Harry, Hermione
Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-09-16 10:47:17
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2017-09-22 13:59:15
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2017-09-22 14:42:48
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Summer Job

"I don’t know but Dumbledore thought it was important."

Harry helps out George Hellar, a carpenter and joiner, all the while avoiding his regular assistant’s questions. The Dursleys take a liking to an unexpected guest. George directs Harry to make an apprentice piece as a memento of his time there.

4955 1
2 The Ministry

"Lily? You’re Lily’s son?"

Harry goes to the Ministry and meets Professor McGonagall. When leaving, an Unspeakable named Fides introduces himself. Back at Hogwarts, Harry has lunch with Dobby. After a brief hunting trip with Hagrid and Dumbledore, Harry meets the Hogwarts Express from London.

5739 0
3 The Regiment’s Challenge

“Are you sure you want it? I’d just burn it if I were you."

Harbinger is introduced as the new DADA teacher and Peeves is chosen to lead the Hogwarts defenders against the Regiment’s traditional challenge. Harry agrees to teach the Quidditch Rebels and also accepts the Captaincy of the House Team, much to Ron’s disappointment.

6009 0
4 Quidditch Try-Outs

"Must be on your school record: Watch out for Parvati, she likes to …"

Harry picks his new Quidditch House team. Hermione is upset when one of Harbinger’s lessons goes wrong. Harbinger offers Harry additional tuition. They win the first match but the celebration is short lived.

6079 0
5 The Training Tent

"Myrtle, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you."

The lethal Training Tent is almost ready for Harry to use and Madeye explains the strict rules. Harry learns Harbinger was an Auror. He tells Harry about his troubled past and his friendship with Harry’s mother. Hermione angers Harry when she changes Madeye's rules to catch him off his guard.

5662 0
6 The Apprentice Piece

"I thought you couldn’t interfere?"

Harry is becoming very proficient in the Training Tent. Hermione is taken ill and rushed to hospital. A desperate Harry seeks the help of Fides the Unspeakable. In search of an elixir he crosses a bridge that literally splits him into two personalities.

3643 0
7 The Challenge

"What was that look between you and Pansy Parkinson about?"

Fides takes Harry to St Mungos hospital where they meet Hermione’s anxious parents and allowing Harry to experience a glimpse of his potential future. Soon he must return and rejoin with his evil self. At the Halloween ball, Harry asks Hermione to dance with him.

5397 0


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