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    Jacob, Queenie
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Other Pairing
    Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Fantastic Beasts
    No Warnings
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2017-05-29 1:37pm
    Last Chapter
    2017-06-14 10:44am
    Last Updated
    2018-02-13 10:51pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Chapter I - New Memories of Love

    Jacob Kowalski looked out at the rain, the rain that would remove his memory of her; he turned to look back at his new friends who stood sheltered from the rain in the entrance way to the subway. But he saw only Queenie, his Queenie.

    3,387 0
    2 Chapter II - New Memories of Magic

    Jacob and Queenie returned to his bakery by subway just as they had traveled to Ciro’s. As they were exiting to the street Queenie held back a few steps. Jacob turned to look at her and she saw the wisp of a last memory still shrouded in mist, she said, “Yes Jacob—my beloved intended, we have much to say to each other. Let’s go now, prepare for Monday, and I will show you what I am.”

    5,330 0
    3 Chapter III - The Italian Escapade

    Jacob and Queenie stood on the rim of Vesuvius looking through the omnioculars over the red roofs of the city of Naples as they were slowly illuminated by the rising sun.

    3,290 0
    4 Chapter IV - New Magic

    Queenie saw Bob Holden emerge from the elevator that would have brought him from his work shop. Standing and waving she called him over, “Bob, come over; I brought pastries today.”

    3,750 0
    5 Chapter V - A Treasure Beyond Gold

    Queenie had no sooner arrived back in her room when the box she still held in her hand began to vibrate. She read the message: He asked, I said yes.

    5,084 1
    6 Chapter VI - The Face of the Enemy

    That evening Queenie could not wait to tell Jacob of her hour with Bob Holden. She talked continuously as they prepared bread and pastries for the next day; she told him of the ring wand she had begun to make under Bob’s instruction. She showed him the returning portkey and explained about making it with a wand core so that it could remember.

    4,858 0
    7 Chapter VII - A Selfish War

    Again with Jacob, Queenie eagerly helped him clean up from the day and prepare for the next days business. The work was so refreshing; after what she had seen that afternoon, it felt cleansing, as if she had crawled out of a sewer and taken a long hot shower.

    3,473 0
    8 Chapter VIII - First Tracks of an Underground Railroad Laid

    Tina Goldstein had thought she might sleep late this Sunday morning, but no, someone was banging on the door. She alerted Newt that they were about to have guests, threw on her house coat and went to answer the front door.

    3,487 0
    9 Chapter IX - The First Station Stop

    Queenie was at her desk two hours before the other clerks would arrive. She was hoping that Mr. Zelos would show up today. He was not at work yesterday, a pastry day. It was not like him to miss a pastry day. It was not like him to miss any day of work. Today he was not late in arriving. He pushed his cart loaded with files for her and the others to process.

    4,163 0
    10 Chapter X - The Second Station Stop

    Disillusioned, standing out of the way against the wall, Queenie waited in the Entering Chamber for Elizabeth to apparate in for the first of her weekly parole interrogation. Soon she would know how Maitland would react to Elizabeth moving into the Hotel Bellaclaire where she was doing the laundry for both the hotel and the residents. She entered Elizabeth’s mind as soon as she saw her apparate into the Entering Chamber with her son Calvin. When Elizabeth left to meet with Maitland, Queenie waited a moment...

    4,113 0
    11 Chapter XI - A Secret Plan

    At last Queenie was home. It had been a most rewarding day—so much accomplished over the past few weeks, so much for the Wohlforts, so much for herself. She very much wanted to see Jacob and bathe in the tonic of his thoughts, but her very long days were taking their toll. And Jacob had to close for the day, so she took a short nap. Her pukwudgie woke her when she knew he would be alone. She was about to apparate to him when on a whim she put on her diadem wand.

    2,273 0
    12 Chapter XII - Friends, New and Renewed

    “I see that you are wearing your diadem wand,” commented Bob Holden. “A prudent measure too, given the hostile nature of the MACUSA. And very nicely concealed beneath your hair. I would consider it for myself; however, a diadem by its very nature would be somewhat obvious if I were to wear it on my head.”

    3,647 0
    13 Chapter XIII - A Minor Disturbance

    “Well, my beloved, are you ready?” asked Jacob, handing Queenie a slip of paper which he had prepared.

    3,885 0
    14 Chapter XIV - The End of a Voyage

    Queenie, having returned to the entry chamber with her two disillusioned elves, left the entry chamber, thinking to herself: Only 45 minutes from when Mr. Zelos first told me about Lady Caro’s difficulty—“All in all a good day’s work.”

    3,321 0
    15 Chapter XV - Panic

    Agrona Davis drummed her fingers on the desk. She was impatient. She wanted to get on with grabbing the Wohlfort children. “But no, I must sit here and look at this map,” she said to herself glancing disdainfully at the map on the wall, that tracked Elizabeth Wohlfort as she moved about in her laundry room. “What a waste. The book of residue tracks will alert me when she moves more than 50 feet in any direction. I will know when and where she goes as soon as she does anything.”

    2,930 0
    16 Chapter XVI - Under The Ninefold Earth

    Queenie looked over the empty desks in the Wand Registrars office with an air of quiet satisfaction. She and Jacob were living in their stone cabin now. She had hoped that she would have made a better start on their house in this week since she was able to reunite Elizabeth and William, but there was so much else to do. She had managed to get Mr. Abernathy to agree that she come in even earlier. She was at her desk by 4:00am and left at 10:00am.

    3,553 0
    17 Chapter XVII - MACUSA in Session

    Seraphina Picquery rose to address the assembled representatives who were the MACUSA. Panty sat next to her, sipping his tea. Speaking with the authority of her office, she said, “It has come to my attention that we are witnessing a steady rise in criminal activity within the magical community since Grindelwald was unmasked. Whatever else he may have done, he did keep the criminal element under control. I feel it imperative that we increase our surveillance so as to improve our chance of identifying any infractions of the law as soon as possible.”

    3,293 0
    18 Chapter XVIII - The Final Disposition

    When Joan was about to pull the feather to portkey to a small island toward the southern end of lake George, a disillusioned Zelos took hold of the feather also. He would stay disillusioned, guarding Jacob, until Queenie came to take him to their stone cabin in the mountains of Scotland where she would give him a calming draft.

    1,800 0
    19 Chapter XIX - Ilvermorny

    The third year Ilvermorny students were all a chatter as they entered their potions classroom.

    3,063 0


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