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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Moody, Tonks, Sirius, Draco, Ginny, OtherCanon
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Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Remus/Tonks, Sirius/OC
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2016-01-14 5:36am
Last Chapter
2018-04-11 4:23am
Last Updated
2018-04-11 4:23am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Brothers And Parents

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Bill asked, climbing out onto the roof to join Ginny in the warm night. She shifted over to make room for him, but didn’t look away from the sky; above her, thousands of stars glittered like diamonds over the busy markets below.

“I like it,” she said, nodding. “I don’t want to leave.”

3,525 9
2 The Wedding

Remus straightened his dress robes and glanced back over the rows of their wedding guests to the cottage.

Marlene was there, standing beside where most of the British Aurors had congregated and looking rather nice in navy robes, and the Aurors Dora had got to know in France were near them.

2,753 12
3 To Be A Servant

 His existence – while markedly better of late than it had been for many months – still mainly consisted of time spent in a meditative sort of state, somewhere caught between dreaming and thinking. Once or twice a week, if he saved his strength, he was able to awaken, and remain awake and alert for a few hours.

2,276 4
4 Unexpected Passengers

It was nice, Ron couldn’t help but think, to be a third year. They’d been able to find a compartment with no trouble at all – all the first years were still on the platform with their families, and all of the second years were in little clusters out in the corridors. Ron and the rest of them were used to the September 1st routine though, and were comfortably sequestered inside a compartment, chatting about the holidays.

2,751 2
5 A Welcoming Feast

As he clambered out of the carriage and joined the rest of the students heading up the front steps and into the castle, Harry couldn’t help but feel like he’d been hit by the Hogwarts Express, rather than just been riding it.

The mood was an odd one; students here and there were subdued from the Dementors, and their friends were quiet too, either out of fear, or out of concern. Others were less subdued. 

2,226 4
6 Constant Vigilance

 “Welcome,” Moody said gruffly, “to third year Defence Against the Dark Arts.” His wooden leg clunked on the floor as he limped across the front of the classroom. Everyone was silent, watching and listening, and Moody seemed pleased by that. “If you only learn one thing from me this year, let it be: constant vigilance!”

4,103 4
7 Grim Happenings

"My dear... You have- The Grim!"

Trelawney staggered back from their table as if struck, holding Harry's teacup in a shaky hand.

Lavender and Parvati gasped. Harry tried to see into his cup, but Trelawney held it away from him.

4,153 3
8 The Three Brothers

“Come in.”

Harry pushed open the door of Dumbledore’s office and stepped inside. Dumbledore was wearing a ghastly, Cannons-orange dressing gown and taking a tea tray from a very familiar looking house-elf.

“Winky is doing much better, Headmaster, sir,” the elf was saying. “Dobby is not being sure why, but she is being cheerier and helpful of late, sir!”

2,588 1
9 Headaches and Hallows

“Five points from Gryffindor for your tardiness, Potter,” Severus said irritably. “Take a seat – beside Miss Bulstrode will do.”

Potter shot Bulstrode a wary look, but he didn’t look as displeased as Weasley, who was with Greengrass. Granger – who was over with Davis – was doing her best to stare a hole in the side of his head, but Potter didn’t look at her. Or at any of them, and Draco decided they’d corner him on the way down to Care of Magical Creatures.

4,754 3
10 Quidditch Tryouts

A surprising number of people were heading down to the Quidditch pitch at the same time as Harry the next morning. He spotted Hydrus – arm still in a sling – and Crabbe, Goyle and Flint the Slytherin Quidditch Captain. Harry also saw Cedric Diggory and a girl who Harry thought might have been one of Hufflepuff’s Chasers, and saw Roger Davies and another boy from the Ravenclaw team.

3,199 2
11 The Beast

Harry had expected several things upon his arrival at the Hospital Wing; Madam Pomfrey’s exasperated look and chiding questions, the overpoweringly sterile scent, and to be ushered over to a bed. He did not expect to be greeted by an exhausted looking Hermione, and an irritable Draco.

“Found us, have you?” Draco asked. He was lying on a bed, with his arm draped over his eyes – he’d lifted it briefly, when they came in.

2,604 4
12 On The Defensive

"You're looking better," Cho said, falling into step beside Harry, as he and his friends walked to Defence. Cho's friends - Harry recognised the curly haired girl she'd watched tryouts with, but didn’t know any of the others - were a few steps behind them, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw his own friends drop back as well... Or, Hermione did, and tugged Ron back with her.

3,433 1
13 The Ring And The Rat

It wasn’t Moony that Harry had written to, or Padfoot he’d spoken to, regarding his last Defence lesson; it was Tonks. Her reply arrived on the weekend – so quickly, that Harry wondered if she was in France at the moment, or perhaps visiting Britain.

3,584 4
14 Aches And Pains

“You boys,” Granger said to Draco, “if it’s not one of you in the Hospital Wing, it’s the other!” For all that her words were exasperated, her tone was concerned, and Wormtail could smell her worry. She moved – probably adjusting her bag – and he bit back a squeak as a heavy book pressed into him.  

3,691 4
15 Secrets Surrundered

They'd moved upstairs, into the 3rd year boys' dormitory. From the sounds of things, Seamus was in the shower; faint though it was, Ron could hear him singing. Ginny, who'd followed them up, cast an amused look at the door, before settling herself on Ron's bed. Ron bit his tongue; she’d never have dared try it at home. He suspected, from the smug look she gave him, she knew what he was thinking.

3,578 4
16 About Time

The three of them stared at the small golden hourglass in Hermione's hand. It sat there innocently, though how she was supposed to trust it again after that afternoon, she didn't know.

"Well," Draco said, breaking the silence that had followed Hermione's explanation. "Not at all what I'd expected, but I suppose that makes an awful lot of sense."

"Makes sense?"

"We're not completely thick," Ron said. "Sometimes you're right behind us and then you're gone-" 

2,736 3
17 Matchmaker And Mapmaker

Draco was examining a cockroach cluster with a look of mild revulsion. Harry doubted he’d ever seen one before; it was not something he could imagine ever making its way into the Malfoy household.

“Where’s Hermione got to?” Ron asked, from beside the sugar quills.

“Merlin knows,” Draco said. He dropped the cluster back into its barrel, and went to inspect the shelf of sour snidgets. 

3,253 3
18 Fly Or Fall

“That was better,” Padfoot said, and Harry lowered his wand, doubtful.

“It was,” Tonks said; Moony had gone home to rest after lunch, but she’d tagged along, saying Patronuses sounded like more fun than an afternoon watching her husband nap. “I definitely saw a bit of silver that time.” 

3,493 3
19 A Victim

Ginny was still sleepy in a well-rested sort of way – she’d had a whole six hours of sleep the night before! - as she shuffled down to the Great Hall for breakfast. She mumbled a vague greeting to Percy as she passed him on the stairs, and was walking down a first floor corridor, trying to decide whether she felt most like eggs or pancakes this morning, when she heard laughter.

3,362 4
20 Out For Blood

“… and that concludes our work on magical creatures, particularly those that are considered dark and dangerous.” Moody clapped his hands together loudly. Lavender twitched, but she was the only one; a sure sign, in Harry’s opinion, that the class was well used to Moody’s tendency to make sudden, loud noises.

3,456 0
21 The Concept Of Family

“Ah, Sirius, thank you for coming.”

“No worries,” Sirius said, settling himself in the seat opposite Dumbledore’s. “What’s this about?” He thought Harry was all right - they’d spoken just that morning after his dream - and wasn’t sure what else the Headmaster could want.

“I visited Petunia this afternoon,” Dumbledore said.  

3,842 1
22 Severus Surprised

Padfoot was beside himself, both because Wormtail had been so close and still escaped, but also because of the map’s apparent failure. He and Moony had spent the afternoon before November’s full moon down by the lake with the map, but not had any more success with it than Harry had had in his afternoon with Tonks and the boggart-Dementor. 

3,819 1
23 A Disastrous Date

“All by yourself today?” Padfoot asked, pushing off of the wall of the Hog’s Head.

“Hermione and Ron are Christmas shopping,” Harry said, pulling off his scarf as he followed Padfoot into the pub.

It was a lot quieter than the Three Broomsticks, and not quite as cheery. A group of seventh years were huddled at a table in the corner, but otherwise, Harry was the only Hogwarts student in sight.

3,958 3
24 Wormtail And Padfoot

Growling, Harry felt blindly for the smooth glass of his mirror, and found it, but Wormtail had taken their wands.

"Sirius Black," Harry barked.

"Harry?" Padfoot sounded confused, but the fog was too thick for Harry to see him in the mirror. Cho twitched at the sound of his voice, but Harry was just relieved he'd answered, and wasn't hurt or worse. "Is-?"

"Wormtail was here, at Madam Puddifoot's," Harry said urgently. 

4,161 2
25 Winky The House Elf

“Harry!” Hermione, Ron and Draco looked up from the couches in the common room, but Harry had eyes only for Hermione. “Are you-?”

“I need a favour,” Harry said, waving off Ron’s questions and ignoring Draco’s stare. “Your timeturner, how far back does it go?” 

4,143 2
26 To Be A Godfather

“Thank you for coming in, Amos,” Dumbledore said politely, but he smelled troubled. Crouch’s house elf let out a low, miserable sound from Diggory’s side; she was wearing an odd, silver collar that Diggory had brought from his Department, and the attached chain was held firmly in Diggory’s hand.

3,210 1
27 Not According To Plan

The lift slid open and Barty and three others shifted to make room for Black and Robards. Attached to the latter, by a dainty silver chain was a quivering house elf, and Barty glanced at it with nothing more than fleeting curiosity, before reaching past a tiny, grey-haired witch to jab the button to close the doors. The lift jolted sideways.

3,525 0
28 A Matter Of Perspective

Even without the map - which Ron hadn't thought to grab from Malfoy - Ron was fairly sure he knew where Harry would have gone.

He was right; in the abandoned classroom that had once apparently held an enchanted mirror - and had since been claimed by Ron and Harry for patronus practice - surrounded by chocolate frog wrappers, sat Harry.

3,695 2
29 Meeting Dudley

The moment the portrait hole snapped shut behind Potter and Weasleys One and Two - who’d seemed rather stressed about a last minute Quidditch practice that would cut into their packing time - Weasley came and deposited himself in a seat at the table Draco and Granger were occupying.

Granger glanced up for just a moment, and that was all the acknowledgement Weasley received from her before she returned to her homework. Draco marked his page and shut his book. Granger glanced up again, distinctly wary this time.

3,723 1
30 Return To Privet Drive

The front door of Number Four, Privet Drive was yanked open before Padfoot could even ring the doorbell, and Moony ushered the three of them inside. Harry preferred it that way - quick - because it meant he didn’t have the time to build it up in his head any more than he already had.

3,503 2
31 The Trouble With Family

“Draco?” Father’s voice came through the ajar door of his study.

“Ha,” Hydrus said; it was after lunch, and the pair of them were heading back upstairs. Draco had every intention of shutting himself in his bedroom with his book for the rest of the afternoon. “Someone’s in trouble.” Father did sound awfully serious, but Draco just arched an eyebrow at his brother and poked his head into the study.

Father flicked his wrist; a gesture to come inside. Draco did, closing the door in Hydrus’ smug face.

3,548 2
32 Coming And Going


How are things going with your aunt, uncle and cousin? Are you all getting on? I hope you are - it’s a big thing you’re doing for them, by visiting, and I hope they appreciate it!

Do you know what you’re going to do yours on yet? I’m torn between two at the moment and just can’t decide!

I really hope things are going well, Harry. I’ll write again soon!

4,421 5
33 A Christmas Surprise

“I need to talk to you,” Dudley said, and then knocked insistently on the door.

Harry set his quill down, rolled off the bed, and opened the door. Instead of looking annoyed and uncertain like he had when he’d left the park, Dudley looked determined, and he pushed past Harry into the room.

“I want you to know I’m trying,” Dudley said, “and so’s Mum and Dad.”

“Okay,” Harry said, bewildered.

“And so I think it’s only fair that you try too.”

3,620 4
34 Outmatched

Cho had a nice smile, and Harry was rather alarmed when it was suddenly replaced by a look of horror. Harry became aware of several other things all at once; the first was the sharp, sudden scent of anticipation that spread through the room, the second was that Hermione and Draco - who had previously been on either side of him - had stiffened and drawn their wands, and the third was a jet of yellow light coming toward him. 

3,863 3
35 Theories And Timetables

“Here,” Draco growled, shoving his wand into a baffled Ron’s hands. “I don’t trust myself with it, right now.” He looked furiously at Hydrus, who was talking loudly and proudly with Crabbe and Goyle about Buckbeak the hipporiff’s hearing with the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures; Hagrid had shown Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco the letter at the beginning of the lesson.

5,112 2
36 Mind Games

“The Cannons?” Chang asked, lowering her quill to look at Ron. Harry looked over his book to glance between them. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Ron said, feeling a little defensive. “What’s wrong with the Cannons?”

“What’s wrong with- the Cannons are awful, Weasley,” one of Chang’s friends - a blonde Hufflepuff - said.

“Harry and Sirius go for the Cannons too,” Ron said. He could feel his ears turning red. “Don’t you?”

3,550 3
37 Admissions And Accusations

“What was the statue in the Chamber?”


“Answer the question!”

“There were a few,” Sirius said, baffled. “Snakes, mostly, and a massive one of Slytherin.” A thought struck him - a grim one, but if this was the only way to let someone know, even if help would never come in time.... “And Harry Potter,” he added loudly. The mirror in his pocket warmed ever so slightly. “But he’s not a statue.”

5,401 5
38 March's Match

Cho didn’t speak to Harry again until the match in March, but they’d made uncomfortable eye-contact several times, and Marietta had growled at him once:

“Good luck,” Cho said in a chilly voice, and then she was gone again, sweeping past Harry to join Davies and the rest of her teammates in Ravenclaw’s side of the changeroom.

3,460 4
39 An Unexpected Development

Hi Harry,

I hope this got to you. Mr Quentin said it would. If you write back, send it to him at Smeltings. Piers is cool but Anthony would freak out if there was a bird in our room and probably tell a teacher.

How’s school? Probably more interesting than mine, all we seem to do it maths and science and more maths and homework.

3,812 4
40 Dangerous Children

"About time," Remus said, jumping to his feet as Sirius pushed the door open. Matt, who'd showed him in, gave the pair of them a look and excused himself; Sirius' arrival had interrupted his card game with some of the camp's younger occupants.

"If you wanted me here sooner, you shouldn't have made yourself so hard to find," Sirius said 

4,503 3
41 Home For Easter

Harry flooed into Grimmauld’s kitchen on the second day of the holidays. Kreacher - who’d been decidedly standoffish to Sirius that morning - shoved a plate of toast at him and went to greet Harry, beaming.

“Where’s Draco?” Sirius asked, pulling Harry into a hug. “I’d sort of expected him to be with you-”

“I thought I’d make sure we were allowed,” Harry said. He returned the hug, but it was a little stiff.

3,414 4
42 Win and Lose

"Did you hear Chang asked me to catch the Snitch for her today- no, of course you wouldn't have - you're still not speaking, are you?" Harry ignored Hydrus, eyes on the red and green of the Chasers. "She's still upset about March, I think."

"Is she?" Harry asked, not particularly bothered by that. Hydrus looking fleetingly disappointed.

3,010 3
43 Cat And Rat

Mrrow! Crookshanks said plaintively, looking first at Hermione, then up at the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“Got yourself closed out, have you?” Hermione asked, and Crookshanks mewled again. “Butterwort.”

“Indeed,” the Fat Lady said, swinging open. Crookshanks dashed inside. “Exam go well, dear? Which one was it - I can’t keep up with all of you!”

3,770 3
44 Act And React

Ron barely swallowed a groan. It significantly complicated things that the timeturner wasn’t in its usual spot around Hermione’s neck; while Wormtail thankfully didn’t seem to know what it was, there was no way they could leave it in his hands. If he missed with a Stunner, Wormtail might run off with it.

“I’ll work it out, you know,” Wormtail said, looking over at Hermione. He lifted the chain to study the little hourglass. “Or you could save me the trouble and tell me. It is some sort of clock? An alarm?”

3,453 4
45 School Under Lockdown

To start with, Draco hadn’t thought much of his friends’ tardiness. Granger was prompt by nature, but neither of the other two were; Weasley was too laid-back to get worked up over things like the time, and Potter had the most incredible ability to get side-tracked. Between mirror-calls with Black, Wood and the Quidditch team, Creevey and his camera and his questions, strange conversations with Lovegood or Zabini, and Potter’s own - occasionally dangerous - curiosity, it was frankly astounding that he ever made it anywhere.

3,898 1
46 An End To Negotiations

“You’re not going,” Padfoot said, considering Harry’s extended hand for a moment before he set the mirror into it.

“Obviously,” McGonagall snapped, giving Harry a look that dared him to protest. Harry almost did anyway; he was in no hurry to walk into what was obviously a trap, but he wasn’t about to leave Ron and Hermione with Wormtail either. For them, he’d go - what other option was there? “The question is, who do we send?”

“Not Harry,” Padfoot said firmly.

3,596 2
47 The Trade

Wormtail was on him as soon as he stepped through the doorway.

There was a shriek and a muffled shout from somewhere behind Wormtail, but Harry couldn’t afford to look that way, not when Wormtail’s long fingernails were digging into his arm, and he was lazily lifting his wand...

“Relashio!” There was a flash and a squeak and Wormtail let go. Harry raised James’ wand at Wormtail, who had his own wand pointed at Harry. He was panting, though he hadn’t done anything Harry would call strenuous.

3,745 4
48 All Fall Down

Ron awoke groggy and confused for the second time in as many hours. His head stung and pounded, and it took him a moment to remember why, and to remember where he was.

It didn’t take long, and then he sat sharply upright and somehow the ropes were off and where was Hermione, and Harry and Wormtail were gone too, and-

Ron swayed, clutching his temple with one hand and the ground with the other to steady himself.

4,317 3
49 High Stakes

The dementors had retreated but weren’t gone; if Harry strained his ears, he could still hear them. And, with the patronus gone and Padfoot and Wormtail both transformed, Harry’s human emotions were sure to draw them back in.

That’s easily fixed, though. And he transformed, without hesitation this time, since there was no one around to see him do it except the dementors, and they didn’t have eyes.

5,854 6
50 The Patients

Thud! Harry stirred.

“Wha- Sirius!”

Harry forced his eyes open and looked around, groggy and confused. Gradually, he registered that he was on a bed, and recognised the clean smell of the hospital wing. Hermione was in a bed to his right, and Ron to the right of her, both fast asleep. And Padfoot was-

“What’s- where am- Marlene?” That was Padfoot, sounding confused and scared. But he was awake, and that was enough to send relief coursing through Harry.

4,688 2
51 Questions And Confessions

“Weasley?” Draco pushed the door open and looked around the dormitory. Longbottom was making a token effort to pack, while Finnigan and Thomas sat on Thomas’ bed, their heads bent together over a magazine.

“He’s not in here,” Longbottom said. He had a sock in his hand, and was looking around without hope for the other one. After a moment he sighed and set it down and picked up a pair of shoes instead. “He said something about needing fresh air.”

4,163 2
52 Cursed

They’d claimed the boy’s dormitory - Neville, Dean and Seamus had taken one look at the three of them and said something about going for a walk.

Ron and Draco sat on their respective beds, and Hermione had claimed Harry’s. Ginny ought to be back soon, hopefully with Harry in tow. That Harry hadn’t come and found them yet probably meant he was in a mood; Ron figured it was about fifty-fifty as to whether he needed to be made to see sense, or needed comfort and reassurance.

5,082 2
53 The Postcard

 “Hermione.” Her name was followed by a firm knock on the door, and not a darling or a dear. She knew immediately what it was about, had been expecting this conversation since she stepped off the train, but only Dad had come to pick her up, so it made sense that they’d waited until Mum finished up at work and come home.

The door opened and her parents came in.

4,465 1


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