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Contains profanity, Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-06-26 14:57:54
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Probationer In Trouble (Prologue)

"I don’t want you to call the Aurors unless it is absolutely necessary."

An old alarm has been set off at the Ministry of Magic and Detective Bernard Anderton is sent to assist a probationer policeman at a small terraced house in north London.

2282 1
2 Harry Takes The Case

Listen, I need a favour."

Harry makes his way over to the crime scene and later visits St. Mungos. Ron, worried that he'd angered Harry by countermanding his orders, visits Harry and Ginny at home.

4390 0
3 Interviewing The Clerk

"You merely have to wave a banana near a magical door to unlock it."

Harry goes back to St. Mungos but leaves believing everything David Royce has told him must be an elaborate fabrication. Despite this, Harry asks Anderton to help trace David's family.

3231 0
4 The Third Visit

I don’t know what they gave me but you should get some for the Christmas punch, Haarree.”

Harry interviews David again but he as been given a strong sedative. Harry and Anderton interview Kathryne Davenport but her husband returns early. Harry returns to the tiny terraced house and recalls when he first met David.

4048 0
5 Nothing is Impossible

"It was red coloured and only had the two decks. Oh, and it was being chased by a dragon or something."
Anderton shows Harry an interesting map. Harry visits Hermione and is surprised to learn David has told him something that turns out to be true.

3235 0
6 Hogwarts

"You only have to say, you know?"

Harry goes to Hogwarts. Stopping by Hagrid's house, he helps a second year student with his wand. Professor McGonagall confirms more truths told by Royce. Returning to London, Harry learns David has received another visitor.

3188 0
7 Bananas

"Thank you for your enquiry which we have carefully placed in our Correspondence from the Deluded file."
David vanishes from St. Mungos. Harry resists Anderton's wish to interview Ron as a suspect. Harry finally tracks down the illusive Hartford. Harry encounters an old Judge.

4462 0
8 The Great Romance

"But, I need my knees for work."
Mr Weasley gives some advice and tells Harry a story, but Mrs Weasley is annoyed he keeps leaving out the best parts of the Great Romance. Ginny is concerned for Harry.

3916 0
9 The Poggington School of Magic

You’re wondering why anyone would send their child to us, aren’t you?”
Harry goes to find the school but once there finds Royce hiding out in an alley nearby. Harry meets David's old teachers and learns more about his twin brother.

5174 0
10 Ron is Arrested

“I knew you were close, but Mrs Weasley must have an incredible degree of trust in you, Mr Potter.
Harry listens to David's version of events. Royce explains why he decided to escape from St Mungos. Harry is summoned by the Wizengamot.

3998 0
11 New Recruits

"Oi! I'm trying to have a bath here!"

Harry and Royce go back to the park. Two of David's former school friends join them, but they are very sceptical knowing the David they knew died several years ago.

4758 0
12 The Camp

"Welcome! Welcome!"

Hartford agrees to guide the group into the Khan's camp. They find Natasha but then things start go very wrong.

4890 0
13 Harry Meets Herry

"Dumbledore told me that too."
Harry makes an effort to talk to his counterpart. Harry learns of the prophesy that motivated the Khan.

3394 1
14 Air Raid


Hartford guides the small group back to wartime London, but they arrive just as an air raid begins and there are more than just bombs flying above them.

3608 0
15 Brightwood Snr

"I can't lose her, Harry."
Hartford has vanished again so Harry tries to move everyone to safety as the time bubble expires leaving them stranded. Eudoxius Brightwood introduces himself and apologies for what he intends to do. Harry gets Ron talking and he confirms some of what he did and why.

4005 0
16 The Bus Trip

"Ron, have you left the brake on?"
They steal a double decker bus and head for the park where they hope to get home via the Old Khan's camp. As they drive out of the garage and speed along Tramway Avenue, two young boys jump aboard and run upstairs.

3780 0
17 Girl A

I know you. You’re the girl!”
Part Two. Harry wakes to find himself trapped in a strange house that is somehow still familiar despite his being unable to remember anything. Harry searches the house looking for any clue about himself and especially the girl.

3524 0
18 The Resistance

"That memory hurt me somehow?"
Harry leaves the hospital. After narrowly evading recapture by a Ministry Witch, Harry is offered shelter by a nervous resistance member and his wife.

5437 0
19 A Betrayal

I assume you heard it too?”
They enjoy a fine meal and Harry repairs the magical radio in time to hear he is wanted by the Ministry and there is a large reward for his capture.

3589 0
20 Country House

"Wait, you married the same woman?"
Harry learns more about Brightwood before meeting the widely mocked Voice of the Opposition. Holly is summoned to the Palace to receive a bravery award. Ron tries to warn Harry.

4013 0
21 A Royal Reception

"So, she was never just any orphan?"
Harry and Holly return to London to prepare to visit the Palace. Harry settles into his disguise as a grumpy old man. Chen tells Harry some more about Holly's childhood and adoption.

3072 0
22 Battle at the Palace

"We brought your dragon, remember?"
As the three enter the throne room, powerful anti-secrecy charms begin to attack Harry's disguise. Holly receives her award but Harry is called out and a battle begins.  

5270 0
23 A Destiny Fulfilled

She’s alive!”
The palace battle is over and Harry persuades Holly to take over from the old Khan. Harry removes Chen's disguise but does not anticipate Holly's reaction.

2142 0
24 The Opes Crystal

"Can't let the side down, boys."
Hartford receives treatment but will need a few days to recover. Harry witnesses the birth of a new regime while Herry obsessively searches for a cure to the magic draining curse that blighted his world. Both Harrys are shocked to meet a relative of theirs.

4717 0
25 A Toast at Hogwarts

"Here's to Hufflepuff, duffers every one."
The time for their departure has arrived and Harry says goodbye to his new friends knowing he will never meet them again. Brightwood gives Harry a gift box intended for young Christopher. Back at Hogwarts, Harry takes a moment to give his counterpart some advice.

6359 0
26 Epilogue - Letter from Another World

"Never too early for a bacon sandwich."
A year has passed and Harry receives a letter from Holly's father. It is almost time for the hole between the worlds to be repaired.

5045 1


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