James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2015-08-11 16:53:15
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2018-02-28 19:07:13
Last Updated
2018-02-28 19:07:13
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

You act so innocent now
But you lied so soon
When I met you in the summer

- Summer, Calvin Harris

2371 2
2 Chapter 2

 I bet there´s rich folks eating in a fancy dining car
they´re probably drinkin´ coffee and smoking big cigars.
Well I know I had it coming, I know I can´t be free
but those people keep a movin´
and that´s what tortures me...

- Folsom prison blues, Johnny Cash

1668 0
3 Chapter 3

Bang Bang, he shot me down
Bang Bang, I hit the ground
Bang Bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

- Bang Bang, Nancy Sinatra

1172 1
4 Chapter 4

Whose side am I on? Whose side am I?
And the fever began to spread
From my heart down to my legs

- Breath of life, Florence + the Machine

1202 0
5 Chapter 5

 I saw the sign of rust
And I read your name
Heard it fade into the past

- Into the past, Nero

1537 2
6 Chapter 6

 When I saw you on that stage,
I shivered with the look you gave
Don't you hear that rhythm, can you show me how we can escape

- Shine, Years and Years

2463 1
7 Chapter 7

You've been up and down, down, you've been low, low, low
Troubled sea so deep, troubled home no sleep
[...] Pretending to not feel alone

- Vagabond, Misterwives

1707 0
8 Chapter 8

Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
[…] I'm frozen to the bones, I am...

- Iron, Woodkid

1636 1
9 Chapter 9

 It wasn’t easy getting used to this
I used to scream it’s not true
That it’s only when the door is locked that nobody enters

- Cornerstone, Benjamin Clementine

1906 0
10 Chapter 10

 Drugs startin’ to feel like it’s decaf
[…] Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes. Who are you to judge, who are you to judge?
Hide your lies, girl, hide you lies. Only you to trust, only you

- The Hills, The Weeknd

1632 1
11 Chapter 11

Run that bass, run that bass
Through my veins
Come and take me away, take me away

- The Right Song, Tiësto

1438 0
12 Chapter 12

I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us
Bodies together

- Pillow Talk, Zayn Malik

2310 0
13 Chapter 13

I am actually good
Can't help it if we're tilted

- Tilted, Christine and the Queens

2218 2
14 Chapter 14

 And if I ever see you again my love
All I'm ever gonna do
Is send shivers down that spine of yours

- Lover where do you live?, Highasakite

1994 2
15 Chapter 15

I move like water, I go with the flow
I go back to oldschool, I go back to Rome
But this is not history, it's the start of the show
Never worry, that is the way that I roll

- No problem, Chase and Status ft. Takura

1642 0
16 Chapter 16

Five shots summer nova
Baby, night life till I blow your cover

- The game, Oscar and the Wolf

2309 1


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