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Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2016-02-16 12:18am
Last Chapter
2017-03-23 2:47pm
Last Updated
2017-03-23 2:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Arriving in London

I took a deep breath, more than a little annoyed. I mean, yeah, I felt bad that I was banging around this early on a Saturday. But I was also on the ground. Pushing furniture. Looking helpless. And what did he do? Tells me to sod off and slam his door in my face. 

4,193 8
2 Getting Lost

“Do you need some help?” Someone said behind me before I spun around quickly, nearly dropping the coffee’s I was holding down the front of my shirt.

“Oh, crap, sorry!” 

3,258 5
3 New Discoveries

I was not usually this socially awkward

3,800 7
4 Morning After

Where… yep, no, this was definitely not my room. Where the hell was I?

3,116 5
5 Making Choices

At 5:50 PM, I stood standing on the sidewalk across from Rose’s apartment. The same place I stood when I was trying to decide to go into that first party or not.

Rose was right. I needed to make a choice.

5,163 4
6 Surprise Visits

"No, I don’t want to take off an entire week, really, I’ll just see you—”  

3,515 5
7 Awkward Encounters

 I was exhausted already, and the evening had barely begun

4,040 5
8 Finally Fall

Fall has always been my absolute favourite season. I don’t care if it sounds cliché or typical—just another girl who loves fall, after all. Fall is my season.

3,867 4
9 The Maze

 "I think we should go left." 

"No, we should head right." 

1,736 3
10 Dreaded Days

Celebrating was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. Tomorrow was destined to be a wretched day.

2,635 7
11 I'm Sorry

“Somethings wrong?” I said, stupidly. I wanted to kick myself. Obviously something was wrong. I spent all day thinking “hm, something must be wrong” and then I ask if something is wrong?

3,038 5


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