Harry, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
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Mild violence
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2015-05-17 23:20:19
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue-Finding Harry Potter

Kiandria comes face-to-face with Harry Potter for the first time.

789 4
2 Chapter 2-Back to the hosptial

Kia returns to the hospital to be with her family, while Harry uses Ginny's plan to meet with Dudley.

2815 2
3 Chapter 3-Forced Down Memory Lane

The inevitable happens, and Kia is left vulnerable to the memories of others.

1798 1
4 Chapter 4- Away from Home

Kiandrea spends some time on the coast. She learns it wasn't only her dad that has dark memories.

2852 1
5 Chapter 5- Fight for the cause

Kia desperately wants someone than the unreachable Harry Potter to believe her.

2413 2
6 Chapter 6-Happy Birthday Pt. 1

Kia's eleventh birthday finally arrives! Between her grandparents' extravegent birthday gift Harry Potter coming over, Kia has a lot to look forward too.

2398 1
7 Chapter 7-Happy Birthday Pt. 2

With Kiandria's grandparents coming face to face with Harry again, will they return to the horrible people Kia had only seen in memories?

2682 2
8 Chapter 8- Preperations, The Leaky Cauldron, Gringotts, and Introductions

Discussions of how many people will be in on the family's secret, a taste of reactions to the Dursley name, Marisol disagreeing with Harry, and coming face to face with most of the Potter-Weasley clan.  

3397 1
9 Chapter 9- Shoping! Robes, Owls, and Wands (Oh My!)

Kia and the Potter-Weasley clan get down to do their school supplies shopping. Kia gets everything she needs for school; including the long anticipated wand!

3105 1
10 Chapter 10- Kia vs Mandy

Kia has always had trouble with Abbie's friend, Mandy, but it seems to get worse as the date to board The Hogwarts Express comes closer. 

3177 1
11 Chapter 11- The Journey to Hogwarts

 Kia heads off to board the Hogwarts Express with her cousins. Kia is introduced to the tip of the iceberg to her cousin's lives...in a way she didn't really want to be.

3168 1
12 Chapter 12- Overboard!

 Kia, didn't think she'd have trouble with the boat ride across the lake. Kia didn't believe that if she somehow did go overboard she would have any problems swimming back to a boat. Kia was wrong, and similar to many things that have happened to her, all it did, was leave her with more questions.

3304 2
13 Chapter 13- Sorting and Secrets

Kia meets the Sorting Hat. Kia also sees her list of secrets to keep grow longer.

3208 1
14 Chapter 14- The beginning of lessons

 Kia has her first Occlumency lessons and other classes at Hogwarts. And it doesn't seem that Kia can escape family drama.

3445 1
15 Chapter 15- Strange Occurrences and Familiar Feelings

 It seems Kia is in the spotlight, from falling off the boat and making a dramatic exit at breakfast. The Professors' attention makes leaving the spotlight all the more difficult. And Kia's migraines are already causing more problems.

4201 1
16 Chapter 16- The early bird gets the worm...

 Kia uses extra time in the morning for some journal writing and some sight seeing...in the lake. 

4181 1
17 Chapter 17- The more the merrier...not always applicable

 Kia learns what Trix really intended out on the boat! 

4503 1
18 Chapter 18- Pesky Emotions

 Kia wants answers, to all of her questions. But she really should be careful asking questions that are personal, some people hold grudges. And maybe certain questions could be the ignition for a rift in the Potter-Weasley clan. 

4178 2
19 Chapter 19- What in the wand?

 Kia goes to her first class of Defense Against the Dark Arts, expecting more lecture, since she missed the first lesson. But instead when a disarming tournament happens, and Kia's wand ends up in the hands of her opponent things get even stranger. But what is a strange witch without a strange wand?  

4126 1
20 Chapter 20- A Potter-Weasley Never Reveals their Secrets

Kia gets a glimpse of what it is like to have a large familiy, with everyone wanting a say in everyone's business. Her encounter with Dean can't be ignored, and neither can Rose's problem with Scorpius. 

Are any of Kia's secrets safe with the clan poking their noses into her life?

4338 1
21 Chapter 21- Information overload, but only one fact matters

 The harder classes are starting, the Potions homework is overwhelming, but one fact stands out above the rest. What Clause Three of Wand Use actually says. And Kia makes sense of Trevain's actions.

4306 3


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