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Harry, McGonagall, Hagrid, Albus, Hugo, Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2015-11-24 11:07am
Last Chapter
2016-09-09 9:34pm
Last Updated
2016-09-09 9:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Owls for Elizabeth

 Elizabeth visits Diagon Alley to meet her friends.  Things have changed as John and his daughter become closer than they had in the past.  Meanwhile, Anne is making plans of her own.

4,902 0
2 Sorting Hat's Song

 As usual the Sorting Hat places the new First Years, but has it made a mistake this time?

EDITTED 12-4-15

3,911 1
3 The Slytherin Who Wasn't

 Ariel's sorting into Gryffindor has ramifications for all.

4,142 0
4 Disaster at Hogwarts

 Disaster strikes the Potions classroom after a bit of malicious mischeif, the results are varied and in some cases unexpected.

4,859 0
5 Troubling Evidence

 The explosion in the Potions classroom is investigated and two old adversaries collide.

3,530 0
6 Peeved

 Peeves makes his appearance and this spells trouble for all.

4,243 1
7 Answers at St. Mungo's

 Some answers about the explosion are revealed, while another clash erupts.

4,049 1
8 Coming to a Boil

 The trouble between Gryffindor and Slytherin intensifies.

3,947 0
9 The Cauldron Overflows

 The Slytherin rebellion falters and Alexis learns a lesson in class.  Ariel suffers from the cruelty of a number of people.

4,298 0
10 Nid d' Aigle

 Elizabeth's sister scores triumphs and suffers a loss as she plans her revenge against her enemies, real and perceived.

3,940 0
11 Into Isolation

 A conflict leads to some departures from Hogwarts, one unexpected.

3,647 0
12 The New Girls

 Alexis and Ariel arive at Beauxbatons, but is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

3,717 0
13 Duel In the Courtyard

 The students prepare for an exam and a conflict brings a formidable power to the fore.  Near tragedy visits Hogwarts once again and a student leave the school while the source of the problem comes to light.

3,905 0
14 The Plot Thickens

The dark forces discuss their options while Anne plans her revenge.  Her activities at Beauxbatons earn her the attentions of the instructors as well as older students. 

3,292 0
15 Anne's Trip Home

 Anne returns home to fulfill her mission, but will she be successful.

4,254 0
16 Strike at Hogsmeade

 The Death Eaters attack and encounter something that they had not expected, while a planned attack against Elizabeth by the members of the House of Slytherin may meet something that they don't wish to.

3,655 1
17 Revenge of the Poltergeist

Peeves strikes back at those who he sees as a threat to Elizabeth.

3,285 0
18 Festivities

 Some characters end up in an embarrassing state, others prepare for a large party and some prepare for war.

3,644 0
19 Transfigurations, Tribulations and Travels

 Old habits die hard and for one character this trait brings more trouble into their life.

3,841 0
20 Preparations and Pandemonium

The festivities at Hogsmeade are interrupted by the forces of the Dark Lord.

4,897 0
21 Return of the Past

The fight is over at Hogsmeade, but the casualties continue to mount.  An ancient threat hovers over Elizabeth, but an equally ancient protector is prepared to save the girl from death.

3,129 1
22 A Setback and Malice Filled Plans

After their defeat at Hogsmeade the forces of the Dark Lord made plans to strike at Elizabeth's group of friends.

2,826 0
23 Magicae Vas

 Elizabeth faces the curse that has been placed upon her by the forces of darkness.

3,888 0
24 Vindication

 One student is vindicated while another continues to plot.

3,845 0
25 Scorpius' Plot

 A member of Slytherin desires revenge.

3,928 0
26 Ordeals

 Another attempt is made and the students face the end of the year.

4,047 0
27 Another Term has Ended

 Students take finals, a final lesson is taught and a forgotten bargain is collected upon.

4,658 0


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