Lupin, Snape, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Lucius, Voldemort, OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2017-03-29 04:07:39
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2018-02-16 15:37:13
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2018-02-16 15:37:13
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

Though she had lived in peace and silence for seven years with her daughter, Lillian has to face the aftermath of her decision.

2392 0
2 Chapter 2

 Bad news come across Hogwarts and Dumbledore finds himself in a tight spot.  

2417 0
3 Chapter 3

Ophelia's life changes as a couple from Birmingham decide to adopt her. During the same period of time, she starts to understand that she can do certain things that others cannot.

1433 0
4 Chapter 4

 An old face returns to help Ophelia and introduce her to the wizarding world.

2235 0
5 Chapter 5

On September 1st, Ophelia is finally entering the wizarding world as a student. She meets two new kids and grows curious what house she will be sorted into. 

2838 0
6 Chapter 6

 Finally at Hogwarts, it's time for the newcomers to get sorted.

1549 0
7 Chapter 7

Ophelia finds out very quickly what class she's not good at.

2124 0
8 Chapter 8

 The first class of DADA and the professor is not what the children expected. On the other hand, Potter and Black draw attention with their lousiness. 

2326 1
9 Chapter 9

 Severus draws Ophelia into helping him with a little deed he's got from Malfoy.

1370 0
10 Chapter 10

 A bit of bonding time between Ophelia and Severus.

2311 1
11 Chapter 11

 During Halloween, Severus sees something interesting and he realizes there are many secrets around Ophelia and Professor Spinnard.

1893 0
12 Chapter 12

Ophelia feels the wrath of Slytherin bullying on her own skin and Potter doesn't make it better at all. On the other side, Snape decides they should enter the forest during the Christmas break.

2604 0
13 Chapter 13

More or less convinved to stay back at Hogwarts during the holiday, Ophelia follows Severus into trouble.

1859 0
14 Chapter 14

There are a lot of questions around Severus and Ophelia's little adventure in the Forbidden Forest. Dumbledore is worried that Ophelia's being aided by someone outside Hogwarts. 

2815 0
15 Chapter 15

 A closer look at professor Luce Spinnard and his connection to Tom Marvolo Riddle and Vernon Peverell.

1708 0
16 Chapter 16

With the Christmas break over and their mission done, Severus and Ophelia can return to their usual lives. Or so they believe...

2689 0
17 Chapter 17

 Following the supplementary work she has to do for professor Spinnard, Slughorn appoints her a tutor in Potions.

2373 1
18 Chapter 18

The Scavenger Hunt begins and Gryffindors find themselves more competitive than Ravenclaws. 

6465 0
19 Chapter 19

 Strange things happen during the Scavenger Hunt, and not all of them are about magic.

5959 0
20 Chapter 20

Terrible times are foreseen and Dumbledore asks for help from the person who hates helping.

2010 0
21 Chapter 21

 New friendships are formed during the second year.

3454 0
22 Chapter 22

 Unfortunate events seem to follow Ophelia but the arrival of a new man brightens her up. 

5147 0
23 Chapter 23

Thanks to spending time with Rabastan Lestrange, it seems that Ophelia's grown brave in front of Slytherins. Besides, there are rumors that an animagus is roaming the halls of Hogwarts.

3399 0
24 Chapter 24

 Ophelia takes a peek into Cerberus' memories and sees something curious. Dumbledore's biggest worry comes to life.

3979 0
25 Chapter 25

Ophelia starts having doubts that what Dumbledore tells her about her father is true. 

5011 0
26 Chapter 26

 Stubborn and curious, Severus is digging deeper into Ophelia's personal matters.

4739 0


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