Harry, Hermione
Mild violence
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2017-01-10 18:35:29
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2017-01-13 16:55:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Harold

“We’re going now, Harry."

Harry helps out an elderly neighbour and finds him trustworthy and easy to talk to. The physical work is beginning to help as well, but a sudden shock sends Harry into a deep depression.

4375 1
2 An Echo that Refused to Die

"Well, I must say, I thought it would take you much longer to figure me out!"

Harry retreats into the darkest parts of Grimmauld Place and discovers a hidden corridor. He is attacked by a creature that had been locked up and forgotten long ago.

3849 1
3 Awake

"Er, sorry about that."

Harry and Jen wake from their shared coma just in time for the start of term.

3376 1
4 A Gryffindor Guest

“It’s just that I can look a bit of a sight in the mornings.”

Harry returns to school but discovers Jen has followed him. Their coma has left them magically connected. Harry persuades the Gryffindors to accept her as a guest.

3062 1
5 Happy Birthday

“I’m really sorry, but I wanted you to be in no doubt about the improvements we all need to make.”

Harry and Lupin go shopping, but Harry is persuaded to make Hermione's birthday present himself.

3730 1
6 Runes

“We take it the runes actually mean something?”

Harry continues his extra defence lessons. For the first time, Harry mistakes Hermione for Jen.

3642 1
7 The Duelling Lantern

“Don’t tell me you support another team now?”

Flitwick's duelling lessons are getting serious. Harry presents the trunks to his friends and Jen is keen to explore his own trunk.

4674 1
8 The Fourth Compartment

“Someone’s just hoping for another kiss. I’ll tell her to wear plenty of that perfume you liked so much, shall I?”

Harry makes an embarrassing discovery and is teased by Jen.

3842 1
9 Unexpected Guests

“What do you think he’ll do?”

Harry discovers he has two unlikely guardian angels.

4830 1
10 The Moving Target

“Get off the floor, Harry.”

Harry has his first session as an honorary junior sub-assistant Slytherin defence coach. Hermione is becoming curious about Jen.

3602 1
11 An Accident

“I so wanted to be brave, Harry, but I’m so scared.”

Jen is accidentally hurt but her injuries are worse than she lets on. Harry begins to tell Hermione why Jen is so special to him.

3473 1
12 Remembering

“She was very much in love with you, Harry. She said she loved the look you gave her before you made up your mind which of us she was.”

Harry realises that his link with Jen had been shielding him from Voldemort. Harry admits that Jen had never recovered from her injuries from the summer.

4306 1


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