Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Percy, Ginny, OtherCanon
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature
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2017-07-03 11:31:43
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2018-04-03 14:00:00
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2018-04-03 14:00:00
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Empty and Full

On a winter's evening, Molly reflects that whilst they now have plenty of money, she misses their past life. Browsing through some magazines, she contemplates the beauty and wonder of the muggle world and starts to contemplate a holiday.

2416 0
2 A Burrow Christmas

The clan hatch a plan.

4068 0
3 A Council of War

The clan meet to discuss the holiday and Hermione ponders her most enigmatic sister in law.

1669 0
4 Molly on a Mission

It can't be that hard to join the library, can it?

2823 2
5 There's a Hole In My Bucket

Hermione and Audrey meet. They seem to be going round in circles, but Dean Thomas has a solution

3459 1
6 Building Sheds, Building Bridges

Dean and Dennis visit the Burrow. Arthur meets a neighbour

2193 1
7 A Sunday Stroll

Molly and Arthur go for a walk and meet Philip again.

4049 0
8 Guerilla Tactics

Dean lets slip that the children are planning to pay for the shed, but Arthur and Molly have other ideas!

2564 1
9 Burrow Meadows

The Weasleys' new outbuilding takes shape.

3847 1
10 Sofa, so good!

There's tea for thirty-two at Burrow Meadows, Dennis makes a very special cupboard and Harry and Arthur are still fighting over who pays for what!

5928 2
11 Banking on a Bus

Arthur and Molly strike out alone and cement their friendship with the Woodburys

4067 1
12 Journey of Discovery

Molly and Arthur are taken on a shopping trip by Audrey's parents. Molly finds it an uncomfortable journey in more ways than one.

4359 1
13 Muggle Makeover

Molly and Arthur continue their shopping trip. Dulcie gives Molly a lot to think about.

5153 1
14 Food for Thought

Hermione and Audrey relive their childhoods. Hermione ponders what might have been.

6650 1
15 Molly Goes To A Meeting

Molly attends the WI for the first time. It gives her much to think about.

3371 1
16 The First Foray

Molly and Arthur's trip to Bill's isn't as easy as they thought.

3128 0
17 Out of Control!

Percy loses the plot, Harry loses his wand, James loses the portal and Molly loses her rag!

4310 2
18 At Home with the Weasleys

The Merryweathers have come for the weekend. Molly and Dulcie admire each other's culunary technique, Toby suggests how to placate Percy, and of course Philip pokes his nose in!

4868 1
19 Two Surprises

There are two visitors to the Burrow, one more welcome than the other. Don't worry, though - Percy and Toby have a plan!

3387 2
20 Ready for the Off

It's almost time for Molly and Arthur to depart. Not before they've had a family gathering, though.

1969 1
21 Starting in the Garden of Eden

They're off!

4695 0


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