Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Arthur, Shacklebolt, Molly, Ginny, Neville, OC
Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Substance abuse
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2016-03-23 23:25:14
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2016-11-29 11:35:49
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2016-11-29 11:35:49
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Department of Magic

In mid-May, 1998, Ryan Jenkins, a young American Auror, sets out for the U.K. and remembers the chaotic events in Washington that propelled him on this unexpected journey.

4061 1
2 Lord Voldemort

Ryan gets his marching orders, and is briefed on what the Department knows about the situation in Britain.

3443 0
3 Diagon Alley

Arriving in Britain, Ryan visits Gringott's, is amazed by Diagon Alley, and happens to run into a tall red-haired Wizard with no left ear...

5084 2
4 Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Ryan helps reopen the shop and then presents his credentials to Arthur, who invites him to The Burrow.

4611 2
5 The Burrow

Ryan begins to learn what happened in England, and tells Harry, the Weasleys, and Kingsley Shacklebolt a lot more about what happened in America. The process of re-establishing British-American relations in the Wizarding world gets off to a good start.

4523 1
6 Wemail

Ryan introduces Kingsley to Wizarding Email, and shows Harry and the Weasleys more about his computer, which works by magic instead of electricity -- and how an experimental program can detect Black Magic (or "Dark Magic," as it's called in Britain).

4481 3
7 The Ministry of Magic

After lunch at his house in Grimmauld Place, Harry takes Ryan to the Ministry of Magic for a surprisingly productive conference in Kingsley Shacklebolt's office. Ryan meets Percy Weasley, who's been tracking the flow of Death Eater money to - and from - America.

4140 2
8 Aurors

Harry's new job is hailed by everyone (except Harry) and gets off to a wild start.

5405 0
9 Level Ten

Harry leads the battle against a terrifying surprise, found underneath the Ministry of Magic itself.

4340 1
10 A Foggy Day In London Town

After the battle, Ryan moves into an astonishing hotel, and goes to meet his new assistant at the airport -- accompanied by three Weasleys.

4120 0
11 First Nations

After introducing him to his new friends and conferring at the Ministry, Ryan reconnects with his college roommate, Jamie Two Eagles Cogburn.

3740 1
12 Reconaissance

Harry organizes British Ministry help for Ryan, trying to find out what happened to the former American Wizarding Liaison Office.

2692 1
13 My Dinner With Wizards (and a Witch)

Ryan, Jamie, Ron, and Hermione enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Claridge's Wizarding, and learn about each other. Then it's time to get ready for action.

4178 0
14 Office Party

Harry and Ryan mount a joint British/American raid on the last known address of the missing American liaison team...and find a shocking mystery.

4105 1
15 Visiting Hours

Ryan wakes up in St. Mungo's -- and has an argument with Harry.

3435 2
16 After Hours

With two VIP visitors, hospital rules go by the board, and Ryan's mission gets a higher priority.

2356 0
17 Hermione

After Harry is discharged, a convalescent Ryan gets a visit from a worried Hermione, and a conspiracy is born.

4104 1
18 Demotion

The conspiracy is interrupted when Blackstone gets Ryan out of St. Mungo's and gives him a new job, and they prepare for a journey up North.

3693 0
19 Locomotion

Ryan and the Admiral take the Hogwarts Express, and arrive in time to meet the staff at breakfast.

3727 0
20 Hogwarts

After breakfast, the Americans are given a remarkable tour of the Wizarding school by Headmistress McGonagall, and ideas for educational cooperation fire their imagination.

3685 1
21 Afternoon In Late Spring

After lunch, Ryan demonstrates his computer for Headmistress McGonagall; the portraits in her office are very skeptical, at first.

4006 1
22 Tea With Hagrid

...can be a bit risky, but Ryan is doing all right...until Hagrid says something startling.

5087 0
23 Capital Ideas

Back in London, Blackstone goes home -- but not before setting Ryan up as bait.

4605 0
24 Hollow Hopes

Blackstone's scheme (using Ryan as live bait to find the missing Americans) is interrupted when something very strange turns up in Harry's birthplace.

4800 0
25 High Moon

Who's the fastest wand east of the Pecos? A rescue, a baffling problem, and a surprising discovery.

4911 1
26 Treasures

One valuable discovery leads to another, and this time it's beyond price.

4521 0
27 A Walk In The Garden

Back at The Burrow, everyone rests and recovers, but now Harry and Ron are facing personal dilemmas they can't resolve.

3616 1
28 Invitation

As the fruits of the recent official expedition are gathered, the conspiracy comes to life and offers solutions for some unofficial official problems.

3728 3
29 Convocation

After some serious shopping and hurried preparations, the Weasleys and some of Harry's closest friends gather at The Burrow.

5003 0
30 Celebration

After a double wedding, it's time to party at last -- but there are still surprises for everyone.

5220 3


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