Hermione, Draco
Drama, Romance, Angst
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers
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2016-08-22 15:08:29
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2016-10-04 15:52:07
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2016-10-04 15:52:07
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1 A Friend In Need

""You didn't. I offered." Hermione held up her hand and shook her head. "But promise me this. If I do this and find nothing then you have to finally let it go and get back to getting that memory from Slughorn." She bore her eyes into him not blinking. She needed Harry to get a move on and if this was what it would take to get him to do so then so be it. It was just Draco Malfoy, just a little flirting, a little affection, just- actually could she take it back?"

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2 A Fireside Fool

"She allowed the familiar feeling of transformation to take over her. Her skin tingled as it bubbled and shifted shape, her hair flattening out and taking on its black colour. Her brown eyes started fading into a dull green and before too long an awkward looking Pansy Parkinson was staring back at her in the mirror."

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3 A Study In Deception

"He surely wasn't expecting me to kiss him was he? She fretted to herself as she opted for brushing his face with the back of her hand instead. She tried to be tender but probably looked more like she was wiping off a smudge of jam."

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4 A Carriage To Be Carried Away

""You could always fight... For them. You know Harry and that lot." She tried to look disgusted but could only manage so much. She expected Draco to fly off the handle to be outraged at such a suggestion but he didn't, he just sat their letting the words sink in."

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5 A Revealing Trust

"I want you to trust me..." Malfoy paused as if still weighing his decision. "That's why I want you to come with me tonight. I want to show you want Voldemort wants me to do."

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6 A Lesson Learned

"Hermione dragged Ron backwards then stepped in front of Draco. "Please just let it go."

"Don't tell me what to do. Go on go running back to him. You deserve each other you muggle loving cretins." Malfoy's lip was curled, his teeth bared."

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7 A Time To Act

"It was unmistakably Malfoy and Pansy's voices. He came crashing into the hall his robes were askew and his hair an untidy sight as if he had previously been raking his hands through it. He looked panicked and scanned the hall desperately. He stopped when his eyes fell on Hermione and he made a start to walk over to her. He was clutching a piece of paper in his hands. "

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8 A Troubled Household

"Malfoy hurriedly stepped back as Fenrir's large frame entered the house.

"What are you doing here?" Draco asked narrowing his eyes.

Fenrir's smiled displaying his row of ugly, long and very sharp teeth. "Now, now Draco is that really the way to greet a guest?" His voice was gruff and dripped with menace."

2689 2
9 A Last Minute Visit

""Will you stop nagging! I told you it's fine." Draco's irritated voice emerged from the classroom door as he entered it with Pansy in tow. She wore a tense look of worry mixed with irritation whilst Draco was sporting something far more troublesome. A large cut ran from is cheek to the bottom of his chin. It looked recent and deep though part had already started to heal. No doubt it had been recently treated by Madame Pomfrey."

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10 A Departure

"After a short while Dean Thomas came through the portrait out of breath. "You wouldn't believe the commotion going on outside. I didn't get all of it but it looks like Malfoy's been in a fight. In the girls bathroom of all places.""

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