Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Luna, OC
Drama, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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First Published
2015-03-23 18:43:01
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2016-03-25 06:00:31
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2016-03-25 06:00:31
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One

Back in the U.K., our trio is locked in a tight quidditch match and an unlikely hero will emerge....

2162 2
2 Chapter Two

Ron adjusts to the new realities of his life while pondering the future.

2801 2
3 Chapter Three

Hermione spills the beans to Luna while Harry has a special day with his godson. 

3226 2
4 Chapter Four

There is a surprise guest to the celebration at the Burrow and Hermione spills the beans to Ron. 

2623 2
5 Chapter Five

Our favorite students finally return to Hogwarts, where Harry and Hermione share a very awkward moment. 

3426 1
6 Chapter Six

Harry and Hermione finally address the elephant in the room. 

2644 2
7 Chapter Seven

A new member joins the trio and Harry returns to Godric's Hollow. 

2773 2
8 Chapter Eight

McGonagall has something in store for the Head Boy and Girl and Hermione has a new suitor. 

1715 1
9 Chapter Nine

Hermione has some surprising news for the boys that unsettles Harry. 

1091 2
10 Chapter Ten

Harry is shocked by Hermione's announcement. 

1087 1
11 Chapter Eleven

It's time for some quidditch! 

1465 1
12 Chapter Twelve

 An uncomfortable Harry attends his double date with Ginny, Hermione and Luke. 

2064 1
13 Chapter Thirteen

Harry and Ginny reach their breaking point. 

1775 1
14 Chapter Fourteen

 Hermione's perspective of the Hogsmeade date

2228 3
15 Chapter Fifteen

 An enlightening conversation with Aubrey

1159 1
16 Chapter Sixteen

 Hermione overhears something she's not supposed to. 

1150 3
17 Chapter Seventeen

 It's time for Ron to bring home his new girlfriend! 

1486 3
18 Chapter Eighteen

Harry finds Ginny and sets things straight. 

965 3
19 Chapter Nineteen

Hermione brings Harry into her plan. 

1148 2
20 Chapter Twenty

Christmas is always full of surprises. 

2904 3
21 Chapter Twenty One

Hermione's confession. 

1758 3


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