Albus, Rose, Scorpius, OC
General, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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Work In Progress (WIP)
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2015-06-04 15:14:05
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2017-02-26 23:42:24
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2017-02-26 23:42:24
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Business as Usual

 Seth and João have a run in with the Potters and get a glimpse of what "Business as Usual" meanings in the Weasley potter clan.

1114 1
2 Introductions

 Seth and João reveal some more about themselves and the Weasley clan meet their sisters.  

610 1
3 Arriving

 The Weasley-Potter brood enjoys the train ride to Hogwarts and the Cruzeiros find out their secret  isn't quite as secret as they thought.

1003 0
4 The Sorting

 The Wealey first years and the Cruzeiros get sorted, the Weasleys find out a family member has come home after years out of the country, and Fred and Roxanne splash into the new year.

1461 0
5 Surprise!

It's the first full day of term and the Weasley-Potter clan is in for quite the suprise.

1192 0
6 Schooled!

The third year Gryffindors and Slytherins have their first Transfiguration lesson with Hermione. The Cruzeiro boys get a chance to show just how different Brazilian wizarding education is from its British counterpart.

1348 0
7 A Potion-Worthy Pair

Rose and Seth have some unwanted company on the way to Muggle Studies

1116 0
8 Quizzes and Clashes

 Al tries to get Rose's goat and Scorpius gets another reason to hate Seth.

1119 0
9 Tryouts.

The time has come for the Gryffindors to tryout for the house team. 

782 0
10 Vendettas

 Seth is convinced Scorpius has it out for him, Rose thinks he's stupid. 

1272 0
11 Not Our Secret

 Rose is just looking for a place to hide but, what she does find is a lot more interesting.

1055 0
12 What Goes Unsaid

 Albus is being eatien alive by the secret and the Gryffindor Team exacts some sweet revenge.

1235 0
13 Stalkers

The Weasley clan fits a few pieces together and decide to make a journey. 

1301 0
14 Hunted

 The Weasleys run into somehting a little more serious than they bargained for while "stalking" the Cruzeiros.

3691 1


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