Harry, Hermione
Mystery, Angst
No Warnings
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2016-12-30 14:11:27
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2017-01-02 09:47:07
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue - Promises, Promises

“Perhaps the Chosen One should have been more alert this evening?”

Harry and Susan Bones meet and have a chat in an all night cafe.

841 1
2 The Party’s Over

“I know she puts on a brave face but it’s all an act, I’m sure of it. Look at how weak her magic is these days and she always looks so tired.”

Harry arrives back at the Burrow after Ginny's wedding and is quizzed by Mrs Weasley.

1978 1
3 An Experiment

“Um, Luna? After what happened the last time, aren’t you supposed to get Ministry approval before any more experimenting.”

Harry visits Mr Lovegood to ask him about an interview he did for the Quibbler. Luna appears to be expecting him and gives him an excuse to visit Hermione to ask for her help. Harry recollects their falling out.

3816 1
4 The Tower Fireplace

"I’d tug my forelocks to you except Hermione advised waiting until I found out where my forelocks actually are; she seemed to think I might cause offence with what I was doing.”

Harry visits Justine and Susan at their newly inherited stately home and is delighted to find Hermione has joined them for lunch. Justine and Susan tell them of their concerns.

4108 1
5 Not Very Stripy But Quite Bitey

“Do you ever miss those times? I know I do.”

As expected, Hermione leaves early but Susan shows him the lion enclosure and then takes him over to the reptile house. Along the way, she shares some of her recollections.

4172 1
6 Taking A Running Jump

“You do like your bubbles, don’t you, Harry?”

That night Harry discovers Hermione has returned but has splinched herself. Harry is convinced that there is more to why she is so upset. In the morning, he confronts her.

3727 1
7 Inspired Idiot or Idiotic Inspiration?

“Harry, are you going to explain? Because this is really annoying.”

Harry and Hermione go for a walk to discuss the revelation that Justin and Susan have discovered who is trying to take the estate away from them.

4906 1
8 One Honest Reason

"No-one but Hermione and I knew what really happened in there. I’ve never told anyone and I doubt she would, somehow. So, here I am and you’re still afraid to ask me?”

Harry confronts Ron but they are interrupted by Caesar the old lion.

4917 1
9 I’ll Get It, Shall I?

“Yes, Ron is my friend. That’s why I’m going to send him to jail. He’ll pay his price to society and hopefully get over his problems. His old job, the one he actually earned, will be there for him just like the Minister promised.”

Hermione is livid with Harry for risking his life but finally believes there is nothing between Luna and Harry. Luna introduces Harry to the current dark Force Defence League leadership. Hermione has finally begun treatment for her condition and Harry muses upon their new relationship.

4560 1


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