Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Molly, Ginny, James (II), OC
Drama, Mystery, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature
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2016-04-22 17:06:40
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

Please read author note in Chapter One concerning end of HPFF and this book.

  After their marriage the summer after Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny moved to a magically-renovated Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. Managed by Nessie, the elf Kreacher choose as his replacement, it is light, airy and the perfect place for children.

1832 3
2 Pizza and Bunny Slippers

Love, life and work flow steadily for the young magical couples. Their intertwined family life is moving day-by-day toward a future that is becoming increasingly clear. Like all young people at the beginning of their careers, their work consumes them, but love and the delights of being together draw them home.

2587 2
3 Touch and Talk

 Harry and Ginny are settled as a couple and Ginny senses it is time to leave Quidditch behind.

1919 0
4 A Lovers' Morning

 Home is lovers' paradise whether a forest grove or a magical palace. The young of every being are ambitious, idealistic and amorous. Young wizards are no exception. Grimmauld Place seemed to call for family, almost as if the house itself required it. But what can be ruled out in a magical dwelling managed by a house elf?

1856 2
5 The Importance of Robes

Hermione isn't just book smart; she's clever and perceptive as well. When opportunity knocks, she doesn’t hesitate to walk through the door.

2042 0
6 Just Desserts

 Harry and Ginny are helping Ron and Hermione with an office party. Both couples are so comfortable in this part of the Muggle social world that the evening's biggest worry is getting the washing up done before their non-magical friends arrive.

2209 0
7 The Prosecutor's Secret

 The party for Hermione's office mates went off really well. As yet they didn't know it had been the first, barest hint of a mystery that would slowly become more and more urgent, eventually threatening to expose the wizarding world.

1790 0
8 Affordable Computer Services

Harry's curiosity about computers lead him in an unexpected direction, a direction that quickly became one of Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt's priorites. Who could have guessed that Harry Potter, the wizard who united the Deathly Hallows, was a computer nerd?

2624 0
9 Invitation to Mystery

 It was just another morning moving through the Muggle world without paying much mind until they arrived at the government computer center.

2925 0
10 A Sense of Relief

The more they talked about it, the more they were relieved. It seemed their initial suspicion of a Time Turner couldn't possibly be true.

1963 1
11 Into the Weeds

 Harry's investigation of the rouge trader isn't getting anywhere. There are patterns, even clearly suspicious patterns, things that can't be believed as chance, but nothing, no hint of how it was done.

1379 1
12 Ministerial Magic

Immediately after the war against the Death Eaters witches and wizards returned to their traditional pursuits. Hogwarts students from the war years started careers and families. Much changed for the better in the magical world as Kingsley's Ministry coalesced into happy productivity. But, the magical feat to be remembered through the long wizarding ages, was transfiguration of the Ministry. 

1469 1
13 Day-to-Day

It's not quite just another day. They know the rumors, so Harry and Ginny are making sure they're seen on the way to the Head Auror's monthly meeting. 

1750 1
14 Auror Work

After meeting with the Head Auror, Ginny and Harry report to Kingsley and Arthur.The conversation quickly moves from their Auror work to reveal an unwelcome new twist to their Farnsworth problem

1667 0
15 The Grand Trine

The story of Marilyn Blossom's trouble with time vanished the comforting thought that Farnsworth's problem wasn't one of the things they needed to solve.

1565 1
16 Breakfast at Hermione's

It wasn't a very restful weekend. There was a Burrow party Friday, a long Y.I.P.I. meeting Saturday, and helping Hermione with breakfast meant an early start on Sunday too.

1704 1
17 Salvaging the Weekend

With the weekend wearing away and their options declining, Harry and Ginny go back to work on the “Farnsworth Problem” only to see what makes them more than just a little concerned – worried really. They only salvage the weekend when Ginny reminds Harry of something he loves

1846 1
18 White Shoes

While not completely enthused for this morning's meeting, there was a vague link to their Y.I.P.I. work and that meant it deserved their best attention. So, as Harry and Ginny got ready to greet Arnold Whiteside, the heir to one of London's prestigious legal firms, they were speculating what the meeting might be about.

2256 2
19 Constant Vigilance

All the memories Ron and Harry found during the Ministry renovation were Mad-Eye's Auror Handbook, detailed remembrances from his career. All, except one. Today the best mates join Headmistress McGonagall to learn what story that magical thread of memory will tell.


2190 2
20 The Simplest Statement

Harry and Ginny couldn't take their minds off what they had started to call “The Farnsworth Problem,” even though they were at ACS and had work to do. After a few minutes not getting much done, it was clear they needed to follow where their attention wanted to go.

2196 0
21 Eureka!

One of Harry's internet searches reveals exactly what they feared. But, there's still no way to connect what they know to a name or address, or any way to find their suspect.

2315 1
22 Sisterhood

As the weeks passed with nowhere else to turn on the Farnsworth Problem, the two couples settled back into their routines, even though it was never far out of mind. Today, Hermione and Ginny were lunching, just being together and bringing each other up to date about their lovers. 

1843 1


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