Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Arthur, Shacklebolt, Kreacher, Molly, Ginny, OC
Drama, General, LGBTQA
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2017-04-02 23:27:13
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2017-11-16 20:39:21
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2017-11-16 20:39:21
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Fall of Voldemort

This story like my previous story begins where the Battle of Hogwarts ends. But it is an entirely different story and builds around the notion of Potter Hall an idea borrowed from author BARDIC MAGIC who created it. In this work I am hoping to fill in many years after the Battle.

My Harry and crew are strong adults able to move and work independantly.

4953 1
2 Into Potter Hall

McGonagall too Harry to Potter Hall. Harry discovers Potter Hall and brings his friends there.

3937 0
3 A Shopping Spree at Diagon Alley

The "Rooks" have all seen Potter Hall, they go to Diagon Alley for some shopping. Harry buys Rings for Ginny.

3275 1
4 Monday with Kingsley

Ron and Harry visit Kingsley at the Ministry, and are set up with some physical training.

2148 0
5 A Week at Hogwarts

The semester ends with tests. Harry, Ron and Hermione say godbye to Menerva and to Hogwarts

1679 0
6 A period of Construction

Harry Turns his attention to the repair and construction of his amny buildings.

8157 0
7 Ginny's Last Year at Hogwarts

Ginny goes off to school one last year, Hary and the Rooks visit her regularly, especially for quidditch practice. At a match agaianst Slytherin the Gryff seaker is hit by a deadly curse, and Harry earns his Auror's badge investigationg the incident.

7984 1
8 Christmas at Potter Hall

Harry and Family are welcomed back to Godric's Hollow

2519 0
9 Spring

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are Killed, Draco leaves the Manor

6670 1
10 Spring Fever

Mulciber confronts Harry, for what reason we never find ut, for he did not survive the encounter, however four muggles are also killed.

6099 0
11 Quidditch

Ginny reports to the Hollyhead Harpies as a  second string chaser, but when the season opens she is the first string seeker.

3016 0
12 Terror

Yaxley enters into a terro spree killing 230 muggles.

3830 1
13 Quidditch Camp

The Hollyhead Harpies holds a summer Quidditch camp at Potter Hall

2401 0
14 The Auror Year

The first class of Aurors pass through Potter Hall. The Magic Grows.

9490 0
15 The Case of Hamilton Goyle

After the first Auror year and before the second Harpies Camp, Harry and Ron are involved with this interesting case. The tools of the Rook show their power.

5917 1
16 Fleamont Potter

Using his own pensive, Hogwarts Records, and his own laibrary Harry discovers the history of the Potter line.

1630 1
17 James Sirius Potter

James Sirius Potter is born to Hary and Ginny. James and Teddy continue to grow up.

2708 0
18 Rita Skeeter

Old Rita is trying to find out what Harry is doing and mixing up her own brand of trouble while doing it.

2202 0
19 The Murder of Kingsley Shacklebolt

Kingsley is Murdered by Robards.

2815 0
20 The Minister of Magic

Harry nominates Hermione as the Minister of magic, she in turn appoints as the Commander of Aurors, and Ron in the Training Officer position.

1389 1


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