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2015-03-11 22:57:19
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Cat for Liam

After Elena was taken away from him, Liam has been sad and blue. Sadie comforts him and helps heal his heartache.

3169 1
2 Study Session with a Spy

Sadie and Liam organize a study session for end of term exams. The boys attempt to play rugby.

2913 0
3 Christmas Kiss

Liam divines that Sadie would like a kiss for Christmas. The kids discuss jealousy and Quidditch. Your faithful writer speculates on Quidditch teams and Ginny W. Potter.

2537 0
4 Both the Right Thing and the Wrong Thing

A brief introduction to the Witches of Slytherin. Tess makes a reference to something that will be important later. Gillian makes a cryptic statement. Liam and friends take the Hogwarts Express home for Christmas.

2388 0
5 Two Fathers

Liam has a conversation with Alex Guishar, and spends some time with his father. Patrick Wren gets the wrong idea about witches. Your humble storyteller makes good use of Google Maps.

2664 0
6 A Christmas Surprise

Liam prepares Christmas gifts for his friends and family, and receives gifts in return. A mysterious guest arrives with a surprise.

2718 0
7 Christmas in Bedfordshire

Liam gives and receives Christmas gifts. Your intrepid author describes the Holidays in a place he's never been before.

2534 0
8 Flying Practice

Mike's Christmas present, a new racing broom, sparks an interest in Liam to renew flying lessons.

2486 1
9 Liam Wren, Treasure Hunter

Liam and Sadie pick elective classes. Your faithful writer makes some sensible additions and elaborations to the Hogwarts elective program.

2480 0
10 The Slytherin Caucus

Liam's Slytherin peers fret over the political ramifications of their elective choices. Rhiannon gets a howler from her grandmother and a cryptic letter from her mother.

2570 1
11 Lunch With the Thompsons

End of the Year wrap up. Liam returns to Biggleswade, plays football and has lunch with Sadie and her family.

3097 0
12 The Girlfriend Bet

Summertime scenes from Biggleswade and Godric's Hollow. Lara Guishar has another prophetic dream. We finally learn the name of the girl Patrick has a crush on.

2796 0
13 A Case of Elevens

We follow Tess, and meet two girls: Morwena's little sister, Freya Felwich, and Alyssa Pitchfork.

2773 0
14 Sorting

A new crop of First Years are sorted into Houses. We meet new Hufflepuffs and Slytherins who will play bigger roles in future stories. Alyssa tells a Shakespeare joke that your loyal writer expects you to get. Also, there are more Tolkien references, because I'm crazy like that. Oct 2015 rev: Aiden Thompson pushes his way back into the narrative.

3251 0
15 Trouble with Reginald Dennison

The First Year Slytherin boys, led by Reginald Dennison, quickly cause some trouble. Delia is forced to help watch them, delegating the care of the First Year girls to Tess. Oct 2015 rev: new title, and more lines for Aiden Thompson.

2938 1
16 The Secret Potion Scroll

Liam gets a secret assignment from a surprise source: a tough potion that will take all his skill to complete! Plus, the new schedule puts Liam and Sadie in different Potion classes. Oct 2015 rev: An added scene between Sadie and Aiden Thompson, and some small corrections.

3047 0
17 The Slytherins Play Nice, Part 1

It's the first day of school, and the Slytherins have started out being unusually friendly. They must be up to something . . . Meanwhile, we get our first glimpse at Arithmancy, and Beginning Divination with Firenze. A long chapter divided into three parts. Oct 2015 rev: a few little fixes.

2819 1
18 The Slytherins Play Nice, Part 2

The first day of school continues, with lessons in Defence, Runes and Magical Creatures. The Slytherins continue their efforts to "play nice" with the Hufflepuffs.

2846 0
19 The Slytherins Play Nice, Part 3

We follow Philip to Herbology, where he gets some encouragement. Michael makes a fool of himself. Umberto articulates the Slytherin strategy.

2488 0
20 The Shy Boy

We are briefly reminded that there is some hostility going on between Rhiannon and the Ravenclaw girls. Then, our attention turns to shy, polite Benedict Took. Chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

2541 0
21 The Lion and the Snake Part 1

Tension rises between Slytherin Reginald Dennison and Gryffindor Patrick Wren. Dennison reveals a secret to Aiden (but not to us). If you haven't read the October 2015 revisions to Chapters 14, 15, 16, & 17, please do so, or you will be confused. Sadie's brother Aiden has now emerged as a key player in the drama of the First Years.

2360 0
22 The Lion and the Snake Part 2

More trouble between Patrick Wren and Reginald Dennison. Detentions are issued, a mother appears, and someone gets a headache.

2731 0
23 Ambition Revealed

Aiden coaxes his rival into a serious mistake. We make a startling discovery about Reginald Dennison. Lara Guishar shows off her magical talents.

2893 0
24 Councils and Consequences

We revisit the Slytherin rituals of Council Meetings, Covens and Factions that we first saw in The Witches of Slytherin. Tension between Morwena and Tess suddenly comes to a head.

2723 2
25 The Fate of Eloise, part 1

A two part chapter. A cruel remark leads Philip to seek the truth about his mother's death. I wanted to get something up before the break, so I'm giving you half the batch now. The other half should be ready to post by the time the queue opens again in January.

2823 0
26 The Fate of Eloise, part 2

Professor Sprout tells us about the day Philip's mother died. We also learn a little more about Michael's parents. Liam makes a connection. Philip learns an important name. He and Rhiannon reconcile.

3003 1
27 A Day at Hogsmeade, Part 1

We get glimpses into Arithmancy, plus Magical Creatures in the rain. Liam and his friends plan a trip to Hogsmeade.

2531 0
28 A Day at Hogsmeade, Part 2

Stacy and Tess shop for dresses, and have an intimate moment. Liam and Sadie have their first fight.

2793 0
29 Exam Prep

As Liam and friends prepares for exams, we recap all of this novel's various plot lines.

2998 0
30 Winter Mentoring

Three scenes in which an older student mentors and guides a younger one. A familiar character returns after a long absence. The scene between Liam and Patrick is by request.

2509 0
31 Confrontation at the Coffee Shop

Christmas in Godric's Hollow. A fight between two girls has repercussions throughout the village. Your loyal writer slips in an odd Star Wars reference.

2365 0
32 Caroling with a Vengeance

Philip goes caroling with a large group of girls. Alyssa makes an assumption, and Aylie goes along with it. There's a subtle nod to your loyal writer's favourite Shakespeare play.

2832 1
33 Christmas Gifts

Christmas for Liam and Philip. Both boys receive unexpected gifts.

2673 0
34 Of Trains and Broomsticks

Liam goes flying on his new broom, and attends Quidditch practice for the first time. Plus, more tension between Patrick Wren and Reginald Dennison.

2669 0
35 Seige of the Ice Fortress

Liam finally shares his heat spell with Sadie, and learns more about what it does to girls. Then, Liam and Sadie join with Patrick to battle the Slytherins in a snowball fight.

2573 0
36 Rhiannon's Confession

More drama between Rhiannon and Desdemona leads to a tense standoff. House points are won and lost. Michael questions someone's marriageability. Rhiannon confides in Philip.

2875 0
37 MacDougal's Charge

We learn how Rhiannon's father, Kellan MacDougal, died during the Battle of Hogwarts. Rhiannon divulges more family secrets, as does Philip. Your loyal writer blends invented material with official canon. Afterwards, a pleasant tea party forms.

2904 0
38 After the Practise, Part 1

Liam takes a crash course on Quidditch strategy, while Sadie makes some astute deductions.

2987 0
39 After the Practise, Part 2

Liam and Sadie have their first serious spat. Apologies are given, but Sadie's heart stays broken. Plus, more with Philip and Rhiannon.

2625 0
40 Return to the Secret Room

Tess leads Stacy down to the Secret Room. The two girls discuss boys, and Favours. [Warning: this chapter contains spoilers for my earlier book, Witches of Slytherin. If you haven't yet, please take the time to check that book out. Thanks! KJ]

2650 0
41 Hogsmeade in the Spring

Rumours threaten Liam and Sadie's relationship. They have a rocky trip to Hogsmeade. Philip fares better, talking Quidditch with Rhiannon. Your loyal writer plugs a favourite book.

2607 0
42 Applied Arithmancy

Liam cracks the secret potion scroll with the help of Professor DeVere. Liam tackles a difficult string of Applied Arithmancy. Your loyal writer invents some English History, and leaves you with a long author's note.

3001 1
43 The Hardest Class

A fight, followed by a breakup and a revelation.

2541 0
44 Epilogue: Running the Table

We wrap up finals and the Quidditch season. At the End of the Year Feast, Liam makes a bold assertion.

1626 2


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