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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Bill, Draco, George, Ginny, Teddy, Ollivander
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2016-05-08 8:55pm
Last Chapter
2017-04-29 11:03am
Last Updated
2017-04-30 3:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Inconsolable

Inconsolable – adj.  Incapable of being consoled or comforted; despondent.

2,379 7
2 Into Harry’s Memories

Draco had remained entirely still throughout the entire encounter. He had to admit that Harry’s reaction was not only expected but perfectly natural, given the nature of their history. At Harry’s request, he grabbed a chair and sat it directly in front of Harry. He motioned for Harry’s approval to sit and, after Harry nodded “yes” he sat and looked Harry straight in the eyes.

2,969 6
3 A Long, Lost Friend Comes To Visit

“Hermione. I know what it feels like to run away…to leave the ones you love…because of fear. Because you’ve lost faith. I knew as soon as I had gone it was the worst thing I’d ever done. And I wanted to take it back, but I couldn’t…it was too late. I don’t ever want to be without you again, my lover. Don’t lose faith in me, ‘Mione because I’ll never lose faith in you. And never fear, my darling…I’ll always be here to protect you.”

3,199 6
4 Unexpected Decisions

“I know that look, Mr. Potter. That’s the look you get when you’re going to say something you know I’m not going to like, isn’t it?”, chided Ginny.

“That’s the look he gets when he’s about to go off and save the world by himself.”, added Hermione.

“Go ahead, Ron. Put your two knuts in.” The tone of defeat was thick in Harry’s voice.

“I think I’ll wait until I hear what you have to say. Go ahead, mate. Spit it out.”

3,105 1
5 Master Wu’s Surprise

“Ron’s right. We’ve wasted enough time. The attack made that clear. We’ve lost a step and we need to get back to what we’re really good at. We’re ready to be Aurors.” Harry also was taking on a pinkish hue as his emotions ran higher. Kingsley noticed the effects that the attack had left with them. He wasn’t sure that plunging them headlong into Auror training would be best for them at the moment.

2,752 4
6 A New Teacher

Harry and Ron tried, but neither could unlock the books. They produced their wands and were just about to try the incantations when Fuji stopped them.

“Your training begins now. You must learn how to unlock the text without your wands.”

2,817 4
7 Some Secrets Revealed

“Thanks, love. We solemnly swear we are up to no good!”, Harry incanted, reenacting the wand placement. Without delay the lines darkened and the flagstones began to shuffle themselves, much like the bricks behind The Leaky Cauldron moved when opening to gain access to Diagon Alley.

3,792 5
8 More Secrets Revealed

“Does that go for me too, dad?”, asked Ron.

“Does what go for you, son?”

“What you just said about it being his decision and not anyone else’s and that he has good reasons and not to question them because he knew what he was doing during the war and that we should support him. Does that go for me, too?

3,408 2
9 Fuji Sensei…And Centaurs

“Speaking of animal instincts…do you think the Centaurs would mind if me and Ginny tagged along tomorrow? I haven’t seen them since the battle at Hogwarts.”

“They’re very proud creatures and sticklers for protocol, Ron. Since they didn’t strictly invite you or Ginny, I would be worried that they might view you as intruders. However, if all four of us happened to be visiting with Hagrid when they arrived, I suppose it wouldn’t be out-of-the-way to ask their permission.”

3,692 4
10 Ominous Portents

There was quite the uproar at Grimmauld Place when the quartet returned from the meeting with the centaurs. Although Harry had tried to be as nonchalant as possible upon his return from the forest and had succeeded in fooling everyone, he could not keep the secret from his friends (and fiancée) for very long. As they sat at the table in the kitchen eating a fine lunch prepared by Kreacher, he pulled the stone from his moleskin pouch and set it in the middle of the table.

2,689 3
11 A New Technique

“I see my words have brought a certain enlightenment. Would one of you like to explain?” Ron looked to Harry who looked to Ginny. They all were at a loss to explain what they had realized. Fuji waited patiently as the three tried to arrange their thoughts into some semblance of cohesive thought. Ginny was the first to give it a shot.

2,997 4
12 A Trip To Ollivander’s

“With all due respect…No. You may not ask. I asked for your services and, without asking any details whatsoever, you’ve made an assumption that’s incorrect.” Harry broke eye contact, looked down at his wand and then back up at Garrick Ollivander. Garrick cast his gaze to the wand that lay in front of Harry.

3,084 3
13 Rita Skeeter’s Strange Travels

As Harry finished his conversation he saw Rita slinking across the street toward him. Taking a few deep breathes he calmed himself in preparation for…well, he wasn’t sure what for, but he knew Rita would have some ballocks to try and lambast him with.

3,193 1
14 Harry Visits Some Old Friends And The Trio Works Out A Mystery

Harry covered himself with the cloak and slipped out Hagrid’s back door. He smiled as he remembered the last time he and Hermione snuck out the same way while trying to save Buckbeak and Sirius Black. Shaking his head in amusement, he set off toward Dumbledore’s tomb, staying near the edge of the Forbidden Forest for added cover.

4,858 2
15 An Interesting Day For…Everyone

“What’s up, Harry?”, George asked as Harry finally stopped.
“Well, some of us have noticed that you’ve been…uh…different lately. And, I wanted to see if you wanted to talk about it. To me. I’m here, if you want to.” George‘s face lost some of its color and his smile faded, slightly.
“I thought I was a better actor than that. You all saw through me, eh?”

5,959 1
16 Disaster at Grimmauld Place

“Master! Come quick! Someone has broken into Grimmauld Place!” Harry spun around, in shock, to face Kreacher.

“What? Are they still there?”, he asked, as he made ready to apparate.

3,572 2
17 What Are You Hiding?

“Well, I guess that’s that. I thought you’d be more help than old Fudge or Thicknesse, but I see you’re not. So, I guess we’ll have to do this on our own. Thanks for your time, but we have work to do. Would you please leave?”, Harry said as he motioned towards the hallway with his wand.

Kingsley’s face fell, as if something had gone horribly amiss and he had no way of stopping it. Gawain’s face, on the other hand, began to turn red.

3,691 1
18 A Transformative Decision

“Mate, maybe this isn’t such a good idea, after all.” Harry nodded his head in affirmation, but Ginny sat up straight, gritted her teeth and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“NO! I need to stop being such a baby. If this is what our lives will be, then you two need to do whatever it takes. I might not be ready to be an Animagus, but I won’t stop you or make you feel guilty about it. Merlin…after living through this once and getting shot in the head, you’d think I wouldn’t be such a nancy about it."

3,724 2
19 A Visitor Comes To Call

“I think that’s the first time you’ve ever not called me ‘Malfoy’, Ron.”

“Seems we all can learn new tricks. Just don’t get used to it.”, Ron said with a smirk.

4,034 3
20 Another Visitor to Grimmauld Place

“Then we’d best be going. She’s not going to wait much longer for you to find the Elder Wand, Rita. I’m doing my best to help you find it but we’re running out of time.”

“I know, Draco…believe me, I know. Do you have any idea where else to look in that house? We went through it with a fine-toothed comb the last time.”

5,210 2
21 The Plan Comes Together

“What could be more dangerous than Tom Riddle’s Horcruxes?”, asked Headmistress McGonagall, her lips pursed tightly as she spoke.

“The Deathly Hallows, Minerva.”

          All four of the Golden Quartet’s heads snapped up at the sound of Professor Dumbledore’s voice coming from behind Minerva McGonagall. There, on the wall behind the Headmistress’ desk, was the portrait of Professor Dumbledore.

3,581 2
22 Bait…Set. Trap…Ready!

“And again I must say…no, you have not. Please understand, Mr. Malfoy…it’s not that I don’t trust you or your abilities. It’s that Potter boy I don’t trust. He’s squirmed out of more trouble than any wizard should be able to. So, to correct that, I’m going to send The Lestranges, The Carrows, Rookwood and Rowle with you. Just make sure Potter’s alive at the tomb…it’ll all be for naught if he’s dead.”

2,927 3
23 The Trap Continues To Close

          Wands at the ready, they quickly and cautiously made their way down to Harry’s bedroom. They took up positions on either side of the door and peeked around the corner. Rabastan was propped up in a sitting position with left hand and rubbing his head with his right. Thorfin was moaning, but still prone. Harry, his wand in his right hand and pointed at Thorfin, touched his upper right arm plate with his left hand, thought Incarcerous and aimed his hand at Rabastan

2,154 3
24 The Battle

“That wreckless boy! They’ll be here any second…and he nods to me! What’s he thinking?"

Poppy Pomfrey cleared her throat. “He’s very fond of you, Headmistress. He trusts you…I’m sure he just wanted you to know that. And…he’s not a boy anymore.”

4,332 3

The Golden Quartet decided to have their double wedding on Saturday, August 26th. As most of the bridesmaids and groomsmen had been participants in either George and Angelina’s wedding or Neville and Hannah’s (some had been in both), there was little to do in the clothing category.

2,743 7


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