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1 The Prologue

After being lifted by Hestia so she could reach over the bars, Erika leaned over and placed the monitor exactly where she should. But when it went close to Eleanor the box sputtered and sparked as if someone had poured water on it. Or if someone with magic had tried to use it…

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2 The Fogging Glass

Erika rolled her eyes and grinned at Eleanor. “Sure, when I have to wake you for school I get beaten with a pillow. But when your friend wakes you –”
Helen, thankfully, interrupted by laughing. “I didn’t know you had that strong of arm, Eleanor.”
“That’s not exactly what I meant,” Erika muttered. She kindly cut off, but not without meeting Eleanor’s glare with a smirk.

2402 3
3 The Acceptance Letters

A short, plump woman with short black hair smiled cheerfully in the doorway (which after all this time was still unlocked). Eleanor gasped; this was the lady from her dreams! She never thought the lady actually existed, let alone would show up at her house.

2334 1
4 Off To -- Wait -- Hogwarts?

She pressed her hand against the barrier to make sure it was solid – which it wasn’t. Her hand passed through it as if it were nothing but a projection.

“Eleanor! Are you coming?” She heard someone calling her. If she was going to do this, she was going to do this now or never again.

Taking in a deep breath, Eleanor closed her eyes and walked through the barrier.
 ~This chapter on for fowwopersong8's Totally Platonic Challenge

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5 Welcome to Hogwarts

But she never hit the hard ground. Eleanor paused a moment, trying to figure out what had gone wrong with her fall. She felt around for a firm place to push herself off again, and touched someone’s face.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Eleanor jumped up and turned to face the person who had broken her fall. “I was wondering why it did not hurt as much as I expected.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome.”

2002 1
6 What Goes Up

“Very good, Miss Branstone. Would you mind staying after class?”

As if Eleanor had a choice. At the end of the period the other Hufflepuffs hurried off to History of Magic while Eleanor stayed in her seat. She wasn’t used to being singled out so she shuffled in her seat, her palms getting sweatier by the moment.

2146 1
7 Must Come Down

Eleanor sputtered in the sudden vinegar and almost screamed in frustration. Instead of screaming, she settled on flopping on the stone floor until life seemed ready to ease up on her. “Anyone want to drop out of Hogwarts with me?” She exclaimed at the ceiling, rephrasing something Helen would say whenever she did badly on a test.

“So it’s that kind of day, is it?”

2359 0
8 The Other Schools

“So they’re coming in a week?”

A group of Slytherin boys had completely missed Eleanor and sat down at the table she was at and continued conversing as if no one else was there with them.

“Didn’t you see the announcement?”

“There were too many people around it to read properly.”

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9 The Red Fire

Then Filch was beaconed carrying a jeweled box older than the Dumbledore himself. Eleanor barely listened to the next thing Dumbledore said, just wanting him to open the box already. Finally he lifted his wand and tapped the lid of the casket three times.

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10 Two Hogwarts Champions

“Harry Potter.” His voice echoed across the room.

“Cedric’s already Hogwarts champion, what’s he playing at?” Ernie hissed. Eleanor stood to get a better look at where Harry Potter sat at the Gryffindor table, his black untidy hair easy to pick out.

“Prat; probably got someone else to do it to take away our glory!” Ferrell buzzed.

“Typical Gryffindor,” Phoebe glared.

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11 The Dragon Enclosure

“Sweet Merlin why did he have to be first?” Phoebe grabbed the person next to her – which happened to be Owen – and stared at Cedric.

“Here, you’ll hurt him.” Nicolle took a hairpin out of her hair and with a tap of her wand transfigured it into a small pillow. Phoebe grabbed it, her eyes never leaving the enclosure, and squeezed it instead of a grateful Owen.

~For ScorpiusRose17's One Moment Challenge~


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12 A Touch of Romance in the Air

“So Cedric’s going with Eleanor.” Owen said, writing it down on a piece of parchment.

“Or some other girl, remember he does want to go with someone else and I’m just his back-up.” Eleanor pointed out. She tried to keep this firmly into her mind so if (when) Cedric got his date she wouldn’t be disappointed.

“I bet you anything Ferrell’s going to ask Nicolle. They act like a married couple already.” Owen quickly wrote Ferrell – Nicolle.

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13 Christmas Celebration

The last present had to be from Hestia. Her mother’s comment with her dress robes made her think it would be something fancy for her to wear to the ball; maybe some makeup or jewelry or something for her hair. But she also knew it wasn’t like Hestia to get her something to make her look pretty; Hestia was much too practical for glamorous jewelry. Then what could be inside such a tiny box?

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14 A Flurry of Couples and One Sad Giant

“Poor guy. Wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly and yet he’s afraid of being accused as a vicious killer.” Waverly whispered.

“Maybe if one of us goes and talks to him and tells him that none of us care about his relations with brutal beasts, he’ll snap out of it.”

Eleanor felt multiple eyes turn to her.

2355 0
15 The Cutest Couple at Hogwarts

As the date of Cedric and Cho’s one-month anniversary came nearer the Hufflepuffs were starting to treat it as a top-secret operation. With all the lists of what should be on the menu, the arguments of what Cedric should wear, and the schedule for what should happen when, Eleanor wouldn’t be surprised if there was a map of the kitchen stowed away in Phoebe’s bag somewhere.

2611 0
16 The Black Lake

“How is Cho?”

“She’s doing well. She was going to meet me here, but apparently Professor McGonagall wanted to see her in her office.”

“Does she know what for?”

“Not a clue. She's afraid she got a T on something.”

2393 0
17 Beauxbatons Mischeif

Eleanor felt strange, as if merely showing Gabrielle the common room wasn’t sufficient to portray why Hufflepuff was her house. There was no way to show the hours Eleanor spent sprawled across the tables getting help from anyone and everyone, or the beauty that is falling asleep on the couch next to the fireplace and waking up in your bed, or the collective laughter that happened randomly yet released the perfect amount of stress at the right time.

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