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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dreamer, Writer, Mother

Molly Prewett, so suddenly Molly Weasley, was so suddenly pregnant.

1979 14
2 Mrs. Prewett

"Quiet, girl. Drink your tea."

1504 7
3 Parties and Kisses

“It feels like it isn’t real, you know? Like we are just playing grown ups, pretending that we are married, and going to parties together, and going to have…”

3629 4
4 Pink Pamphlets

Molly had always somehow thought that motherhood was something that one simply did: you get a husband, get pregnant, have the kid, and raise it, trying not to do too much of a blotch of a job along the way.

3379 3
5 Bulging

Did she sound cynical? Probably. Was it necessary? Possibly. Did it matter? Not a bit!

1995 3
6 William Arthur Weasley

And to think, she had begun by swearing and calling out to Arthur… And now he had a son.

2563 2
7 Welcome to Motherhood

Was she a new person? Of course not. She was her. Perhaps genuinely herself for the first time in a long time.

1616 2
8 Male Bonding

Arthur had to bond with William one way or another, and it was clear enough that he was not going to do it without a little outside encouragement.

1929 2
9 Wacky Mother Mode

Despite all that she had said about change, Molly felt like the same pimpled teenager she had always been, and all she wanted to do was throw herself upon her bed and cry endlessly into one of the pillows.

2452 0
10 Little Battles

It was a familiar scene, with Molly and Arthur arming themselves, putting on their war paint, and then somehow throwing it all in. Okay, that or fighting to the death.

1806 1
11 Time

The thing about time and babies, is you always seem to have more time ahead of you than behind you.

1419 0
12 Needles

“We can make sacrifices until our fingers fall off, but I don’t think our children should have to.”

3774 0
13 Nine More Months

"You’ll have to give birth to at least six boys before you convince me that there’s no chance of a girl.”

1188 0
14 Charles Septimus Weasley

“Bill wasn’t half as beautiful.”

1664 0
15 Family

"I bet you didn’t even know I had brothers – yes, I used to have a life outside of you, my darlings.”

4552 0
16 Making Do

She had lived through having a baby. She had lived through having a toddler. She had not, however, ever had any idea what it meant to live through both of them at the same time.

2294 0
17 Second Looks

"Isn’t it just amazing to be his mother, to have him recognize and love you?”

3203 0
18 Ailments and Ointments

“Find a healer or a doctor or anybody. Sometimes I feel like so many people know more about my kids than I do, you may just want to just grab somebody off the street.”

3697 0
19 Scary

“Birthdays are for fun!” Bill informed her. “Does Daddy know how to have fun?”

2338 0
20 Guessing Games

“Guess what I’m thinking of!”

3138 0
21 Growing Up

“Charlie? Charlie!” Molly called. “Bill dear, do you know where your brother is?”

2398 0
22 Storytime

“Let’s see… Once upon there was a little boy named Charlie.”

3717 0
23 Friends

Molly may not have many people that she called friends, but those who she did, Aestella, Alice, and even Nora, she knew that she could always turn to if she needed anything at all.

3522 0
24 Third Time's The Charm

“But I already have a brother,” Bill moaned, “I don’t need another one!”

2081 0
25 Percival Ignatius Weasley

"Just imagine, our children will never be able to say this poor boy’s name!”

2300 0
26 Weasels

“Anything’s practical with a little faith and magic.”

4806 1


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