Harry, Ron, Hermione
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2016-12-18 06:02:40
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Clerk

So what have you two been getting up to?”
Arthur Weasley visits the office he set up to employ the many troubled individuals left after Voldemort's defeat. There are only two wizards that remain: Harry and Royce.

4683 0
2 The Committee Room

“Honestly, Harry! You might at least have looked to see what was in the box.”
Arthur's term as Minister is ending and Hermione conspires to help push an unhappy Harry in a new direction.

3704 0
3 Splashing in Puddles

“You haven’t upset Hermione have you? Because if you did, I’m on her side!”

Harry arrives at Hogwarts and meets some old friends but finds himself immediately at odds with the outgoing Charms teacher.

5109 0
4 The New Boy

“Of course she does, Dobby. Honestly, she wakes up screaming and runs straight to the bathroom all the time. Don’t worry about it. You just see, she’ll come out again in a few minutes, all smiles.”

Winky makes sure Harry isn't late for his first morning as a new teacher. Harry asks Dobby to help redecorate his apartments but insists there must be no singing wallpaper.

3151 0
5 Fruit Cake

“Well, he just gave me a note to give to his friends to say he was okay and why he’d gone. How was I to know it was also a blow by blow account of our little adventure? He’s never written half as much for one of my essays!"

Harry receives a home made cake as reward for helping to heal the Muggle brother of a student. Professor McGonagall is not pleased to learn that Harry suspects the cake may have been sabotaged to embarrass him in front of the school.

3416 0
6 Arrangements

“How long has it been since you spoke to Ron?”

Harry gets into trouble with Mrs Granger over the wedding arrangements. Harry is surprised when Neville tells him to ask Ron to be his Best Man despite their falling out.

2149 0
7 An Old Friend Returns

“Harry, sometimes I wonder if you wouldn’t have done better in Slytherin House.”

A student hides in an old vanishing cupboard and becomes lost somewhere in the castle so Harry persuades Peeves to help with the search.

3412 0
8 Champagne

“That wasn’t custard, Harry. The remains of what you made are still in Neville’s rock garden!”

Harry is concerned to discover Ginny is still suffering from the effects of the last battle at Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione visit the House Elf Co-operative headquarters to change their plans to move away.

3248 0
9 Mud

"You need to sit for quite a while in a good hole in the ground to get a perspective of these things.”

Harry is drawn to the forest as his thoughts increasingly dwell on the past. He finally goes off in search of Ron but despite his promises to Luna he finds himself coming to blows with his oldest friend.

3975 0
10 Beyond the Edge

“So, Neville is Neville again is he? I thought you only called him that back stabbing, low life, good for nothing, b-”

Harry presents Ron with a new wand he had made for him even though he can no longer perform magic. They return to London and a slightly tipsy Ginny is delighted that Ron is back and even talking to them. Harry returns to Hogwarts and suspects an intruder may be present.

2588 0
11 Ghost Battle

“Tonight, for Harry, Voldemort will win.”

Harry enters the forest to relive the night he faced Voldemort for the last time. His friends follow as they did before and find themselves reliving that terrible night. They soon discover that just as Harry is facing up to his greatest regret, they too must face their own individual regrets.

3536 0
12 The Keeper of the Keys

“That hurt, didn’t it, Harry? Fast, but not quite fast enough for Lord Voldemort.”

Hermione is fascinated to learn what happened to Harry that night but is horrified to see him step into the path of a killing curse intended for Luna. Harry, meanwhile, returns to his friends and learns what they too experienced. When it is all over they return to the castle in search of the intruder.

2972 0
13 Detention

“Hermione, kidnap victims aren’t allowed to laugh at their rescuers. It’s in the Auror handbook.”

After a search of the castle, one of intruders is captured. Harry and Royce go after the second, but find Hermione in little need of their help. Harry explains what happened to Luna and Ron gets a detention.

3301 0
14 Often Soothe We

“I honestly thought my troubles were all from what happened to Ginny. My guilt at not helping her that night.”

Harry finally visits Dumbledore's portrait to speak about his experiences that night and the atonement for his actions. Ron admits defacing one of Hermione's precious school books but shows him something Hermione herself drew years ago. Harry returns to his apartments only to find they have undergone a radical change.

4171 0


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