Harry, Hermione
Mystery, Action/Adventure
Mild violence
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2017-08-14 18:56:59
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Gringotts (Prologue Part 1)

“Harry, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Harry arrives at his vault in Gringotts to take Ron to the Burrow, but Ron seems intent upon telling him something.

2615 1
2 Two Memories?

“Potter, would you mind telling me why you are pointing your wand at me?”

Harry has returned to Privet Drive for one last time. Professor McGonagall visits him with news about the future of Hogwarts and explains she is carrying a memory Dumbledore intended him to have.

4679 1
3 Hungry, Were You?

“Why did you hate my Mum so much?”
While Harry waits for Ron and Hermione to join him, Harry tries to talk to Aunt Petunia. Uncle Vernon is upset that Harry has invited his friends to stay.

2864 1
4 Scruffy Urchin

“Mr Potter, we have never met. What you see before you is a mere memory of myself.”
Hermione arrives at Privet Drive earlier than expected and belatedly agrees not to perform magic on the Dursleys. They try to use the Pensieve to view Dumbledore's memory, but Hermione is ejected and Harry meets a younger Dumbledore.

4196 1
5 The Index

“Well, I only promised not to do magic inside the house, didn’t I?”
Harry receives a copy of the first volume in a series of unpublished spell books written by  Dumbledore.

3893 1
6 Inept

“Nice pyjamas, Harry.”
Harry wakes and is most embarrassed to discover Professor McGongall, Mad-Eye and Tonks have arrived to check up on him.

3676 1
7 A Personal Invitation

“I wasn’t very pleased when I found out that the two of you were staying here.”
Ron arrives hoping to persuade Hermione to go to the Burrow for the wedding but leaves without her. Plans are made for Fudge to visit.

2448 1
8 Fudge

“Tell us how you communicate with the Dementors?”
Fudge is brought to a disguised Privet Drive where Harry quizzes him on the Dementors. They learn of a leader of the Dementors. Fudge gives them the creature's name and tell them how to summon him.

3337 1
9 Obsessions

“I know what you’re thinking, Hermione, but we didn’t summon this one.”
A Dementor arrives in Privet Drive but Harry realises they hadn't summoned him. It is the leader. While they practise the requirements for communication, Harry accidentally sees part of Hermione's memories.

3177 1
10 Mrs Figg’s

“Are all the families loyal to Voldemort now?”
The Order has arranged for a back room at Mrs Figg's house to be magically expanded so they can practise summoning the Dementor leader. They learn that not all the Dementors are on Voldemort's side.

2411 1
11 Ron the Spy

“Just so I know, are we continuing with the no magic policy? I only ask because you appear to have forgotten.”

Harry has promised to free the Dementors provided the brotherhood acts honourably once Voldemort is defeated. Hermione appears finally to be ready to tell Harry what happened, but Ron is discovered spying on the house.

6459 1
12 Taken

“So, what happened to him?”

Ron returns to the Burrow, but not before letting something slip to Harry. Back at Privet Drive, Hermione is struggling to clear up after Ron's attempt at making a birthday cake for Harry. Hermione breaks down and finally tells Harry what happened.

3062 1
13 The Test

 “I know you won’t have an answer for me. It’s just that if I don’t tell someone I’ll just go mad."

Harry meets the second memory of Dumbledore. Harry and Hermione agree to Sapien's final wish.

5115 1
14 Hedwig Returns

“No, Hermione. I’m not angry. I’m not anything.” 
Harry struggles with his unfamiliar unfeeling state as the hour of his birth approaches. Hedwig returns and wants to show him something.

4756 1
15 Return

We must feed.”
Harry and Hagrid search the old farmhouse for more prisoners but eventually they have to fight their way out. Harry returns to find a fight raging in Privet Drive.

4931 1
16 The Legion (Prologue Part 2)

Harry, your eyes. They seem different, somehow.”
Harry and Ron finally return to the Burrow where Hermione is waiting. Before Harry finally leaves, the three share a toast.

4837 1


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