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    Harry, Narcissa, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Scorpius
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione
    Drama, General, Romance
    Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2015-03-19 9:11pm
    Last Chapter
    2020-09-14 12:00am
    Last Updated
    2020-09-14 2:03pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 “The death of Vernon Dursley, and reflections on Marriage”

    I want to thank my beta FriendofMolly for some critical work on this chapter.

    As you can tell, I don’t like Vernon Dursley. At all.

    8,277 1
    2 CH 2, The Attack at the Funeral

    The funeral.

    3,733 1
    3 CH 3, Albus’s First Battle

    Thanks to FriendofMolly for help with the last chapter and this one. Her title is better than my “Albus, What did you Do?”

    3,831 1
    4 CH 4 Celebrations Big and Small, 2008-2009

    I want to thank my Beta for the chapter title, as well as her valuable help with Christmas.

    8,338 0
    5 CH 5 Teddy in School, Albus in Trouble

    FriendofMolly and I want to thank everyone who is continuing to read these stories.


    3,256 1
    6 CH. 6 Christmas of the Magi

    I have seen the word Magi used in more than one story. I think it is a natural to call witches and wizards Magi. This chapter goes all the way to the fall of 2010, and includes part of my “Tiny Tim, a Shaggy Kneazle Story”, from Harry’s point of view.

    6,999 2
    7 CH 7 A Mother and Son Reunited

    If you have read my stand alone story “Tiny Tim, a Shaggy Kneazle Story,” some of the dialogue is lifted right from that story. As usual some minor but critical changes after input by my beta FriendofMolly. In the north of England you call your mother “mam” instead of “mum.”

    4,443 1
    8 CH 8 Al Travels and Speaks Out

    Chapter title by FriendofMolly. Thank you.

    6,101 2
    9 CH 9 Baptisms

    Thanks friend of Molly for her help in getting the next few chapters ready.

    2,291 4
    10 CH 10 Christmas at the Weasley and Malfoy Households

    I am back, trying to finish this story.  I could use a new Beta.  Meanwhile, if you have not read my stories you need to start with The First Year, the first of my Almost Happily Ever After series of stories.  

    3,804 1
    11 CH 11 Harry’s New Elves

    Thanks to FriendofMolly for encouragement and helpful tweaks.  I need reviews to continue to post to this site.

    7,373 1
    12 CH 12 A New School Year and Albus’s Old Nemesis

    The title is again by FriendofMolly.  I could use another Beta. 

     For my American readers, all the rest of the world calls what American’s call Soccer by its proper name, “Football.”  Albus is English.  He doesn’t play American Football, but Football. 

    3,449 0
    13 CH 13 The Evolution of the Magical World

    The Swiss Elfish names are all taken from the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.  The elves bear no or only a superficial resemble to their namesakes, but using them was quite intentional.


    I answer every review, and my Beta FriendofMolly and I would appreciate more.

    5,598 0
    14 CH 14 Muggle Music

    Music credits at the end of this chapter.  If you have never seen the Abbot and Costello skit “Who’s on First” it is worthwhile to Google it before reading this chapter. 


    To the person who nominated me for a comedy award on SYIE, thank you.  I hope this meets your expectations.

    2,030 0
    15 CH. 15 The Fifteenth Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts

    Five more years before Albus and Rose attend one of these as students, and only four and a half before Albus starts Hogwarts.  Thanks to everybody who has been reading so far, and especially to FriendofMolly who has been my beta for most of the saga.


    Reviews are always appreciated, and I need book covers if you have any skill in that area. 

    2,290 1
    16 CH. 16 “The ICWW”

    Very critical additions and corrections by my beta FriendofMolly. 


    As always, reviews make both of us very happy.

    2,708 0
    17 CH 17 The New Guitar, and a Duet

    I'm back.  I will try to post regularly.  

    2,891 0
    18 CH 18 Kreacher

    Much thanks to FriendofMolly, my former and most faithful beta.  This was a hard chapter for her to read, and she was much help in a couple of key areas.

    2,966 0
    19 CH. 19 Albus and Mapping

    Dis and Frerin are Dwarf names from the appendix of” The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien.  This chapter was originally titled “Buzzing Maps and Decorating Dollhouses.”

    3,430 0
    20 CH. 20 House Elf rules and Potions

    Ginny gave Harry a funny look.  She was trying to figure out if this was a compliment, or what. FriendofMolly and I spent a week on a small section of this chapter. 

    2,181 1
    21 CH 21 Summer Quidditch and Fall Reorganization

    I am writing a story about Albus at Hogwarts.  Some of the below is background, and we will see the children of Cho and Seamus at Hogwarts. If you have any children of Potter characters you would like in my story, let me know. I will use your back story, if you have one, and give you credit. 

    2,305 0
    22 CH 22 Emergency Map Making

    Thanks as always to FriendofMolly, who contributed a few key phrases, and caught at least one big, dumb spelling mistake. 

    5,674 0
    23 CH 23 A Difficult Christmas Eve

    As always, FriendofMolly and I love reviews. 

    7,603 0
    24 CH 24 Christmas Morning, 2014

    In the USA what the British call a Jumper is called a Sweater. 

    2,507 0
    25 CH 25 Promotions

    FriendofMolly again caught a couple of embarrassing mistakes, and contributed to the story. As always, thanks.

    4,906 0
    26 CH 26 Something Wicked this Way Came

    Thank you, FriendofMolly, for the title, and helpful tweaks for a hard chapter. The title is, of course, a play on the famous Ray Bradbury novel “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

    3,452 0
    27 CH 27 Harry Potter and the Crystal Ball

    We have been struggling to come up with a better name for the Domestic Affairs Unit.  Suggestions would be appreciated.  As always, reviews are most appreciated. 

    5,126 1
    28 CH 28 Problems between Goblins and Elves and Wizards

    Occasionally my Beta tells me I need some major changes in a chapter, and she is almost always right.  Thank you, FriendofMolly.  Reviews are always appreciated.  I could use a new Beta as well, as of 2019.

    7,124 0
    29 Ch 29 Luna Rolf Lovegood-Scamander

    Luna is back!  

    5,165 0
    30 CH 30 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    Another chapter title by FriendofMolly.  Thank you for reading this far. Reviews make both of us happy. .

    2,784 0
    31 CH 31 Thirteen Privet Drive

    Teddy wanted to go to the Caribbean, to help take down a family of witches that had been terrorizing the Caribbean for over five hundred years.  … And if you were lucky enough, or unlucky enough, to go undercover on the Caribbean island your changes of escaping unharmed, if you took the record of the last five hundred years, was exactly zero percent.  Half killed or missing and never heard from again, the other half seriously hurt.


    4,801 0
    32 CH. 32 James goes to Hogwarts

    James 11, Rose 10, Al 9-10, Lilly & Hugo 7-8

    2,805 1
    33 CH 33 Charlie Weasley Comes Home

    Sometimes I think I hate Dragons.  I want to thank FriendofMolly for a couple of critical edits and rewrites.

    7,881 0
    34 CH 34 Fame for James and Albus



    Thank you for reading.  Thank you, FriendofMolly, for being my Beta for most of this series.


    4,726 3
    35 CH 35 Getting Albus ready for Hogwarts

    I promised a 19 year story, and it is finished.  As I write this I am writing the start of Albus's 3rd year at Hogwarts.  God wlling I will finish Albus's adventures as well.

    Thank you for reading so far.

    3,965 0


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