Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
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2016-12-27 16:19:20
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1 1. Flying Flobberworms

 Amalie ducked yet again as a lonely Flubberworm flew across the potions classroom, narrowly avoiding slapping her in the face. The immature throwing of ingredients without Professor Maylock noticing was a regular haunt in Amalie’s fifth year potions class. The sniggering snorts of laughter always followed with a sly high five when a target was hit and double points when touchdown exploded in some poor person’s potion. 

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2 2. Missions and Tea cups

Ent Vorn t’yet’yev Poul. Ent moe ara…No Aru! Arghh!” There was a slight sputtering of energy around Amalie and as what seem like shards of glass were moving in slow motion around her wand and then dying away. She slumped a little in frustration, brows furrowed.

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3 3. Pythons, Pink Hair, and Partying Unicorns

“You were asking around for Brandon and the others. You’re just so desperate aren’t you Amalie, to be around them. You begged them to stop the rumour about ‘Regicrap’ and started one about me instead” Daffney’s voice was steadily rising, just enough so that surrounding students could hear.

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4 4. Fangirls, Big Feet and Lots of Anger

“Well, well, well” Adey approached. “It looks like someone has either aged five years, or is our new best friend”

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5 5. Reputations, Nose Bleeds and Frost Bite

 Amalie barely realised that the temperature was becoming dangerously low, breaths becoming difficult to take, hair rising as if in a suspended in water. Time slowed tantalisingly. Like seeing dust through the perfect sunbeam in late afternoon

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6 6. Breathing, Breakfast, and Bigots

“I would like to apologise first Miss Hickle” She looked at him like she usually did when he said that. He smiled and corrected himself “Amalie”.

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7 7. Smitten, Cruppcakes, and Power

 “…As history proves. Our most powerful, can become the most dangerous of us all." 

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8 8. Invitations, Green Blobs, and Snowmen

 “We are going to spend time getting ready aren’t we? I’ve got all the brilliant FaceUp to do and everything” She was looking worried. Amalie softened slightly.

“Of course Katie, you let me know when you want to start yeah?” She asked.

Katie smiled, “Great well I would definitely suggest from around three seeing as you need a shower…”

Maria and Reg both waggled their eyebrows at Amalie. Amalie thought to herself, this is going to be an interesting afternoon. 

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9 9. Announcements, Flailing Limbs and Party Poopers

“Students! I welcome you to our yearly Snow Ball. Do take a drink as you enter and a house elf will lead you to your seats..." Her voice was echoing in magnification across what Amalie assumed was the whole Ground floor of the castle, it reverberated off the walls. Good spell she thought to herself.

"... we have a special year this year, we have the honour of hosting Douglas Marshall, Head of the Hit department, Bertie Wood, Head of Magical Games and Sports! And Hermione Granger, Minister of Magic! 

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