Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Draco, Fred, George, Luna, Neville
Action/Adventure, AU
Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2015-05-14 19:12:52
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2015-07-28 17:45:28
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2015-07-28 17:45:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Letter

Leaning back onto the wall of the cupboard he called home, Harry vowed to go to this school named Hogwarts and learn all he could about what he now knew to be magic.

1046 0
2 Diagon Alley

“Sweet Merlin. He has come,” Gary whispered so that only Abe could hear him.

2628 1
3 The Beginning

His journey starts now.

3055 1
4 Training and Conversations

“Magic has already claimed me and it has claimed Tom as well. We do not have long to live"

3367 1
5 First Meeting

The wind roared past Hagrid and into the Forbidden Forest, taking with it the chill and the darkness, but the root still remained inside the castle, where Harry and the five took their first steps.

3110 1
6 The Sorting

All four houses are mighty each in their own way, but one stands above them all and it is to this place one student will be placed,” the hat finished.

3142 1
7 Changes

You are the wielder of wand-less and pure magic for now, but as you grow your other magical abilities will make themselves known.

2590 0
8 First Steps

“It is because of Lily and James sacrifice and my attack on him,” Voldemort stated, watching as the boy’s magic swirled inside of the emerald diamond eyes.

2720 0
9 Will of the Sword

 Harry nodded his head and as he looked upon the sword he wondered if it was possible and he was obstinate enough to find out how. Deep inside the swords jewel’s, which held the Will of the Sword, the Will began to resonate and hum as it sensed its wielder’s fierce and undying determination. The Will hummed deeper in anticipation, knowing that it’s wielder had just started on the path to the Bond.

1762 1
10 Bonding

Fred and George looked at one another and then looked back at the adults, “We accept,” they said in unison and that was when the jewel in Harry’s sword went from pulsating to making a loud boom. For the first bond between King and Knights; Wielder and Sword was formed.

2239 1


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