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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Shacklebolt, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC
Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2017-07-18 12:04am
Last Chapter
2017-09-24 6:02pm
Last Updated
2017-09-24 6:02pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Tragedy in Italy (Act I)

Aurors race to stop a werewolf from potentially destroying a Muggle village. 

*Warning-this chapter contains graphic content

1,721 0
2 A Family's Grief

After the attack, Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt relies heavily on Harry Potter with confidential information about why the Aurors were in Italy and who the werewolf was. Now Harry has to carry this burden to a family who's already suffered.

2,233 3
3 Line in the Sand

As the Weasleys grip with their loss, Ron feels the Ministry and (by association) Harry has betrayed his family. All of this unravels as Kingsley & Riker try to reason with the England Prime Minister and
someone brings information to the Muggles in Italy about the werewolf.

2,205 0
4 Attack of King's Cross

The Ministry prepares for students of Hogwarts to be transported. They expect trouble from Wizards and Witches upset about the Transportation cease...however another threat rears its head.

3,618 0
5 Beginning of the End

The battle continues as Harry and Riker chase down the rogue Witch and Wizards.
The Battle of King's Cross Station will mark the beginning of a war.

2,060 1
6 Aching Hearts

Harry accepts a feeling he has had for a long time
Draco makes a decision that affects who he will become
The Minister Bagger is confronted by Cardia who plans to use him to his advantage

2,525 0
7 Kingsley's Mission (End of Act I)

Riker believes Arthur Weasley is the Wizard who is working with the Muggles. Meanwhile Kingsley gives Harry a mission, as Harry's thoughts slip deeper into what he should do about Hermione.

2,553 0
8 Brilliant (ACT II)

Arthur and Harry make amends during a heart to heart discussion. And Arthur's message to Harry influences a decision that he makes that will change a friendship forever.

1,416 0
9 Grip

Harry and Hermione discuss the previous night as they ready to go to the studio.

Harry meets the man who orchestrated the King's Cross Station attack.

Riker confronts Bagger

2,804 0
10 The Sorcerer and the Wand

Harry's vision makes him paranoid about someone stealing the Elder Wand.

Hermione and Ron discuss their relationship.

1,296 0
11 Ecrypt the Weasel

Harry speaks with old friends about the Elder Wand.
The Bagshots invade Harry's apartment, where Hermione had just arrived

The identity of Ecrypt, the Muggle's informant, is revealed

2,548 0
12 Going Back

Hermione learns the truth of Percy Weasley and the Bagshots.

Ron tried to get a job at Gringotts

Draco suffers an accident that could lead to the end of his life as "Luke"

1,812 0
13 To Be or Not To Be (End of Act II)

Author's Note**-Story will continue second/third week of September 2017.

The War between Muggles and Wizards is about to begin.

2,902 0
14 Way Down....(Act III)

Percy's plan begins to fall into place. Ron decides his future. Harry is faced with a difficult choice.

2,733 0
15 Spoils of War

Cardia's plans are revealed. Draco explains himself to Ashlee. Hermione meets with the Weasleys. Harry and Riker finish the job.

2,499 0
16 A Normal Life

Ron makes a decision that will determine his future. Hermione & Kingsley prepare themselves to go find Harry and Percy receives an unexpected visit.
Author's note: 3 Chapters Left

2,824 0
17 Fight and Flight

A fight ensues as Harry's life hangs in the balance.
Author's Note: 2 chapters left
*Warning-graphic content

2,981 0
18 You Found Me

Harry recovers from his injuries and Kingsley makes a move to hopefully enact peace between the Muggle and Wizarding World.
Author's Note:
Apologies for delays, had this written before but decided on a major change.
1 chapter left, enjoy.

2,798 0
19 Together, Always

The end

2,761 0


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