Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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2017-05-11 11:18:17
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1 hours later

hours later and harry was back in the common room , the place he felt most at home

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2 The talk

 Where did Harry and Ginny go from here? they needed to talk to see where it would go


* for the purpose of this story, Dobby didnt die at malfoy mannor he somehow missed the dagger. i couldnt bear for dobby to die*

554 2
3 Back at the castle

 Back at the castle in the aftermath of the battle.

* please review it would be much appreciated as this is my first fan fiction.

511 2
4 back at the burrow

please review, this is my first fanfiction so i apologise for any mistakes. thanks for reading :)

556 2
5 wanting to return to diagon alley

 the trio wondered if they would ever be welcomed back to diagon alley...


please review, thanks for reading

527 2
6 getting the weasleys up to speed

 Filling the weasley family in on the events prior to the final battle


Contains profanity


please review, this is my first attempt at fanfiction


*sorry this is such a long chapter i didnt know how to split it at the correct point. 


The prophecy is quoted in this chapter, credit JK Rowling. Taken from Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix, chapter 37: the lost prophecy. 

1083 3
7 the previous 12 months

Thanks for reading, reviews are really appreciated. sorry for the delay in getting this chapter up. I apologise this chapter isnt very good, ive re wrote it numerous times. 

563 3
8 returning to diagon alley

 Finally Harry returned to diagon alley

sorry for the delay in getting this chapter up, please reveiw:)

818 2
9 the new start


Would this be the new start Harry is hoping for

 thanks for reading, please review :) sorry took so long to get this chapter up

926 2
10 rebuilding hogwarts

thanks to everyone who has reviewed, both good and bad. it is fully appreciated. i would like to clarify where my story is heading regards medical attention, it was something that slipped my mind as i had numerous ideas on how to play this fanfic. from future chapters [excluding this one, as this chapter was already wrote i will have flash backs between the main characters, i hope this helps]

also it was mentioned a beta might be helpful if anyone would like to volunteer i would be so greatful. so thanks again + all feedback will be incorperated into future chapters

948 2
11 back to hogwarts

thanks for reading :). i have taken all feedback on board and trying to incorperate it into the story. thank you so much for leaving feedback.

so this chapter is about going back to hogwarts, rather longer than normal hopefully it works ok.

1682 2


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