miss Wizarding World & Wizard Play

"It's not their opinion that matters...it's his. He wants those who are of pure blood and great magical skill. You have both...not to mention the pull you have on the Wizarding World...so many followers of your own who love your strong stances...especially on unpopular topics like elf rights..." 


Learn who Josephine is...where she fits into this world, and what exactly makes her so special...

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2 Ch. 2: The Howler

 "Alright, well...everyone be sure to be ready Saturday. Full moon is Sunday. Moony, you don't worry about it. Wormtail, you should stay with Moony just to be safe. Sirius...dress your best. I'm sure The Prophet will be there...pretty boy face."

Josephine gets a Howler and takes a stand that is unheard of.

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3 Ch. 3: Trouble, Trouble, Everywhere...

She looked up to meet his blue eyes. She'd never told anyone this story...not even James. "Ravenclaw...Gryffindor...and Slytherin..." she whispered. "Ravenclaw...it said I was clever...intelligent...but my bravery trumped that. So then it was torn between garnet and green..." she let out a breath. "Said that I possessed bravery beyond measure and courage...but that I was...cunning and could have others...follow me...listen to me...believe me..."

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4 Ch. 4: At First Meeting...

Her brow rose again. "I believe I will call you such a thing when you've earned it from me." 


The long awaited meeting finally happens and it leaves both in the party speechless and one sick to their stomach... 

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5 Ch. 5: As Everything Changes...Nothing Does...

Jo pursed her lips, placing her hands on her hips and eyed her mother, before letting out a dramatic sigh. "I'm pregnant, mum--"


This chapter delves into the holidays and preparations for the Second Meeting. We see a softer side of Jo, and an amusing side of James involving a car... 

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6 Ch. 6: Second Time is the Charm...

"Because," Lily interjected, understanding, "think about it...one of the most well known faces in our world. She was judged not only on her talents, but mostly her beauty...she constantly has to dazzle those around her and be dressed to impress, it MATTERS. And such a thing, showing up to a friend's house...do you think Jo would show up to my mum and dad's in glittering gowns and a crown? NO. She's come in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm not saying dress like THAT," she added, looking to Jo and shaking her head. 

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7 Ch. 7: Rumors Fly, Legends Rise, Childhood Dies

"You cannot sit on this fence any longer!" Severus hissed. "You are playing both sides...you cannot appease the Dark Lord, yet still openly voice your opinions...do you know how it looks?"


**please check the note at the end of the chapter, xoxo, A** 

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