Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, OC, OtherCanon
Drama, Romance, AU
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2016-05-30 11:33:19
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Love Thy Neighbor

“So, James, do you play sports?”

The answer was automatic. “Yeah, Quid--” Remus’s sharp elbow to his side, acting as a reminder, almost made him choke on his cake. He turned it into a hybrid of a cough-sneeze that would have made Sirius howl in laughter.

“Gesundheit,” Lily said sarcastically, her lips twitching in amusement.

3676 3
2 Hurricane Eyes

“What the hell is your problem?” It came out more viciously than she had intended.

His eyes, though, had roamed to her bare legs: she was only wearing an oversized shirt and boxer shorts, she realized. Tugging down on her shorts, she swore under her breath and added, “Stop being a perv, Potter, and spit it out.”

3739 4
3 A Study in Crimson and Gold

She didn’t eat hearts for breakfast, per se. (She liked to maintain a figure.) No, she littered broken hearts like half-finished cigarettes on the sidewalk: used, abandoned, and stomped on, usually by the heel of the aforementioned stiletto.

2999 3
4 Witch Weekly's Most Charming Scowl Award

“So you don’t believe in second chances?” she had asked curiously.

“If you want to interpret it that way,” had been the vague answer.

She had not quite been sure what to make of that. All she could conclude was that there were parts of James Potter that still remained very much an enigma, even if she thought she had him pegged down.

3270 3
5 Black Espresso Shot

Potter was a black espresso shot, bitter and sudden and jolt-inducing, and Sev was a milk cappuccino, sweet and familiar and calming.

3341 2
6 Twice in a Blue Moon

“I see the turnout of this party is lacking in big-nosed git,” James murmured, sidling up to her with two drinks in hand. He was in a good mood, for some strange reason. Maybe he did enjoy mocking her.

He offered one to her, and rolling her eyes, she accepted. “The night is still young,” she commented, sipping the drink--firewhiskey, of course--and embracing the burning sensation as it scorched down her throat.

3445 1
7 How to Not Be a Doormat

Dorcas claimed that she was completely over Remus Lupin. But Lily could see the chinks in her armor, even if her friend was trying to cover them up with too-vibrant red lipstick and too-ostentatious leopard print.

3052 4
8 The White Picket Fence Club

“Finite, really? It’s not like I’d cast a spell on you.”

He almost choked on his salad. Putting his fork down, he leaned in and whispered, “You’re a witch, Evans. Anything’s possible.”

3225 2
9 Not Quite Ambrosia

“Be my plus one instead,” James blurted out, and his sod of a best mate looked unnecessarily triumphant. He, on the other hand, was horrified at this lapse of self-control.

“Well, well, well, Jamesy,” came the sing song. “If you have a little crush on Evans you could have just said.”

3684 2
10 She Wears Perfume Like Amortentia

“It’s not a joke,” Potter insisted, his gaze serious. She could feel her cheeks heating up under the intense scrutiny. Or maybe it was just the drunken buzz. “I’m in love with you, Lily Evans.”

3137 5
11 Roll Up Your Sleeves; It's Heartbreak Time

What were her words? That he was worse than crucio? Well, the same could be said for her, he thought bitterly: she could hurt him more than that damn spell ever could.

3291 2
12 Hermit Crabs Have Got It Right

She had forgotten that people could not be described in neat cookie cutter shapes.

3071 3
13 Of Age-Old Tragedies

James Potter had never been a purveyor of blind optimism. (Just blind reckless stupidity; sometimes, that was the same thing.)

2648 2
14 The Sordid Love Affair Kind

Tuney was right. The wizarding world was too small.

2424 6
15 Foreign Waters

“So, friends?” he continued, extending a hand.

“Friends,” she confirmed, and like the complete dorks that they were, they shook on it.

2436 6
16 An Interlude

“Want to take a ride on my broomstick, Evans?”

3207 1
17 Petrichor

He wondered if witches knew, if blokes sounded differently when they were speaking with their stomach at their feet.

2507 2
18 Some Things Reparo Can't Fix

“Creepy is kind of the point, is it not?”

3358 3
19 Halcyon Days

“Remus Lupin, that must be the most backwards way someone has ever asked me out.”

2902 3
20 Little Red Lies

“Are you going to sit down, Lily? You standing there like that makes me nervous.”

You just being here makes me nervous, she wanted to quip back.

3745 3
21 Epilogue

They kissed to the backdrop of fireworks against a starry night sky.

3031 9


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