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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Draco, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing
General, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2015-07-13 4:53pm
Last Chapter
2017-03-13 4:17pm
Last Updated
2017-03-13 4:17pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One.

"Ron!" Harry called.

"What?" Ron replied as he stumbled into the scene. He clocked Harry and Hermione's compromising positioning and groaned, "Don't tell me, we're going back to Hogwarts?"

4,803 2
2 Chapter Two.

As Harry opened the door, he was greeted by a pretty girl who couldn't have been much younger than they were. "Hi. She said with a strong Irish accent. "You pronounce it like Ee-fa." She added when she noticed their confused faces as they stared at her name badge 'Aoife'.

5,639 4
3 Chapter Three.

"Hermione, they're here."

"Who are?" She asked quietly.

"The Death Eaters, they're in the castle."

3,497 2
4 Chapter Four.

Hermione stood up, shaking with anger, why couldn't he just share his feelings, "you know what, Harry? You're right, I haven't been through what you've been through, I didn't spend months and months in that tent with you risking my life. I'm not affected by everyone's deaths. When will you see? You acting like this," she breathed, not sure she could finish the sentence, "is making everyone's deaths meaningless!" She shouted before running out of the dormitory and out of the Common Room.

5,103 2
5 Chapter Five.

Aengus looked at Hermione, his eyes telling her that this had happened before. She didn't say anything else, understanding everything the silence was saying. He took a deep breath and started to take off his jumper, tie, and shirt...

4,822 2
6 Chapter Six.

"As I always say, why keep the memories that are holding you back? Darlin', you are going to start afresh!" Julie exclaimed as the train made its way towards London.

4,509 2
7 Chapter Seven.

She left Harry alone as he rested himself against the padding on the wall. Silent tears dripped from his eyes and mingled with his blood as he mouthed 'Hermione'.

4,934 2
8 Chapter Eight.

Ron held her, stroking her back, "don't apologise, I was to blame too. I'm sorry for not caring more. We'll get him back, don't worry. Going to a teacher first, huh? We are maturing." Ron joked. Hermione smirked and squeezed him tighter.

2,360 1
9 Chapter Nine.

Hermione looked away as soon as she saw the streak of green light head towards them, letting Harry go in the process. She heard a lot of movement and then a dead weight of someone's lifeless body falling to the floor. She shook, knowing that if Julie had hit her target, Harry would be the one on the floor.

4,455 1
10 Chapter Ten.

The photo had two adults, the woman holding a small child and three identical older children standing in front. They were all beaming at the camera, the three children were all wearing '10 TODAY' badges on their chest. The sun was shining and they were surrounded by lush greenery.

4,588 1
11 Chapter Eleven.

"Harry, Andromeda has contacted me. She wants to invite you over to spend a day with Teddy." Harry gulped, he had tried to avoid mention of his godson, knowing that it would bring back memories of Lupin and Tonks. "She said to pop round tomorrow."

3,578 2
12 Chapter Twelve.

"Sounds to me that she was desperate to have something, someone in her death. She didn't want to die alone." Ginny croaked as she looked up at the sky.

5,117 1
13 Chapter Thirteen.

"Every time I look at him, I think about it all over again," She repeated. Aoife and Ron quickly glanced at each other, not really understanding where Hermione was going with this one. "When I look at him, I see the person who took my childhood away, the person who made me face death one too many times, the person who I risked my life to stop. I know it's not Harry's fault, but I can't look past it anymore." She stated coldly.

4,665 1
14 Chapter Fourteen.

"He definitely won't mind?" She asked shyly.

"Mind? This isn't like a hideous scar that you don't want him to see. He'll probably want to kill Calum, but he will protect you even more." Hermione smiled, looking at her so intensively she was surprised she couldn't see into her soul.

5,621 1
15 Chapter Fifteen.

Just as Hermione was about to open her mouth, she heard screams and gasps reverberating around the room, it was just like last year when Voldemort got into people's heads. Out of habit, she wrapped her fingers around her wand. "What has he done?" Aoife screamed out before running over to a battered Aengus. Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ardal all followed suit.

5,241 2
16 Chapter Sixteen.

"She said that you had form. First she told me all about Krum. She said that you led him on and when he made a move you pushed him away. Did you do the same with Ron? Is that how you get your kicks? Making boys vulnerable and then chucking them away and destroying their hearts. You've won Aengus over, he trusted you and told you really personal things, told you things he hasn't even told me. Is Harry next?"

3,939 2
17 Chapter Seventeen.

"Don't stop being you," he smiled, taking one step closer to her. "Don't act differently, I just need a little longer on my own."

4,380 1
18 Chapter Eighteen.

"He brought us here. The place he had kept us from for years, and within months of our arrival, our family secrets are known to all. There's something about it, something about that brick the invades your mind, your soul."

3,765 0
19 Chapter Nineteen.

"Are you..." She stuttered.

"Maybe I am. I don't have anything to offer you, only myself."

"That's all I need." She beamed.

3,905 1
20 Chapter Twenty.

"There's just one more test I require." He handed Hermione a box.

"A pregnancy test?" She questioned after looking to him.

5,629 0
21 Chapter Twenty-One.

"Welcome to Confessions." Aengus grinned, "I love you too."

7,716 0
22 Chapter Twenty-Two.

Okay, have you got your wand?" She nodded as her hand went to her back pocket just to make sure. "Let's go then," Harry smiled at the thought of an adventure. "Just stay behind me if anything kicks off, I don't want you getting hurt." He cupped her face and tenderly kissed her as if it was for the last time - just in case it was.

4,199 0
23 Chapter Twenty-Three.

She rushed downstairs and almost screamed when she saw the state of all three of them. "What happened?"

"Ask him," Harry hissed as he pointed at Aengus. He decided he didn't want to stay to hear Aengus try to justify himself so he walked past all of them and up the stairs.

3,702 0
24 Chapter Twenty-Four.

"Morning," Harry smiled. "How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad, you two?"

"Slightly nervous," Harry admitted. "Hermione is terrified."

"It is our futures on the line. You two aren't taking anything seriously." She stood up and took her tea into her tent.

"Girls," Ron rolled his eyes.

5,957 0
25 Chapter Twenty-Five.


Mr Van Rompa was a short, plump man. He blamed his rather large build on the chocolate that he made each day - he was very much under the impression that he put on weight by just smelling chocolate.

5,675 0
26 Chapter Twenty-Six.


There was a faint knock at Aengus' door. He was nervous, terrified in fact. What if he had misread the signs?

2,872 1
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven.

"Alright." Hermione conceded, "I hope that everything works out for you, then." She stood up and began to walk away when he said something.

"Every earthquake has aftershocks, nothing can just end."

4,742 0
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight.

"Who are you?" Harry asked bravely as he stood with his wand out.

"Don't hurt me. I am someone who wants to help. My name is Adelbert. I knew your grandfather, Fleamont Potter."

4,812 0
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine.

"I hope you reach them in time," he smiled weakly, the candle light making his face seem warmer. "Good luck," he whispered as he blew out the candle.

4,326 0
30 Chapter Thirty.

Just as Aengus began striding in, he heard a blood-curdling scream which resulted in a sprint from all three of them.

4,212 0
31 Chapter Thirty-One.

“She’s absolutely perfect, Mr Potter. There is nothing to worry about...

5,047 1
32 Chapter Thirty Two.

"Come in," Hermione called cheerfully once she heard a small knock from the other side of her door. Ron opened the door slowly, and the breath was taken from his body. "Ron?" Hermione quickly turned around, her face noticeably changing from joy to terror just by the sight of him. "Is Harry okay?"

5,632 4


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