Neville, Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Drama, Humor, Angst
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2015-12-10 19:33:31
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2016-07-28 22:01:59
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2016-07-28 22:01:59
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Idiot in Hogwarts Robes.

“I’m not a damsel in distress.”

“And I’m not a knight in shining armour.” Before I can argue, he whisks me up into a cradling position. I gasp, too apoplectic to even spit out a, ’How dare you?!’

2478 1
2 Hell for you, Heaven for me.

For the longest time, I have been too afraid to step foot into a party, even at Halloween. I have been too afraid to talk to the boys I’ve fancied. I have been too afraid to do anything that would nudge me to cross the line. Basically, I have been too afraid to live, all because of Dad.

1725 0
3 Alert Bubbles.

“It’s even got a little kiss on here! How come mine wasn’t all cute and lovey?!” James whines.

Fred squeezes to sit in between Rose and James, “Well, I assume it’s because I happen to know my way with the ladies a little better than you do.”

“Let’s make it a bet, then!”

His cousin rubs his hands together excitedly, “Ooooh, I do love a good bet!”

“Let's see,” James muses, “Who can kiss the most girls tonight.”

2865 1
4 The Magic of Firewhisky.

I blame the alcohol.

2497 1
5 Hangover Confessions.

“You. Did. WHAT?!”

“I’m not repeating it.”

I’m not sure if I’m happy or horrified. Or both. In fact, I may feel a little smug. I told her so.

“Well?!” I bounce onto her bed, anxious for details.

“It was…” Her face turns so red it almost matches her ginger hair. “It was really amazing.”

2032 0
6 Spilled Secrets.

Rose laughs sheepishly, “Oops.”


2422 1
7 Quidditch Pitch Adventure.

“Follow me.”

We exit the castle and the sudden cold air chills me, but I don’t mind. At first I’m confused as to where we’re headed, until I see the Quidditch pitch come into view. A certain excitement takes over as I think about the risk involved at being outside of the castle past curfew… and with a boy, no less.

2325 3
8 Last Words.

“Freya. A word.”

Ice runs through my veins as I realise those will probably be the last words I ever hear.

2431 5
9 Prodigal Best Friend.

I spot Oliver at the top of the stairs, waiting on me.

Regardless of feeling like furious steam is nearly about to explode out of my ears, I smile—a forced smile, but still. “Let’s go!”

“What happened?”

“Really don’t feel like talking about it. Let’s just say my Saturdays are going to be preoccupied for the next month.”

2840 3
10 Farewell to Innocence.

Oliver shows up beside me again, “You all right, love?”

I look at him and a thought bursts to the forefront of my mind.

A smile finds its way onto my lips without my consent, and my hands are suddenly gripping onto Oliver’s shirt, forcing him toward me.

I smash my lips onto his and I kiss him until he relaxes into it. “I want to go somewhere.”

2233 2
11 The Betrayal and the Bat-Bogey Hex.

My anger seems to double—triple, even—and I’m furious. Albus dating Paisley, Rose accusing me of having feelings for Albus, Rose yelling at me for “abandoning” her, Oliver for walking away from me.

2579 1


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