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McGonagall, Sprout, Hagrid, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2017-09-01 10:07am
Last Chapter
2019-09-20 12:00am
Last Updated
2019-09-20 2:22am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Extraordinary Girl

Lara has a prophetic dream that Rhiannon, one of her classmates, will drown. She assumes this drowning will occur at the lake by Hogwarts, but then she doubts herself. Lara isn't close friends to Rhiannon, so she goes to visit Morwena instead to learn if Rhiannon's family has a lake on their property.

3,479 0
2 Raid on the Attic

Rhiannon enters the attic of the Ashfeld Mansion, looking for her father's Firebolt. She encounters a minefield of Dark Magic artifacts, lain with traps and curses.

2,276 0
3 The Rendezvous

Philip and Rhiannon meet to fly their new brooms and practise Quidditch.

2,469 0
4 The Honourary Badger

Rhiannon and Philip have lunch and discuss Quidditch. Later, Stacy applies Transfiguration to fashion.

2,700 0
5 The Gryffindors Plan Ahead

Liam Wren spends a quiet summer in Biggleswade. While at Diagon Alley, he witnesses the Gryffindors make a Daring Gambit against the Slytherins.

2,848 0
6 The Free Agent

Shona MacDougal, on her way to Hogwarts, gets a surprise invitation to lunch, and she realizes her sister is not being paranoid.

3,130 0
7 Shona's Choice

Shona meets some new friends. She muses about her father, and debates which House she should be sorted into.

3,404 0
8 Slytherin Schemes

The Slytherins obsess over the loss of Shona MacDougal, and receive a surprise visitor.

2,935 0
9 Start of the Autumn Term

Vanessa begins to flirt with Liam Wren. Stacy falls for Tess, again. Philip and Rhiannon attend an amazing Magical Creatures lesson. Shona proves to be forgetful as well as famous.

2,917 0
10 Free Friday

The Fourth Years enjoy a Friday completely free of classes. The Slytherins chat with Robert Kaufmann. Liam and Michael study Quidditch defence formations. Rhiannon gets an unpleasant letter. (Dec 2017 edit - saw an error in the schedule and corrected it. Would have bothered no one else but me.)

2,536 0
11 The Lake

Philip races to the lake to save Rhiannon. Umberto makes an astute observation, and he asks a question that does not receive a satisfactory answer. Vanessa makes a move on Liam Wren.

2,520 0
12 The Doom of Mahglin

Dennison spies on Benedict, while Aiden spies on Dennison. Liam gets an offer that he doesn't refuse. Umberto is deep in thought. Later, Benedict is surprised, and Lara utters the Prophetic Doom for which she will become famous.

3,233 0
13 Alyssa's Revenge

Alyssa finds a clever way to retaliate against Dennison for interfering in her social life.

2,640 0
14 A Mission for Q

Umberto learns of the Doom of Mahglin, and sends his top spy, Q, on a mission.

3,046 0
15 The Secret is Out

The Slytherins gather information about Lara. Morwena consults her diary. Rhiannon forces Lara to tell her about the lake.

2,844 0
16 Confessions

Aiden tells Gregor about Lara. Later, McGonagall questions Lara. In between, Q makes an appearance.

2,831 0
17 Slytherin Spies

Aiden makes an important discovery. Freya is suspicious, but right. Liam gets praise and scorn for studying with Vanessa Ables, and gets a lesson on spying. Also, I work in some California cuisine into the Hogwarts menu.

2,786 0
18 Reid

Tess has her first date with her secret admirer, Reid Mageford. She learns that Reid has been spying on her. Later, she talks to Stacy about it.

2,908 0
19 The Singing Strand, and Spies in the Fog

Two mini-chapters. In the first segment, Liam is serenaded by a mysterious voice. In the second, Q coordinates the observation of Tess and Stacy. She complains to Umberto about Aiden.

3,106 0
20 Fake Things Real

Morwena wonders about the letter she sent to Cyrus. Lara gets accosted by the Ravenclaw girls. Plus, more with Aiden and Q. My last chapter for HPFF!

2,549 0
21 Fake Things Real, part 2

Lara speaks to Professor Meadows and to Liam Wren about making a magic deck of cards that told real fortunes. Meanwhile, Aiden and Q's "fake" relationship becomes a little more real.

3,515 0
22 Hogsmeade in November

Lara speaks with George Weasley about her prophecy deck. Pauline and Morwena take Rhiannon to get a haircut.

2,764 0
23 Clothes Shopping

Liam accompanies Vanessa to Andromeda's, the high end dress shop, where they cross paths with Tess and Reid. Philip helps Pauline and Morwena rework Rhiannon's wardrobe.

3,039 0
24 The Prophecy Deck

Lara binds her prophetic powers to the deck of cards she bought at Weasley's. She tries them out on Stacy and Monique.

2,889 0


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