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Dumbledore, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
General, Horror/Dark
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2016-08-26 3:06pm
Last Chapter
2017-09-26 9:41pm
Last Updated
2017-09-26 9:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Tale of Two Alleys

 Tom goes shopping for what he needs to begin his training at Hogwarts.

4,044 2
2 A Changing Life

 Tom makes his way to King's Cross and the Hogwarts Express, but finds something unexpected on his journey.

4,933 2
3 Plans in the Making

 Tom has his first day of classes and encounters resistance to his thoughts about Molly.  He swiftly deals with the problem and raises suspicions in the process.

3,844 2
4 Questioned Innocence

 Tom begins to gather followers and hides from guilt.

3,714 2
5 Is This Love?

 Tom's influence grows within Hogwarts, yet he finds himself laboring under the influence of someone else.

3,674 2
6 Plans Carried Out

 Tom and his associates continue to produce "accidents" for those who oppose them while suspicions rise about their involvement

3,671 2
7 A Growing Void

 Just when everything seems okay, the inevitable happens and Tom finds himself alone as Molly decides that enough is enough.

3,951 2
8 Conflict and Catastrophe

 A fight with another student at Hogwarts earns Tom discipline there and after he returns to London for holiday he finds that not much has changed at all at Wool's Orphanage.

3,528 2
9 Condemnation

 Old habits die hard and for Tom Riddle, an unexperienced and impulsive wizard, life in a Muggle world even for a short time can be difficult.

3,631 2
10 Molly

 LIfe away from Hogwarts during holiday break isn't always without its own trials.

3,385 2
11 Tom's Return

Tom leaves the orphanage to return to Hogwarts while Molly also prepares to return to school.  Nothing much has changed as Tom enlists the help of his group to deal with his rival for the attentions of the girl.

3,803 1
12 Plots and Unexpected Results

Tom's resolve to eliminate a rival for Molly's affections has an unexpected result that may end his days at Hogwarts.

3,637 3
13 Tom in the Midst

 A number of students find themselves afoul of the rules of the school, but canTom hide his involvement.

3,467 3
14 Malfoy at a Loss

 Abraxas Malfoy loses much while Tom has never been more powerful, but there is another who is gaining in strength.

4,621 2
15 Malfoy at Odds

 The loss of his wand has Abraxas nearly at wits end, but is the return of what is lost in the future and at what cost?

3,686 2
16 Finders Weepers

 Tom strikes at an opponent using Malfoy's wand and the help of an innocent.

3,871 1
17 Anger, Answers and Anguish

 Tom learns Maxwell's fate, Molly provides answers and Tom learns the meaning of anguish while struggling with his thoughts.

3,945 1
18 Coming to Blows

After Molly's accident Tom finds himself torn between loyalty to his friends and his feelings for the girl.  The others in the equation are not as confused however.

3,330 1
19 Plans of Revenge

After weeks of quarreling and the fight between Tom and himself Abraxas decides that it is time to deal with his opponent once and for all.  But will it be as easy as it seems?

3,862 0
20 The Truth Sometimes Hurts

 Abraxas unleashes his plan against Tom, but just who is going to be in trouble?

3,506 0
21 Into the Future

 Abraxas' plan comes to light, Tom strikes back and the ambitions of another become known.

3,602 0
22 What Comes Next

 The students say good-bye to Hogwarts as they leave for summer break, but what does the summer hold for Tom?


2,393 0


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