Dominique, Fred II, James (II), Rose, Roxanne, Teddy
Drama, Fluff, Humor
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2017-06-20 11:26:50
Last Published Chapters
2018-03-02 09:10:47
Last Updated
2018-03-02 09:10:47
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Introducing The Begining Of The Begining.

Character Image: Roxanne Weasley

3643 8
2 Begining

A ridiculous confession from Red and Dom, and Fred's brotherly warning

1862 2
3 The Quidditch Chaser

I swear I never play Quidditch this bad.

2646 3
4 Pricksville

Inspector Fred is at it again, Victoire and her little pet monkey, and my new potion's partner.

2093 3
5 Confessions

Deep and meaningful conversations with Teddy Lupin

1493 1
6 Dude Where's My Phone?

Albus Potter has a girlfriend and Victoire's sneaky bridemaids.

2522 3
7 This Shouldn't Even Come as a Surprise Anymore

I think my cousin is out to kill me, either physically or emotionally.

2135 2
8 Thing For Blue Eyes

Fred's blessings and the journey back to the Burrow

2274 4
9 The Makeover

Pre Part Preperation and the WOW factor

1737 2
10 The Engagement Party

Here's to the weekend!

2358 1
11 Weasley Loyalty

 Cousins drama - It's genetics.

2864 0
12 Bygones Will Be Bygones

Potion's class explosion! And no.. not the experiment kind...

2261 2
13 The Wicked Witch of the South

Characted image attached : Lucas Dierre

2841 2
14 When Push Come to Shove

Ravenclaw Finest Prat's!

2713 0
15 Challenge Bait

Do we Breakup or Make up?

2952 0
16 An Order Of the 4 P's

The only thing that makes James Potter happy beside Dani, is planning an ultimate party!

3040 2
17 The Easter Break Party

Party Shenanigans once again

2821 4
18 Easter Saturday at the Burrow

As my twin, Fred will never cease to surprise me

4564 2
19 Bludgers and Buffets

A pathetic Quidditch match and the Potter's new partners

2846 1
20 The Effects of Blaise Zabini

Slytherin's party crashers

2721 1
21 The Backfired Experiment

Teddy Lupin's secret text messages.

3816 2
22 Graduation is in 4 months, Fred's baby is due in 6.

The Woes of Professor McGonagall

4101 8
23 Daphne's secret or is it James'?

I didnt expect to come back from Hogsmeade with more problems than i left Hogwarts with.

3286 0
24 The Cheeky Dimple

So I know i'm not the most honest person in the world...and now I'm cursed. I am a human lie detector!

4253 2
25 The Nitty Gritty

I've taken all sorts of test

4382 0
26 I Think You Broke Fred

Fred surprises us with some news and Cruz and Ted have their final showdown.

5004 0
27 Birthing Suite 3

All the nice things I ever said about her can go striaght down the toilet!

5429 0
28 Some Endings and New Beginings

The Final Chapter

3860 1


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