Harry, Albus, James (II), Scorpius, Teddy, Gryffindor, Slytherin, OtherCanon
Action/Adventure, LGBTQA
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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2017-05-29 16:05:54
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2017-10-05 14:33:28
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2017-10-05 14:33:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 On the train to Hogwarts

Albus Severus Potter is 11 years old as he enters Hogwarts for the first time. If an eleven year old can be said to have a long-time friend, then his long-time friend Scorpius Malfoy was also a first year student.

3417 0
2 A Purple Haze

A vivid purple haze hangs over Hogwarts causing the evacuation of the castle and the rediscovery of the old East Campus that has not been used in 300 years.

3981 0
3 Samantha

The return of Samanth to Slytherin House, Her discussions with Albus, and Harry's discussions with Minerva.

2740 0
4 Into the South Tower

Samantha, Albus and  James delve into the South Tower

2703 0
5 The Purple Powder

Harry attempts to create his own time potion

2024 0
6 Christmas at Potter Hall

Albus and Scorpius do some more bonding

1948 0
7 Spring Mischief

Albus meets Salazar Slytherin, Harry is appointed Headmaster at Hogwarts

6671 0
8 The Second Year

Harry Becomes Headmaster, Albus begins to grow in magic.

5781 0
9 Lily's Bully

So why is a nice little first year being picked on all of a sudden? And by a third year no less. And given the fact that her father is the Headmaster.

6410 0
10 The Spring Term

Some boys grow up to be bullies. You cannot bully Albus

3217 0
11 Another Summer

The boys got tiered of the alurements of Godric's Hollow, and so went off to the big city for some action.

3662 0
12 Entering the Third Year

Scorpius meets Godric GRyffindor, obtains a wand and Hyper-Chi powers from him.

8785 0
13 The Talkington Saga

The Arrest of Arnold Talkington, A journy through his mind, and a redress for a girl he murdred back in 2012

6266 0
14 Spring 2020

Of many people growing up. Of a new danger in the world.

9544 0
15 Summer at Potter Hall

The boys met Skeeter in London, Harry restricts Albus to Potter Hall.

They discover interesting history.

13275 0
16 The Fourth Year at Hogwarts

All of the Potters move to Hogwarts, Seamus, the youngest is only 10 but will fininsh his elementary school education in Hogsmeade and will reside with Minerva McGonagall.

Albus and Scorpius grow stronger and of course quidditch is more interesting than classwork.

5455 0
17 Milady

Now who is plotting what against whom?

3965 0
18 Spring 2021

New Revelations on Arnold Talkington prompts a new line of thinking. The kids got bored with Sauron, and spent more time with other students untill...

7791 0
19 The Plot Thickens

The boys ar home for the summer but adventure follows wherever they go.

6889 0
20 Hogwarts, The Fifth Year

A brief description of Albus and Scorpius fifth year, their quidditch games, and the actions of Sauron.

2570 0
21 The Last Match

It is the last quidditch match of the season, and the last match in more ways than that.

1558 0
22 Epilogue

The end of the story,

1827 1


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