Harry, Ron, Hermione, Charlie, Shacklebolt, Umbridge, OC, OtherCanon
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2015-10-31 08:08:51
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2018-03-29 12:45:58
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2018-03-30 12:45:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 1- The Spreading Flames

With the threat of Meng Jour looming over them, the Polish Ministry prepare for an attack from the Part-Giant and his army.

P.O.V of Polish Head Auror Adela Ignatia

8244 3
2 3- Supply and Demand

After the latest in a long line of missions with the Romanian Resistance; Harry, Rolf and Charlie are met with a difficult choice.

P.O.V of Harry

4316 1
3 2- The Traitor’s Kiss

After a meeting with his Muggle counterparts, Kingsley and the French Ministry receives word of an oncoming threat.

P.O.V of Kingsley Shaklebolt

2279 1
4 4- Party Poppers

Upon his return to Paris, Harry learns just how dire the situation with the Confederation's attitude towards the war has become while Ginny prepares a much needed treat.

P.O.V of Harry

4924 1
5 5- A Fighter’s Coward

After being cornered by the Italian Border Patrol, Harry finally gets his face-to-face meeting with Minister Mulvenna.

P.O.V of Harry

3209 1
6 6- The Edge of Desperation

As Cecilia and Cadmir suss out the war plans Mosby is going through with, Marietta finds herself in a more desperate situation than ever before.

P.O.V of Cecilia and Marietta

2711 1
7 7- Marietta’s Mission

With her hastily prepared plan set, Marietta makes a desperate bid to rescue the man who could be her first and only ally.

P.O.V of Marietta

4688 1
8 8- The Parent’s Legacy

While Harry and his fellow prisoners plot their escape from the Italian Ministry, Minister Avril Bernardine receives horrific news concerning her strongest allies.

3062 0
9 9- The Italian Breakout

With the opportunity now given to them, Harry, Lawrence and Ernie make their bid to escape the Italian Ministry.

3406 2
10 10- The Tortured and the Cripple

With the American Auror now safely in her care, Marietta plans her approach to ask for his help.

P.O.V of Marieta

4268 0
11 11- The Tale of Twin Paths

Harry and Ernie finally return to Paris to brief Kingsley of the betrayal while in Mongolia a special guest of Minister Chingis finally recovers.

P.O.V of Harry and Naomi

4259 1
12 12- The Minister Subdued

With the Russian Ministry under threat, Harry begins his attempts to bring the stand-in Minister around to retreating.

P.O.V of Harry

4100 2
13 13- Reward and Loss

While Dagfinn Boyson and his his band of rebels continue to chip away at Akrahn Colby's supplies, Naomi is rewarded for her actions in Mongolia.

P.O.V of Dagfinn and Naomi

4680 1
14 14- The Battle for Russia

Cade Bowton's army arrives at the Russian Ministry.

P.O.V of Harry

8879 3
15 15- The Defeat in Victory

With the battle for the Russian Ministry reaching it's climax, Harry begins his hunt for the opposing force's leaders; Cade and Morgana Bowton.


P.O.V of Harry

3788 2
16 16- The Pansy Route

After Mosby's update on the recent battle, Marietta if forced to except that both she and her Auror must act.

P.O.V of Marietta

3735 3
17 17- Before the Sneak

Their breach into the Ministry now in full swing, the disguised duo of Marietta and her Auror companion carry on in an attempt to locate Marietta's mother.

P.O.V of Marietta

5044 2
18 18- Mother and Father

As Marietta and Saxon draw closer to discovering Amelia Edgecombe's location, the pair come across a figure from Umbridge's past before facing the possibility of dealing with the Under Secretary herself.

P.O.V of Marietta

8202 3
19 19- The Winning Condition

After dealing with the aftermath of the attack on Russia, Harry realises the only real things left to him in his life as a result of this war.

P.O.V of Harry

5634 1
20 20- Choosing a Kiss

Her mother now her one and only priority, Marietta enacts the plan of her group's departure, forcing her to confront Mosby Elfrin.

5923 2
21 21- Hunters of Gold

After a breakthrough in dealing with the Anti-Amethyst Orb enchantment, Cecilia is then confronted with betrayal while Marietta attempts to contact Saxon. Meanwhile, in France, Harry and the others finish overseeing the defenses of the manor-turned-safe house.

P.O.V of Cecilia, Marietta and Harry

5837 1
22 22- The Ministry of Magic for Mongolia

Knowing that an attack from Mosby is imminent, Harry attempts to discover the location from their one and only prisoner.

P.O.V of Harry

6163 1
23 23- On Thick Ice

While Harry recovers from his confrontation with Meng and Morgana, Minister Bernardine witnesses her country's defences being put to the test.

P.O.V of Harry and Avril Bernardine

4457 1
24 24- Presents With Pretence

As Harry and Naomi prepare for the approaching Confederation meeting, Marietta discovers her most sought-after answer.

P.O.V of Harry, Naomi and Marietta

7404 2
25 25- The Commander

Naomi heads the Confederation meeting that will decide the fate of the war.

P.O.V of Naomi

6553 1


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