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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Fleur, Ginny, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione
Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2015-11-01 10:00pm
Last Chapter
2016-04-29 10:56pm
Last Updated
2016-09-06 2:09pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A letter for Harry

Harry receives a letter that turns his plans upside down.

2,713 8
2 Owls, Owls....everywhere!

More letters arrive for the Ginny, Hermione and Ron. New opportunities are opening for the four friends.

2,265 5
3 Ron's Big Day

Ron meets with the Cannons...and his new agent.

1,825 4
4 Harry's Startling Surprise

For the next four hours Fleur presented Harry with his holdings. First, she showed him the deeds to Number 12 Grimmauld Place and his parents’ house in Godric’s Hollow. Next she showed him the deed to the Potter family estate house and informed him that he also owned 2 house elves that were assigned to that property.

3,380 5
5 A Very Harpy Day

Congratulations, Ms. Weasley

We are pleased to notify you that you have advanced to the next step of our interview process.  We would be pleased to meet you in the main conference room at 2 p.m.

2,813 3
6 A Home for Harry...and Friends

“That was Elven magic…Old magic. The house is now yours, Master Harry, in the deepest way possible. You may do what you will with it – no magic will hinder you from now on."

3,100 4
7 A Party to Remember at the The Burrow

It was hard not to notice the fact that neither Hermione nor Ginny were “girls” anymore. They were both transforming into beautiful women. Harry, knowing how protective Ron was of his little sister, tried valiantly not to ogle Ginny, but he succeeded only partially.

3,851 4
8 The Afterparty

“Uh…before we all pack it in for the night I think we forgot a couple of presents, so wait here just a minute and I’ll be right back.” Harry quickly ran upstairs and, just as quickly, returned holding a familiar beaded handbag.

3,769 5
9 A Harpy's First Day

“You vile witch! That’s the son of two of the greatest heroes of the Battle of Hogwarts, for your information!”  Rita’s quill scribbled more furiously than ever at Ginny’s ire.

5,086 2
10 A New Look For Grimmauld Place

As they approached the front door, Harry noticed the large knocker that used to be a large snake biting its tail was now a large lion head holding a ring in its mouth.

2,660 3
11 Harry's Ruse

Ginny and Harry were catching each other up on the generalities of the week when Ginny saw Rita Skeeter and her photographer approaching from the pavement.  “Bloody Hell! It’s that evil witch again. Did you send her a tip again?”

“Shhhh. Not so loud… and act brassed off.”

“Don’t worry, love, it won’t be an act.” Ginny hissed between her clenched teeth.

4,227 4
12 Harry's Emotional Rollercoaster

“Harry, what’s wrong? What happened? What did Kreacher mean about Dobby?” Harry was sobbing heavily. He finally choked out a response.

“That’s the last thing Dobby said to me as he died in my arms.”

“Great…Merlin’s…beard!” gasped Ginny as she covered her mouth with her hands.  She knelt down beside him and wrapped her arms around him, setting her head on the back of his shoulders.

3,313 4
13 Seamus Lends A Helping Hand...And Hammer.

Harry was more surprised than Ginny when they entered Grimmauld Place. Apparently, two days was a lot of time for Seamus and his crew.

3,112 3
14 First Day On The Job

Monday morning, August 30th, came entirely too soon and Grimmauld Place was in a tizzy.  Harry and Ron were quickly devouring a scrumptious breakfast that Kreacher had prepared for them while Hermione picked at a pastry while trying to get all of her files, scrolls and parchments in her new briefcase without damaging any of them or going completely mental with anxiety about her first official day as a Ministry employee.

1,799 3
15 A Little Revenge, A Little Leverage and A Lot Of Room

Griphook had not noticed Harry, so Harry continued to Fleur’s office, all the way devising a plot to pay back Griphook for his treachery in the vaults. Harry knew that their plan to break in to Bellatrix’s vault was treacherous itself, but it was necessary to defeat Voldemort. Voldemort’s defeat was just as beneficial to the goblins as to everyone else…perhaps even more seeing as Voldemort surely would have wrested the bank from the goblins had he been victorious.

4,073 5
16 A Trip To Potter Hall

“Welcome again, Master Harry. And welcome Mistress Ginny and most honored guests Mister Weasley and Miss Granger. Welcome to Potter Hall.”  Harry made the introductions and Leal and Constance gave them the full tour of the property and Potter Hall proper.

4,049 2
17 Some Tricky Magic

“O.K. So, what’s all this about?” asked Harry. Bill waved his hand at Hermione, indicating for her to take the floor.  She produced the Potter Hall wards manual from her robes and set it on the coffee table before them and continued in an almost giddy manner.
“We…Bill and I…we think we have figured out some of the wards!”, she said while bouncing on the balls of her feet and looking as if she were about to explode.

3,084 2
18 A Month of Interesting Events

Harry had eked out enough free time to visit Kingsley for a private meeting to discuss Ginny’s question of a Ministry program or orphanage for children who had lost their families in the war.
“I’m sorry to say, Harry, that we don’t have the funds at the moment to implement such a plan. There is a proposal for a program called ‘Brighter Futures’ that includes an orphanage, a school, a medical facility and an adoption/fostering agency to place children with wizarding families and it has met with very little resistance in the Wizengamot."

3,262 1
19 An Excursion To Islington

“It’s called ‘Dit Da Jow’. It’s a secret salve that we use after iron palm training. It helps heal the tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. Keep that tin and use it after every training session. When you run low, I’ll give you another.”

2,068 1
20 Those Weasley Men

“Why do you Weasley men always feel the need to attack in a pack, like rabid dogs. You nearly drove Ginny mental!”
“I, for one, am truly hurt by your representation of us as dogs, Mum. I rarely ever scratch anymore and never lift my leg to waz.”, said Bill with a smirk.

3,197 2
21 Ginny’s Big Surprise…And Secret Weapon

Saturday, December 18th was a glorious day for quidditch. The sun was shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky, the temperature was cold but there was only the slightest of breezes.

3,700 2
22 A Surprise for Ginny…and Some Happy Elves

“Miss Granger…Mistress Ginny. It is a most appropriate question to ask. At our first meeting I introduced Constance as my mate, so you can see now that Master Harry is, as always, thinking of our welfare and happiness. No, we have no children. Yes, there is a reason we do not.” Leal gave no indication that he would continue his explanation.

3,526 6
23 A Night In The Limelight

“Mate, settle down or you’re going to wear that suit out before you even get to the party!”, muttered Ron.

“Yeah, and that’d be a shame. That’s a right smart suit, Harry!”, chimed in Lee Jordan.

“I know, but you two know how I don’t fancy speaking in public.”

“Ah, that’s nothin’ Harry! Just imagine the whole audience is naked – that usually helps me calm my nerves.”, said Lee in a most serious tone

3,834 8
24 Christmas At The Burrow

“Hawee…Gin-Gin…Gamaw Andy…Teddy pwesents?” Harry looked around to try and gauge everyone’s mood. He picked up Teddy and set him on his forearm, using it like a chair seat.
“How ‘bout we eat lunch first, then we can all open our presents together? Whatcha think of that, little man?”
“Mhmm. Gamaw Andy…me sit Hawee n Gin-Gin?”

5,221 4
25 Thinking Outside The Box

“So…due to the fact that we have not been very successful, the Cannons are basically ruined. Bruce Adams has done a bang-up job this year and we’ve really improved but even though our attendance has soared, it just isn’t enough. It looks like this will be the last season for the Cannons.”
“Completely, mate.”

2,401 6
26 Before The Wizengamot

Dear Miss Granger,
The Wizengamot has requested your presence for the initial hearing of the proposed new regulation “Regulations for the Health, Care and General Welfare of House Elves”. Please be prompt, present and prepared for the start of session on Tuesday, January 4th at 9 a.m. sharp.

3,028 3
27 A New Door Opens

With great accomplishments comes great responsibilities; so it was with Hermione Granger. Barely had she recovered from her episode in the Wizengamot chambers when she was summoned to the Minister for Magic’s office. Shacklebolt motioned for her to take a seat across from his desk.

2,817 3
28 Harry’s Big Chance

“I have upwards of a hundred more letters like these on my desk and more coming in every day. What are you playing at, Potter? Do you think that fans run this league? Are you having your fans write these letters in the hopes of getting a starting position? What do you think should be done about all of this?”, Deverill asked, his voice rising slowly as he vented.

3,454 3
29 Puddlemere vs. Pride of Portree

“Glad to finally see you smiling, Potter!”, chuckled Benjy from the end of the row of lockers.
“Oh…Blimey, Benjy! You nearly scared me out of my gear!”
“Sorry, Harry. Didn’t mean to interrupt your pre-game thoughts. Just thought I would give you a few last minute pointers.”
“That would be brilliant, Benjy. Thanks.”

3,578 5
30 Harry And Ron Have A Talk

The last of the guests had said their goodbyes to the Golden Quartet and headed off to their own abodes, so Harry asked Hermione and Ginny if he and Ron could have a stroll together…alone. Harry and Ron meandered through the park across the street from Grimmauld Place in silence for a few minutes.

4,382 2
31 Luna Gets The Inside Scoop

“Alright! Listen up, you lot. Luna Lovegood of The Quibbler asked us for an exclusive interview. Now, it doesn’t matter to us how you found out about it and we don’t really mind you being here, but Miss Lovegood has first dibs on questions, so you will all have to wait until AFTER she is done. It might be a while, so please feel free to enjoy Miss Hannah Abbott’s hospitality and her great food and drink.” Ron cast a Muffliato charm over their table and sat down.

4,938 5
32 Rita Skeeter Gets A Surprise

“You were just sitting there, taking Rita’s tripe. I know you were getting aggravated, I’ve known you long enough to tell. Then, out of nowhere, you stood up, closed the distance from you to Rita and punched her in the face. I know you’re a Seeker and are trained to move fast, but that was unlike anything I’ve seen you do before. It was so fast…I barely saw any of it.”, explained Hermione.

4,129 2
33 A Very Busy Winter And George Plays A Trick

“No, Ginny. This is serious stuff when goblins are involved. The legalities have to be iron-clad or they will find a way around them, if the opportunity presents itself. I think Fleur may be the only non-goblin that can do it. Griphook doesn’t know it, but he trained her too well! But, I do thank you for trusting us enough to say what you did, little sis!”, replied Bill as he hugged his only sister.

2,938 3
34 Rings And Things

Molly was sitting at the table helping Teddy with his sandwich, which he had eaten all of the meat from and left the rest on his plate, when the three men burst into the kitchen.

“Oh, good. You’re sitting down. Stay right there, Molly…the boys have something to tell you. Go ahead, boys.”

4,370 3
35 In-laws And Fireworks

Ron was elated! He jumped up from his seat, scurried around the table to Mrs. Granger and wrapped her in a Molly Weasley-styled hug. Mr. Granger stood and presented Ron his hand, but Ron engulfed him in a ‘Molly Weasley’ hug, also. He quickly collected himself and returned to his seat, blushing so heavily that his ears were burning.

5,092 3
36 How Busy Can One Day Be

“Hey there, little Chaser girl. What’s your name?”, asked Harry in a quiet, yet lightly humorous, voice as he slowly approached Ginny.

“Ginny ‘Loser’ Weasley. What’s yours?”, she said, trying to keep the sob out of her voice.

“Harry ‘Got-My-Bloody-Arse-Kicked-By-Your-Brother’ Potter.”

5,141 4
37 Forbodings From Hooved Friends

Ronan and Bane looked intensely at Hermione. She could feel their stares as if they were looking into the marrow of her soul. She was not used to such intense scrutiny but she sat still and did not flinch from their gazes.

3,826 3
38 Final Matches

“Pull your head out of your arses, Harpies! We’re not going down like this! Pull it together! NOW!”, she screamed as she turned her Firebolt Shooting Star towards the goal posts and took the position of Keeper.

3,455 4
39 The Season Ends And New Lives Begin

Harry did as Fleur asked. He dragged the chair next to her bed and sat down, with Teddy on his right leg. Bill placed Victoire in the crook of his left arm.

“Hawee? What baby name?”, asked Teddy.

“Victoire, it means Victory, little man.”


Victoire, her eyes still closed, made a small noise and made a face akin to a smile at Teddy’s voice.

4,488 12


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