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Dominique, Fred II, James (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2017-06-16 3:23pm
Last Chapter
2019-07-28 12:00am
Last Updated
2019-12-20 11:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Pity The Houses Are White

I looked around, noticing a makeshift stage. Professor Newton (Muggle Studies) and Professor Fig (Muggle Arts) strode up onto it. Everyone shushed up and faced them. I couldn't believe we were the last to arrive. I wondered if we would get points off for that. Then I remembered we weren't getting any marks for this at all.

7,620 8
2 Unlock Your Fears

James trailed kisses down my jaw, neck and reached the hollow there. My chest rose and fell rapidly, heart a humming bird's wings. He looked up at me. His espresso eyes were wild and bright, the amber gold glinting in the sunlight. With flushed cheeks, swollen and bruised lips—he looked punch drunk. 

8,739 8
3 Spinning Empty Bottles

'Are you going to take your clothes off or what?' James asked.

8,371 7
4 The Midnight Special - Part I

'I love Ron.'

Dom gave me weird look. 'Okay creep. I know exactly how much you love Ron. He's only about eight hundred years older than you.'

I was affronted by the insinuation. 'Eww! I don't fancy your uncle!'

'Shut up. I know you do.'

I did shut up because actually, I did.

8,365 9
5 The Midnight Special - Part II

'Yes. It's real. This is reality.'

7,840 5
6 Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

A lesson I've learned: building furniture together was a very insightful way to get to know someone.

8,703 9
7 Kiss And Don't Tell

'Will you two stop flirting? This is—this is actually a little offensive? Like, for once, just think about the people out there in the world who don't have sexual tension with anyone?'

8,529 7
8 Many Happy Returns, Judas!

How did anyone survive this?

8,009 11
9 The Truth Bubble And The Needle

I felt frantic—panicked. My heart sputtered in my chest as I looked up at the house; the number 7 sign rusted with age and slightly askew; the recently painted wood, white but already dirty with grass stained footsteps and cigarette ash; the brown shingled roof that sloped down; the buttery, honey gold door.

I had to get out. 

7,697 6
10 Plan A Party Then Plan The Escape

'You're in love with him. I get it.'

'I'm sixteen,' I pointed out unnecessarily. 'I'm not in love with him.'

8,698 5
11 When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

'He's so messed up over you, oh Merlin.'

I frowned.

'I don't like this talk,' I moped. 'Makes me sober.'

8,207 7
12 Dear ASBO Five

That was it.

This was going to end.


9,936 8
13 Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

My frustration peaked, the world tipped, and I think I'd like to have just one good row with someone before I went completely insane.

Instead of actually following through with my pent up emotions, however, I found myself doing something quite different.

7,740 9
14 If We Were Meant To Be

So it looked like my fifteen minutes fame for throwing the Muggle Studies party that kicked us out had officially fizzled out.

10,229 7
15 Ouroboros

'Voldemort is dead, Jenelle. What else have we got to live for but the fight to protect our right to be clichés?'

12,445 7
16 Shipwrecked and Bound

It struck me then, like a bolt of lightning, that the weird feeling bubbling in my chest was admiration.

I actually admired him!

7,567 2
17 Teamwork

'Suffering always starts at seven in the morning doesn't it?' 


'Trouble's knowing when it ends.'  


Silly me, thinking it already had.

7,812 3
18 Rough Game, Quidditch

'Ever heard if looks could kill?' 


'Ever heard love is blind?

8,253 2
19 Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

I cast my gaze skywards, closing my eyes and praying for patience, serenity and strength. 

7,763 2
20 We Are The Champions

If I failed today, it wouldn't be over for me. It would just be harder. 

6,675 3
21 Keep Yourself Alive

Dream Jenny? Chaser for the Magpies? With short hair? She wasn't lost. She was right here.

8,715 4
22 RIOT!

'You still fancy me?' 


The hairdresser looked at James sharply but James rolled his eyes. 'Don't be stupid.' 


I pouted, pretending to be hurt. 'You don't fancy me.' 

9,442 3
23 Turning Saints Into The Sea - Part I

'I know but she's the kind of girl that mistakes kindness for love but simultaneously thinks no one can fancy her.'

8,214 3
24 Turning Saints Into The Sea - Part II

Change came in disguise of revelation and set my soul on fire. 

8,749 3
25 Never Be Like You

I bolted upright in my chair, heart suddenly pounding in my chest. 


I shared a horrified look with Dom, who was equally on the edge of her seat, eyes wide. 

6,351 3
26 You Give Me Hope And Now You Take It Away

I frowned at a particularly racy poster of a bikini-clad Muggle with platinum blonde hair. It was actually kind of offensive and it made me a little nauseous to think that James sat in this room and stared at these girls … I smacked my head to stop myself from thinking. 

5,438 3
27 Weighed And Measured

James tried to reach into his pocket discretely, but with my arms around him, it was a little awkward. I let go and took a step back, suspicious. He pulled out a small black velvet box that looked dangerously like it belonged to an engagement ring. 

7,997 5
28 Who's A Heretic Now?

Blaze, Phillipa, Jasper. Blaze, Phillipa, Jasper. Blaze, Phillipa, Jasper.

6,579 4
29 Feast Your Heart Out

Moss pushed himself up onto his elbows, eyes travelling down my body. 


'Why are you wearing that?' 


'Er … I think my clothes burnt.' 

10,666 4
30 Sons & Daughters

I blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of what was in front of me.

7,984 3
31 All Good Girls Go To Hell

So. Time to pick up the pieces.

9,419 5
32 Go Ahead And Watch My Heart Burn

'So,' she said, a sly grin twisting her mouth. 'Who wants to go first?'


'Me,' Freddie said at once, leaping to his feet. 'Ink away sweet mistress of the damned!'

10,458 2
33 Run

'Level Eight,' said witch's cool voice said. 'The Atrium.'

8,362 3
34 Reasons Not To Die

'For Luke,' Dom whispered.

7,343 2
35 Jenny's Song

It was one thing to be chastised by his real father, but just plain ridiculous to be yelled at by a bloody painting of him.

6,355 4
36 Here's To My Friends, All In Until The Bitter End

'I'm pregnant.'

10,403 5
37 The Golden Girl

'I just wanted to show you guys the magazine,' Freddie told us, looking deeply mystified, as if he still wasn't quite sure what had just happened. He pointed. 'It's your first cover page, baby.'

8,529 5
38 Put Me Back Together

'I should take it off,' I said, biting my lip. James' gaze drifted blankly to the ring on my finger. I started to pull it off but he shook his head, clearing his throat. His cheeks pooled with colour and he couldn't seem to meet my eye.


'No. Keep it on. It's … it's yours.'

9,332 2
39 My Lion's Pride

'Considering what I did to the Ministry last year, it's really just a massive shock that they think I'm capable of being responsible.'

9,187 3
40 When The Party's Over

I pursed my lips, more suspicious and confused than ever.


Who was this lover's spat between, exactly?

10,210 4
41 I Just Wanna Be Happy

'A cigarette?

7,273 3
42 What A Time

Bravely and faithfully.

10,476 6


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