Harry, Hermione, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature
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2015-06-29 00:04:14
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2015-09-20 10:15:44
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: A Dark and Dreary Night

Draco meets someone unexpected on his way out of work.

983 0
2 Chapter 2: Mudblood

Hermione has to sleep at Malfoy Manor and then face Draco Malfoy himself in the morning. But is he really as horrible as she thinks?

2635 0
3 Chapter 3: Learning to Trust

Hermione has a nightmare. Veda explains a little about Draco's past. Hermione encounters her biggest fear.

2274 2
4 Chapter 4: Ballroom and Story Time

If you're ready for a little bit of flirting, read this chapter! Then Hermione shares what went wrong the day she covered for Ron.

3222 0
5 Chapter 5: Awkward Moments...Really Awkward Moments

Can things get any more weird between two former (?) enemies trying to get along to solve a mystery? And what happens when you add an old friend into the mix?

[A small part of this chapter requires a more mature audience due to themes of a sexual nature, so please read with caution.]

2225 1
6 Chapter 6: An Unexpected Mission

 Harry brings some unexpected news...and a mission for the unlikely pair. 

2260 2
7 Chapter 7: Draco's Perspective

 We see how certain interactions in J.K. Rowlings' book may have gone, had they been written through Draco's eyes.  Some very important secrets and hints are in this chapter. Enjoy! 

2490 2
8 Chapter 8: Libraries, Broomsticks, and Discoveries

 Draco and Hermione make some headway on the mystery before Draco takes Hermione by surprise. 

3116 1
9 Chapter 9: A Mainah Adventure

 Why, of all places, do Draco and Hermione wind up in Maine, USA? Read this chapter to find out the next clue in our mystery...and maybe witness a little romance too. 

2884 1
10 Chapter 10: Hogwarts

 Draco and Hermione take a little side trip to relax and hopefully get some new information.  What will they find at their old haunt? 

*Hint: I hope that part of this chapter will lead to a sequel! * 

4073 0
11 Chapter 11: The Fate of Dennis

 A very short, but event-filled chapter. Draco has to face a tough situation. Harry gets involved. There are dragons and lions and Dementors, oh my! And what about Hermione? 

1270 4
12 Chapter 12: Hermione's Surprise and The End

 Hermione has a surprise for Draco, but is it what he's hoping...or is it the end? 

3746 5


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